16 December 2023



this time around there is a big bunch of empties coming form my side.

First is a classic for me as it is my favourite morning cream. It is Neutrogena clear & defeat oil free moisturiser. It doesn't add oil, lightweight texture is enough to moisturise and make-up sits nicely over the top. I already have a few back-ups ready.

Next is Beauty GlamHyaluronic boost serum which I like to add to my skincare at night time. It is a bit thicker but not sticky, it is nice to layer some heavier creams over the top or even oils. I already have a back up of it already.

The tube is Avon's sensitive dual collagen eye cream. The formula is on the lightweight side and I noticed over time that my wrinkles got less obvious. I only used it at night time but even once a day it was enough to see the results. I really liked it and will buy it again but furst I have to go through a few other eye creams.

Next is also product from Avon and it is 5 in one lash genius mascara in Blackest Black. It has a big chubby plastic wand reminiscent of the one from their Supershock line (this one slims in the middle, like an hourglass shape). The formula was getting better with time (like most mascaras does for me) and it elongated my lashes and separated them, in the end it looked quite natural and that is what I'm looking for. At the moment I have plenty of different mascaras but eventually I will buy this one again.

My favourite concealer is this inexpensive Essence camouflage+ matt concealer in the shade Light Rose (it only has a rosy undertone). It is not too dry and it settles into my fine lines very minimally plus the price is so cheap. I continue to buy it again and again, sometimes I try different shade but always come back to this concealer (there is also healthy glow version instead of matt which I also like, I don't find any difference in texture so I buy one or the other).

First and barely visible is a swatch of Avon Jelly lip tint in the shade Sheer Pink, it looks more peachy but once applied to my lips it starts turning bright pink (it warms up but I don't know why I couldn't get that shade on the back of my hand). Sometimes this taste a bit like plastic and I don't like that but the stain was even and nice. This item is already discontinued but even if it would still be available I would not get it because of the taste, there are way too many similar items on the market that taste better.

Also in a black packaging is Catrice melting kiss lipstick in the shade Catching Feels. It is a soft pink with sliver shimmer which doesn't look too sparkly but instead make my lips look more glossy. I very much love this formula and will buy it again. I would like to try other shades as well but I'm definitely getting this soft pink again.

Last lipstick is also discontinued item and it is Essence colour up! shine on! lippie in the shade Rosey Glitz. it is a brown toned nude and super glossy. It is buildable and my preferred way is one or two layers so I would get just a wash of colour, more like a tinted lip balm and the scent is something like baked goods... so very nice. It does make me sad that these are no longer sold since this is my second and apparently last bullet of it. 

At the end there is Avon nail experts cuticle care conditioner. The texture is across between water and oil and I liked putting and massaging it into my cuticles before remaining my nails. I don't think this is still available since it is so very old but right now I'm using oil and I prefer this formula since it isn't so oily and greasy. If I find it or something similar I will get it again. 

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

30 November 2023



I had big plans on finishing up tons of products but the day was approaching and it was becoming more and more obvious that there will be less finished items than planed in the first place. Oh well, I guess it will be better next month.

I have finished up Issey Miyake L'eau D'Issey pout Homme body wash. It was a gift with purchase and it made me fell in love with this aquatic and to my nose unisex scent. It is light in touch and stays with me for a long time (I'm showering in the evening so it is hard to tell just how long-lasting the scent is but after a while my PJ got a light linger of it). I will definitely get myself a bottle of this perfume while I probably won't buy this body wash again. I like generic body washes to save up my money for fragrance ;)

Next is MAC fix+ face setting spray. I liked it a lot but still my beloved Catrice fixing spray wins (for me it works better and it is cheaper) but I'm still glad to try it out. I recently picked up the matte version so I will see if that one will become my favourite.

Avon also makes body sprays and I purchased this Jasmine Whisper body mist that makes my sheets smell  like clean laundry (that is how I used it up). The scent is gone soon but since I fall asleep really fast it doesn't really matter. I know I said that I won't be buying body sprays (poor longevity) so I don't remember how I acquired this particular bottle but all I know is that I enjoyed this scent but I won't be buying it again, I would get other products with this scent (body wash or moisturisers). 

Next in line is another Avon product and it is Jelly lip tint in the shade Sheer Pink. It looks very pale but it turns hot pink with the help of the warmth of my skin. I liked the even tint all over my lips but I was getting sick of the color so I was glad that I managed to finish it up. This is long discontinued but even if it would still be available I would pass it only because of the bright color.

The very last item is Carmex Pomegranate lip balm. It does smell fruity and it is very soft but the SPF makes for a weird taste. Slightly bitter and unpleasant. I'm super glad that it is finished because I have no desire to buy it again. Usually sun protection in lip products results in bitter and awkward taste so I'm not a big fan.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

15 November 2023



this time around there are just body products and all of them were nice items, some better than others but in general I enjoyed using all of them.

First is a big bottle of traclemoon body wash in the Honeycomb scent. To me it smelled more like caramel, it did smell nice but Honey is what I was looking for. I love Honey, Caramel slightly less so I won't repurchase it but it was a nice product. I might try some other scents that they have but not this one again.

Next to it is The Body Shop Satsuma body oil, I used it for massaging and nourishing my skin, it smelled very nice and I loved that the product wasn't too greasy. I would get it again but I think this scent isn't available again... I have to check.

Smaller bottle is old Evelin 8 in 1 multiregenerating post-depilation oil (there are 7 different oils included and vitamin E, majority of them have calming and soothing properties). I actually liked the concept, it didn't burn me but I also used it slightly different way than expected. I liked to apply it on still wet skin and it worked really well for me but I also think that this particular mix is nothing too special and any other oil would work as well so probably I won't get it again except I find it on sale.

Next are two Avon care coconut hand creams. These are some of my favourites, formula and scent wise. They are fast absorbing and nourishing even in cold weather so I will definitely be buying them again, mine are just in a limited summer packaging.

The very last item is Afrodita's Blueberry hand cream which I purchased while at work. I noticed that I forgot my hand cream and my skin got parched, I just couldn't wait to get home so I purchased something. It was a nice nourishing cream with no particular scent. Nice but not exceptional, I prefer the creams mentioned previously.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

31 October 2023



this time around I only finished up some smaller tubes of products. Some of them I really liked and some I just finished to be gone.

First green tube is Biotherm Aquasource gel intense regenerating moisturising gel and second is Aquasource night spa, triple spa effect night balm. They are both thicker gel formulas but the night spa is a little richer and I liked it a little more than the first one. So I went ahead and already bought the 50ml but I was a bit disappointed because I expected the same packaging just larger, it feels more hygienic to squeeze it out. I like the fast absorbing texture of both products and my skin seems to really enjoy it as well.

The next two tubes are the same product, one of them I purchased in a set, the other one came free but otherwise they are exactly the same. They are Bloom & Blossom wonder worker multi-tasking balm. To me they are a little too greasy but someone with super dry and cracked skin really enjoyed it. It feels like butter in a cream formula and on me it just doesn't get absorbed and my skin stayed greasy. I will not be buying it again because my skin just isn't dehydrated enough. The scent is creamy with some lemon thrown in the mix.

The very last tube is Bloom & Blossom hands up age-defying hand cream. At first it also feels a bit greasy (not as much as the multi-tasking balm) but it sinks in and I don't feel slippery or greasy. I had it at work and my coworkers also used it and they all liked it, even my sister mentioned lovely formula and the scent. This one also gets raving reviews from me and I'm already eying the big tube. 

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

15 October 2023



this last part of the year is flying by like crazy, it is hard to believe that we are already in the middle of October and the time hit me hard again because I only used up four items.

Ziaja Bubble Cola shower gel is a staple in my hair routine because I use it as a shampoo. It thoroughly cleanses my hair and leaves them silky soft and glossy, for me it just works plus the Cola scent is just lovely. It is not overpowering but when I go to bed I just get a whiff  of it and I like it a lot. The only slightly negative comment is the deep brown color, to me this particular shade doesn't really scream clean but I can see why they pick it up.

The next is another Ziaja body wash. This one is Fruity Cranberry & Wild Strawberry, it is bright red coloured liquid which smells very nicely fruity and berry like (not particularly Cranberry or Strawberry like). I used it as a body and hand wash (I poured some of it into the hand soap dispenser) and used it up pretty fast. The thing is that while using it the scent wasn't pronounced and I was a bit disappointed because I expected the scent to be stronger, more Strawberry like.

Tall and slim bottle is Bioderma Hydrabio serum moisturising concentrate for very dehydrated sensitive skin which was a gift with purchase. The texture is gel like and lightweight but it does take a while to get absorbed, my skin looks a bit wet afterwards. Did my skin looked and felt extra hydrated after using it? I would say no but the texture felt nice. With this product I really don't know if it did much for me so right now I would say that I would not repurchase it but I will see if my skin will start to miss it and I will then decide if it is worth it.

And the very last item is Catrice Ultra Fast fixing spray and this has to be my second used up bottle and if I tell you that I already have five backups and I just ordered five more... you would think I'm nuts but I am telling you that this item is really that good. It feels like I have hair spray on my face which is a bit weird but I got used to it. My make-up lasts longer with this fixing spray on it than it does with any other sometimes even more expensive products.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

01 October 2023



this batch of empties is quite large, I managed to finish up to 8 items and there are a few more just waiting to be gone.

Here I have one of my favourite perfumes which is Lancôme Hypnose. Such a lovely powdery passion fruit scent, I seriously can't get enough of it. I already have a new bottle but before cracking new bottle I will wear some other fragrances just to prevent getting sick of this particular scent.

Batiste dry shampoo is a staple in my bathroom. It is so easy to fix the hair with it and make them look more presentable through the day. I went through a numerous bottles of Batiste dry shampoo and this particular Cheeky Cherry is my second favourite (my first is still Peony but there are a few different scents which share the no. second spot). I already have a few backups in various scents.

Avon Avocado replenishing body wash is a lovely creamy product. This is already my second bottle and I have two more backups. I love the slightly thicker texture (it is not runny like water, if you are clumsy like I am then spilling it into the drain it possible) which makes this product last so much longer than the rest of body washes plus the scent is a creamy heaven to me but nothing too overpowering. Great for calming me down after a long day at work.

Next is Holika Holika Green Tea face wash. It looks like a cream which foams a little when mixed with water. It is gentle jet effective. This is my second tube and I wanted to get a new one but the price went up so instead I purchased a different one to try out but I will be on a lookout to get it again once the price drops.

Ebelin nail polish remover, I think this one is pretty basic but it works for me. It is very inexpensive and easy to get, I already bought myself a new bottle of it.

There is Aloe Vera Fruit of the Earth gel, I have tried some other brands but I have not had such success as with this one. This one doesn't irritate my skin if applied on sun exposed skin, I also use it on dry and dehydrated areas or use it as a hair gel. This tube lasted me few years but now I got myself a bottle twice the size ;) I think it will last me a lifetime :)

Catrice HD Liquid Coverage foundation in Light Beige is my favourite, formula and shade wise. With this foundation I can choose lighter or higher coverage, depending on the day and I think it looks pretty natural  and not caked through the day. I personally have to set it with powder and reapply another layer of powder through my work day since my skin is oily but I think it still looks nice and the price is super low on it. This one is a massive love and I already have a few backups.

In front there is Avon Always on Point eye pencil in Molten Pewter shade. I love this self sharpening mechanism. It allows me to always have a sharp end, every time you twist the lid back it sharpens and I think it is genius. So, I love the packaging, the formula is creamy and it sets after a few seconds and the color doesn't shift all over. The color was one of my favourites, it was a cool toned green with shimmer and great on its own or over darker colours to add some shimmer, I would repurchase it again if possible.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

20 September 2023



this month seems like I'm focusing on pink products. I have not used much but at least there is progress in using up my products.

First is Nivea hair milk natural shine mild conditioner. I absolutely love this item, it is creamy so it doesn't drip down my back and it seems like it does its magic very quickly. I usually put it into my hair and then shave which doesn't take long and then just rinse (I have it in for two to three minutes max) and the next day my hair are softer and silkier just how I like them. I started to use a different conditioner and don't quite have a feeling for it but this Nivea is so inexpensive that I can see myself repurchasing it again in the future.

The other two products are Shiseido Ginza shower cream and body lotion which I bought together with the fragrance. The scent represent juicy Pomegranate and a bouquet of flowers (I could swear that there is Peony in it), it smells perfect on a warm Spring day after a little rain. It gives me happy thoughts and to me it is also very calming. I took these two tubes with me on a vacation and I did enjoy them very much. The fragrance is still in my possession and I will continue using it with joy.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

31 August 2023



it is time to do the empties and again I have not finished up whole lot, just a few necessities. 

Rituals The Ritual of Ayurveda hand balm is supposed to be scented with almond oil and Indian rose. To me it smells very nice, creamy and comforting, lovely to go to bed to. I was using it after washing my hands daily but also at night time before going to bed I put it all over my arms and upper body for the scent alone. It had such a nice light texture and the scent was my favourite part.

I also finished up a bottle of perfume which is Jean Paul Gaultier Classique Pin up in the limited edition bottle. It held 50 ml and I already have a regular larger bottle of it. It is a sweet orange blossom scent which opens up a bit bitter (not my favourite part but manageable). After an hour or so of wearing it it gets more airy and slightly fresher so wearing it in the summer it doesn't feel like too much. I still very much love this scent so I'm glad to have a backup but before using the new one I will give a chance to some of my other fragrances to avoid getting tired of it.

In the glass bottle is The Ordinary 100% organic cold pressed rose hip seed oil. I love using rose oil since my skin responds well to it. This one didn't feel any different than any other that I have tried except towards the end it got a bit more milky and less transparent, I wonder If that is due to its age (I can't quite remember when I bought it but I can tell it is old). I think I already have a new bottle and I will continue using it. 

Last is Catrice ultra last fixing spray and this one is the best I have ever tried, if applied enough it feels like a hair spray on my skin. I will admit that it does feel weird but my make-up last the longest. It is a product that I will buy for as long as they will make (I already purchased three backups).

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

23 August 2023



a little late, out of my regular schedule but nonetheless back with my empties list. It is short but sweet.

First is body wash from Dusch Das in my longtime favourite Magnolia scent. I went through countless of these and slowly I'm getting sick of this scent but I get nostalgic every once in a while. These are very inexpensive and they have a wide range of different scants to pick from, I will probably get more in the future and this particular Magnolia scent as well.

Purple bottle is limited edition Balea Golden Moon perfumed deodorant. I wanted to get the lotion (I did found one last tube) and while I was there already I also got myself this deodorant because of the lovely scent. It is a spot on Mugler Alien scent and I fell in love with it. This deo is not the best and I just layer it over my 'regular' deodorant, I have another bottle and when it is gone it is gone. I will not get it again because they aren't for me but the scent is really nice and what got me in the first place.

Last is Pflanzen Kosmetik von Mueller Wild Rose oil. I mostly used it for removing my make-up, occasionally as a moisturiser as well. It is also very inexpensive and already on my to buy list. I think it does the job, just like any other more expensive Rose oil that I have tried. 

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

31 July 2023



this time around I have a bunch of moisturisers. I'm glad that I have finished so many of them, especially since I have plenty more to go through.

First is Teaology Ginger Tea energising aqua cream, I had very high hopes for it since I love the green matcha version but this one left me a bit cold. It has a standard cream feel and texture and it is moisturising but nothing too exceptional. It is filled with hyaluronic acid, black tea, ginger and vitamin C and E but from such expensive cream I expected more, next time I will get the green matcha one, I already used up two bottles of it and I miss it.

This is the second scented body moisturiser from Avon lately. It is their Far Away Rebel body moisturiser and since I did like it I prefer the one I used previously, scent wise since the texture was the same. Quite liquid, fast to absorb and okay nourishing properties for my skin which isn't particularly dry at the moment. I would get the Far Away Splenoria again but I can pass on this one. Not bad, I just preferred the other one.

Next is my beloved Skin 79 super BB hot pink cream. This brand seriously makes the best BB creams for me and I used to use them instead of foundation but now I like to use them on more casual days or on vacation. I tried to actively use this one up since I had it for long and I already got myself another one (this time is the Gold one and honestly they are a tie for me). Thick but easy to spread and blend out, high coverage and the shade matches me pretty well.

The last ones are just some amazing hand creams. First two are Avon care Berry Fusion and Banana options. Formula wise quite similar, lightweight and easy to spread and absorb (no greasy hands) and they do the job properly, the scents are the main factor here (I still prefer the Banana one) and I already have one in use. Avon makes some of my favourite ones and I already have some in stock.

The last one is Fruidia Passion fruit hand cream and I loved this one so much that I already got myself a discovery set with a bunch of different options. It is quite lightweight, small and convenient packaging (perfect to throw it into my purse) and the scent is divine, in my opinion quite realistic. I will try other scents but for sure I will come back to this one. 

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

15 July 2023



this time around I finished up a lot of products, I barely got all of them in one photo. Now I see it would be better to divide them but I'm too lazy to reshoot and I can't wait to just recycle items below.

I finally finished off one of my favorite fragrances which is Lancôme La vie est belle l'eclat EDT. I completely fell for this sweet orange blossom scent and in the crowd of similar fragrances this one remains my favourite. It is now discontinued but luckily I managed to get two more bottles to enjoy this lovely scent some more.

The heart shaped bottle is Diesel Loverdose Tattoo fragrance. This one was nice, I mostly wore it at home. I liked the opening which reminded me of peppermint candy cane (those are not the notes so I don't know why I'm smelling it) but the dry down was a bit more underscript. Not a bad scent but in the sea of fragrances that I have this one didn't stand out so I quickly finished it off and it will not be missed.

I finally used up this large bottle of Ziaja med antibacterial care body wash (I can't read Polish so I was using this as a face wash and through using it I found out that it is meant for the entire body... since it did work I continued using it on my face). It had a very watery texture (one or two pumps were sufficient) and removed all of the oils and make-up, it was actually very sufficient face wash but I had to be careful not to get it in my eyes because it wasn't pleasant. This product does get a thumbs up for me even though I wasn't using it on the right area ;)

Purple tube is Avon Far Away Splendoria body lotion. I also had a perfume but I didn't like it but lotion is a different story. In the lotion the scent was creamier and milkier while in the perfume it was more sharp and I felt like it was attacking my senses. The lotion was nice, light texture which absorbed quickly and I haven't noticed any dry skin afterwards. I would get the lotion again since I enjoy all the aspects of it but I still have too many products so I will restrain myself.

Next is my beloved Neutrogena Clear and Defend oil free moisturiser. Lightweight, it doesn't add oils to my already oily skin and a dose of Salicylic acid is doing wonders to my skin. I am already using a new tube and now it comes in a slightly different packaging (I have been using it for so long that I remember them changing the packaging numerous times but fortunately they don't tamper with the formula).

Next to it is another repurchased item and it is Beauty Glam Niacinamid serum. Another ingredient which helps my skin to behave, it is less oily and helps clearing my pores. I immediately swapped new bottle into my routine since I use this serum pretty much every evening after cleansing my skin.

I finished up an eye cream and this particular one is Bioderma Sensibio eye contour gel. It claims to tone down the puffiness which I rarely get, but also promotes soothing and moisturising properties. It is a lightweight cream and I personally prefer something a bit thicker (I only use eye cream at night time so no interference with my make-up), this was nice but nothing too special for me. I would prefer something thicker or at least more hydrating than this one so I will not buy it again.

Then there is a product that I absolutely love and again it is also discontinued. It is Avon Supershock Max mascara. It was a big fat wand with tons of spikes which coat and separate my lashes nicely. The effect is rather natural and elongated lash (I don't like clumping) and it suited me really well. I fortunately have two more back ups.

The very last item is a novelty for me, Avon bikini line hair removal cream. I tried it out and I was pleased with the result. There was enough product for six treatments and following the rules, after a few minutes I just simply wipe off the cream and all the hair were gone. Very impressive and my skin did't feel irritated so it was a win win situation. I liked the cream but shaving and laser is just as good for me, I can see buying cream again and using it on longer hair (if I get lazy and don't shave regularly I would use this cream again).

Thank you for reading and have nice day 

30 June 2023



in this and the last post I am showing quite a little selection of empties but there are a few more products that I would have used up if only I would have a few more days left... I reckon the next post will be overflown with empties.

First is another Balea body wash, this time it is Wild Rose and Peach scent, to my nose this one wasn't as good as the other one but still enjoyable. It is the same runny formula that doesn't foam and I just have a weird feeling washing with it, almost as if I would just be washing with water... I will not buy from this range again.

Next is Rosemary toner from Milnica. This one is quite old since I can't quite remember when was the last time I purchased form them. I used to love toners but now I find them almost unnecessary in my routine. I did pour it into a spray bottle and applied it while spraying it directly on my face (this way I avoided using cotton pads which absorb majority of the product) and I think it is okay but there were no big differences, I was just using it to use it up. I still have a few toners left and when I will finish them up I have no desires to buy more as of now.

Next is another product that I feel indifferent about. It is Afrodita's Hydrating gel cream with Coconut water. This is very watery and runny formula but still a little goes a long way, it does smell like sweet coconut. I didn't notice any big change in my skin while using it so I will not buy it again.

The very last item is my beloved Rimmel Stay Matte Transparent face powder. It is the right shade for me, it looks good applied over fresh make-up or as a touch up during a long day, it always make me look less shiny but it doesn't look caked. Truly a lovely powder for very cheap. I already have a few backups.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

15 June 2023



this month looks a bit sad in the empties department, my only consolation is that two products are quite large so I have been working on them for a long time and now the time has come to recycle these items.

First is Avon advance technique miracle densifier shampoo for fuller and thicker look of ones hair. I was a big fan of their shampoos and then every single one seemed too heavy and made my hair oil way faster so I stopped using their shampoos but I gave this one a chance and I really like it. It is a big bottle and it lasted me a super long time and I'm super happy that it worked for me. It cleansed my hair really well so the next day my hair looked all soft and there were no product buildup left but still my hair didn't look or feel like straw. Unfortunately this is discontinued but I managed to get another bottle. I think after that I will give Avon another chance and try something else (fingers crossed). 

Next is long overdue The Body Shop Strawberry body butter. I was a bit upset because this doesn't have a strong Strawberry scent as it used to have... I think the previous packaging had a different scent. This one is more of a lotion Strawberry while before it was amplified real Strawberry and super fruity/juicy scent. It is still nice but not as special as it used to be. The formula is super thick and I also gravitate towards lighter more lotion like formulas so this one was a bit hard to get through but I managed and I am very glad. I will now use lighter lotions for the warmer part of the year and in the Autumn I will use the rest of my TBS butters and for a while I will be done with them. I just prefer lotions at the moment.

Third and last item is Dove invisible dry anti-perspirant. I still sweat but there is very little of my natural unpleasant odour. I like it for that but the scent on this one is not the most pleasant to my nose. Thankfully after a while I can no longer smell (I also put scented deodorant from a spray all over it to cover the scent and it does the trick for me), to me this one has a bit of a musky scent and I think with deo or anti-perspirants that is the scent we all try to avoid but like I said I cover it up with a different one on top and it works for me. I finished it up but I won't be buying it again.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

31 May 2023



as promised this time I have way more finished items than in my previous post. I was working overtime on some of them to be able to finish them up.

This is already my second and maybe also my last tube of Cosrx Salicyilc acid daily gentle cleanser. I love using it at night after already cleansing my face as a treatment. It is a cream product and it gets creamy and slightly foamy while mixed with water. I just gently massage it onto my face and afterwards my skin feels and looks softer with less texture. I would buy it again if I would find it but I bought from the same brand another one with the same active ingredient and I will see if it is just as good.

Next is this Balea Almon and Cherry Blossom body wash. It smells divine and my first thought was to get a backup immediately but the texture didn't convinced me. It is watery and it doesn't foam... it feels weird and I get a feeling like I'm not properly cleaning my body. I do have another scent which I'm using at the moment and after the second tube is gone I will no longer buy this body wash no matter how good it smells.

In the white tube is Ziaja hand cream with silk proteins and provitamin B5. It is a lightweight cream which absorbs quickly and makes my hands soft but I have noticed that after I wash my hands (even after hours) it just comes off and my hands aren't any better... it looks like it works while it is on but after washing my hands the benefits are washed away. It seems like it doesn't penetrate my skin and work its magic. I did finish it up but I will not buy it again. 

Next is basic Jojoba oil by Pflanzen Kosmetik. I primarily used it as my make-up remover. It melts my products nicely and afterwards a gentle cleanser is able to remove it all. In my opinion very simple jet effective product and I have already repurchased it.

This is super old limited edition Carice Bronze away to... hydrating fixing spray. At first I was scared that there will be some shimmer or glitter particles but it doesn't contain any. I really liked this one and I'm eager to see if they will have another LE one this year and in the mean time I just got their 'regular' fixing spray. 

Another repurchased item is this Eveline cosmetics Expert C serum with 12% active vitamin C. I love Vitamin C on my skin and how well it combats my hyperpigmentation left after acne. This one is on the inexpensive side of the range and it works so I already have a new bottle of it. 

Under is Nuxe Honey balm which was my lip balm of choice for night time and it was really nice. Not quite fantastic so I am using something else at the moment but it is quite possible that I will get it again. I love the honey scent and how greasy it is but at the same time sometimes I thought it was just too greasy, but none the less it was nourishing enough for me to get me through some dry patches in my life.

The last one is my beloved L'occitane hand cream in the Neroli and Orchide Intense version. I'm still not the biggest fan of their formula (they do have different ones, gel has to be my favourite) -this one being a lightweight cream but the scent is what I was sold on. It is a gorgeous sunny and warm neroli and since I love it so much my sister already got me another one as a gift :)

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

15 May 2023



I really thought that this post in the middle of the month will be filled with products but at the end I only managed to finish up four, a bit sad but that means that there will be more empties next time.

First is a body lotion from Avon and it is their fragranced Her Story, Love Inspires body moisturizer. I was surprised at how much I liked the scent. It has praline note which is for me the most prominent and I can detect some florals even though I can't pick them apart. My skin isn't very dry at the moment so this lotion is ether quite moisturising or my skin just didn't need much hydration at the moment. I would get it again for the scent alone but I have to finish some other ones first.

Next I finished up two lip balms. First is Crazy Rumors Grape Jelly and I have nothing but praises for it. It is soft and looks almost glossy on the lips (my favourite type of a formula) and the scent really is perfectly described in the name. It is full of oils and butters and my lips loved this formula. At the same time I also bought the Honeycomb version which feels the same on the lips (the ingredients list seems a bit mixed up but for the most part they contain almost the same ingredients just in different proportions), with a different scent. After I will finish both of them up I will get myself some more, there is a Cereal Milk version that I would love to try out next.

The second lip balm is from Avon and it is from their winter limited edition (they had two, the other Vanilla one in purple packaging I also got but I haven't opened that one yet and I'm doubting that I will). Mine is Apple Pie version and to me it smells more like a true apple, which in hindsight isn't bad but a little unexpected. This formula is thin and disappears quickly, so reapplying is a must. My lips after a few hours did get a bit dry if I used this one on its own so I don't think this formula works for me that well and I do regret getting both versions. It is not bad, I just don't think it does much for me.

The very last item is Hada Labo Tokyo concentrated water serum with lock-in-moist formula and plenty of Hyaluronic Acid. I would use this thicker but fast absorbing gel after pure Hyaluronic Acid serum all over my face but since it absorbed into my skin pretty fast I usually use some extra oil on top to really lock it in (I love slugging my skin for bed time). And for layering this was a nice product but I haven't seen any major benefits while using it, instead I could just use a thicker moisturiser on top or skip it and apply oil over serums. This product was nice but somehow unnecessary in my evening routine.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

30 April 2023



at the moment I'm working on so many products and on a lot of them I'm nearly done... so I guess the next empties will be overflowing.

First is Avon's naturals body lotion with Black Cherry and Nutmeg. I remember using this years ago but time and time again they discontinue it and it is hard to find. I love the scent on this which reminds me of a Cherry yoghurt, the formula isn't the most moisturising out there but for me the scent makes it worth it. I think this isn't available at the moment but if it get back in stock I would get it for the scent alone.

The other body moisturiser is Ahava Deadsea water mineral body lotion (bought as a tester bottle and I was able to get it for less even though it was brand new and unopened). The scent is comforting, that is the best description, nothing too special but still very nice and especially good for night time relaxation. The formula is light enough for the pump to work, it absorbs into my skin and it was perfect with the previous lotion since I find this one way more moisturising and also the scents complimented each other. I would get this one again but only if I find it at a good price since this one tends to be a bit more expensive.

Next to it is my Eveline Hyaluron clinic essence hydrator. Big packaging (110ml) ensured that this bottle lasted me months and also made me use it regularly since it seemed like it would never be finished. The consistency was very watery but the essence often got thick at the top of the opening (the lid does not open but a pressure on the side of the lid open it at an angle and reveals a small opening the side). I liked to use it in the evening under my heavier moisturisers to lock in the moisture. I remember I didn't pay much for it and considering how much product I received this gets two thumbs up from me.

The very last item is a body scrub from Avon. It is their Encanto inspiring body scrub in the creamy violet scent. The scent was okay but as soon I started to rub it against my skin it started to smell artificial. Towards the end I was only using it to finish it up. For my liking this had too small beads and didn't do enough and I was also not a fan of the scent (I much prefer the Afrodita body scrub that I finished up earlier).

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

15 April 2023



it is mid April already and I feel like I haven't used that many products lately but out of these five there are two fragrance bottles and I count that as a full success.

The first item is my beloved Ziaja Bubble Cola body wash for kids. I don't have kids, it is for me and me only. I love the true Coca-Cola scent and I especially like to use it instead of shampoo. It cleanses my hair really well, it could be drying so I make sure to use conditioner every once in a while to bring the moisture back but other than that I really like it. Shiny and smooth hair with lovely scent all day long, this one is already repurchased.

Avon care restoring moisture hand creams are made for dry skin. I finished two at the same time because I used one at work and one at home. These are some of the best formulas for my hands. Lightweight and quick to absorb while having light coconut scent, they are my favorite for a reason (besides the banana and the Jasmin one).

The last are two fragrances. One of my absolute favourites is Idôle by Lancôme in a 25 ml bottle (I love it so much that I also have a large 75 ml bottle of it which is still full). For me this fragrance is all year scent, great for the office and everyday gatherings. Juicy Pear with Rose, translucent and still very potent.

The last one is Cloud from Ariana Grande in a 30 ml bottle, this one however I will not be buying again because on my skin this scent just doesn't work. I love the creamy coconut scent but my skin makes it plastic like and I don't like that so I sprayed it on my bed and use it as my sleep scent. I will miss it but since I have so many perfumes I won't be buying it again.

le by Lanc

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

31 March 2023



this time around I managed to finish or at least let go of some lip products. I still have so many and I'm having a hard time navigating through them all. At one hand I would like to use all of them but if I focus on select few I have a chance to completely finish them up and minimise my collection.

Today I'm starting with two lip glosses, none of them is completely empty but first started to feel a bit weird (I think it is going off) and the other one is just too glittery for my taste. They are Essence shine, shine, shine lip glosses. The pink one is named Think Pink and the nude one is Bright on!. I love these but they are discontinued now and replaced with new formulas that I haven't tried yet but I'm definitely curious of. 

Next is Carmex Pear lip balm. I bought it because Pear lip products are rare and I really wanted to try it out. I liked the scent but the formula is on the thinner side and I was constantly reapplying it but to no avail, at midday my lips still felt dry and not nourished enough so I think Carmex just isn't a lip balm brand for me (I also bought Pomegranate version so hopefully it will suit me better).

A while ago I was obsessed with anything Coconut so obviously when I saw this big bottle of body wash I had to have it. It is Dove restoring ritual body wash with Coconut oil and almond milk. It smelled like a mix of these two notes plus a bit of plastic scent, it was faint but enough for me to detect (I get plastic like note in a lot of coconut products so maybe that is just me). It was creamy and it did lather well but scent wise I didn't like it that much so next time I will get a different scent.

Second to last item is Avene refreshing magnifying fluid which worked really well for my skin. It was a light cream, it did look a bit shiny at first but after a minute or two it got absorbed and left my skin hydrated and matte looking. There were no breakouts, no burning or itching  and it did its job. I really liked it, my only minus is the packaging because I was not able to get everything out (I did turn it upside down and scoop it out but some of it still stayed in and I was not able to get it completely). I would buy this again in the future, after I finish some more products.

The very last item is my magical product and it is Afrodita Great Burdock hair oil. I use this to promote hair growth (on my hair, brows and lashes) and the results are in after two or three days. Not long ago I noticed that a lot of my hair fell off, I didn't notice any bald patches just there were a lot of hair on the floor and I got scared. Using this oil religiously and I'm blessed with a bunch of new baby hair. I absolutely love this oil and will buy it till the end of my days. 

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

15 March 2023



we are already midway through first Spring month and I still don't feel in the Spring mood, for me the weather has to get a bit warmer to do it for me.

I recently talked about this Avon Legendary Lights mascara in black and just how much I love it. I had it for months and now it got a little too dry so I have to replace it but it still remains as one of my favourites. It looks very natural (it combs through, separate them and make them a bit longer, not a lot longer but a bit), very natural and just what I personally like for an everyday. I will get it again after I finish up my backup bottles.

Next is Balea Pink Blossom deodorant. They also had a lotion in this scent which I wanted but was too late... so out of dispair I bought this deo. This smells very similar to Lancome La Vie est Belle scent and that was the selling point for me ;) I still used 'regular' deodorant and just put this on top because the scent on this is pretty strong and I made sure I wore a similar fragrance with it and I didn't trust it enough to wear it on its own. I know buying deodorant just because of its scent is stupid but that is how I work ;)  

Holika Holika is a brand that I used years ago (I loved their BB creams) and when I saw this face wash I just wanted to try it out. Thankfully it worked for me. It is Green Tea face wash meant for oily skin which I have. It removed everything from my skin (I used it in the morning to remove oil buildup and in the evening to remove my make-up) and it worked like a charm but never stripped my skin out. Absolutely great face wash, removes everything that needs to be removed but never dried out my skin. 

Little black tube is Avon Luxuriously Refining eye gel mask. I love the gel texture because it sinks into my skin fast and I don' t always like greasy felling. The gel has a pink-purple shimmer (it is not glittery, more opalescent) and it is supposed to make your under eye area look a bit more refreshed but honestly after it sinks in I don't notice anything. For me this is a nice refreshing under eye product and I enjoyed it but now that it is gone I won't buy it again.

Next there is an Avocado lip balm from Alverde. In the past I had some lip balms from them and I remember not liking them and now I decided to give them another chance and I still don't like it. It is creamy, I do like the texture but I don't think it is moisturising enough because my lips get dry and flakey after a few hours of using this balm alone... that is a big no no from me.      

The last item is another product from Avon and it is their Wild Strawberry Dreams body butter. It is quite thick and I used to love that type of texture but not anymore, I find it to greasy so I'm super glad to be done with it. The scent was nice though. It reminds me of a strawberry yoghurt. 

Thank you for reading and have a nice day                                  

14 March 2023

Project Polish


I haven't done one of these in a while and since I declutter quite a lot of bottles I thought that now is the right time to take photo and throw them away.

First are two bottles of my bellowed Essence Sweet as Candy (I think I have two more). I simply love this milky and easy to apply nail polish. It has a slight pink tone but only if I compare it to something cream, only then I can see it. Mostly just looks like a cream milky nail varnish. Super simple but super polished looking nails that goes with everything. The formula on these is also superb, sad thing is that they no longer make them. I see that there is another similar looking nail color in their collection... I wonder how it compares to this one.

Next is pretty old Catrice Steel my Soul color which is grey, brown, taupe looking with fine golden shimmer and it dries semi matte. Very nice looking color, neutral and not striking, just what I like at the moment. It was very old and it started to show its age so I had to throw it away but if I will find something similar I will get it again.

Fun top coat from Essence and it is their Prismatic shade with the name Prisma Love with flakes to top off every 'boring' shade. I loved applying it over pastels to create frozen or broken ice effect. It was more of a barely there look ad I loved that. My bottle isn't completely empty but it got thick so I have to throw it away. I would get it again but probably not right now.

Next to it is another top coat and this one I loved even more than the previous one and I this it is more rare to come across this sand finish top coat so if I will see it somewhere I will get it immediately. it is Trend It Up nail varnish from their Urban Safari collection in the no. 030 option. I also loved to put it over lighter shades to create rough effect that I love so much. I also have a green version but I have never tried that one...

This next one used to be my favourite and I even used up one bottle of it before, but then I just kind of fell out of love. This bottle of glitter is hard to get off and that is one of the reasons why I didn't get much use out of it. It is another Essence nail polish and it is in the shade Time for Romance. Different sized pink/rose glitters create eye catching results but removing part is super annoying.

The very last one is O.P.I matte top coat, pretty self explanatory but I didn't use it that much, I personally prefer glossy nails or sand finish, matte usually isn't my vibe so my bottle dried up before I used it up completely.

That is 7 bottles gone and my box where I store them has now a little empty section that I'm not in a hurry to fill it up. I hope to finish some more up and empty my space even further before getting some new bottles.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

13 March 2023

Legendary Lengths


a little review of one of my recent favourite mascaras.

It is Avon Legendary Lengths mascara in the Black shade, recent but not that new anymore. The packaging is baby soft pink which doesn't translate that well on this photo.

I love rubber wands and this one is no exception but small bristles looked odd at first but after trying it out I got the results that I wanted. It combs through and evenly distribute the product. It makes my lashes black, it individualise them and makes them a bit longer. Somehow they look very natural and wispy, to the touch they almost fell like there is no mascara on but the nice elongation shows that there is some product on.

To me this makes a natural looking lashes but still makes a difference. To me this is one of my favourites and after I finish some backups that I have I will buy it again. I think I like this one even better than Avon Supershock Max, that one did almost exact same thing to my lashes but I feel like this pink one elongates them even further. 

If you are looking for a natural looking mascara, you like separated and whispy lashes that I suggest you to try it out.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

28 February 2023



we are already at the end of this short month and just when we thought that the Winter is over it showed us some more teeth. 

In front there is Avon color trend lip gloss in Berry Drizzle. I remember getting this shade is a bundle because I could't choose any other. It was a purple with a blue shift, not very noticeable but if looked close you could see it. The scent is fruity (not sure of which fruit) and it also tastes like it, so that is big thumps up for me, the shade was not my favourite but if I applied it lightly it mostly looked like a clear gloss. I would get it again but in a different shade.

Next to it is another Alverde bottle of Rose oil. I love getting them because the pipette works and I don't make a mess with this packaging (think big opening and every time you have to pour it out...). My skin is often a bit pink/red looking and constantly using Rose oil helps reduce the redness. I'm already using a new bottle of it.

In the back there is this big bottle of Garnier Pure Active micellar cleansing water for combination to oily and sensitive skin. I really liked this one. My skin liked it, it didn't break out from using it and it removed any traces of make-up. I would get it again but I already have two other bottles that need to be finished up before getting new one.

Next are my favourite bottles of Catrice HD liquid coverage foundations. First one is in the shade Porcelain Beige (lighter and yellow toned) and next one is in Light Beige (compared with the first one slightly darker and neutral in tone - which also suits me better but I use the Porcelain Beige to mix it in because I purchased it by mistake and I have to use it up somehow). It is just a coincidence to have them both run out. My shade, Light Beige will forever be on my shelf but the Porcelain Beige feels unnecessary but since I have another full bottle of it I have to use it up and then hopefully I won't make another mistake and will buy the right shade.

From The Body Shop I have two body moisturisers from last year and they are both in the same scent. It was their Holiday themed Spiced Orange (Orange, Vanilla and Cinnamon scent). Top one is body yogurt and the bottom is their body butter. This had a very strong predominately spicy scent with some fresh Orange. Very nice and comforting but I had enough of it and I'm ready to move on to something fresher and lighter. If they will have it again at the end of the year I might get it again, I loved both formulas even though their yogurts aren't the most moisturising in the Winter time for my skin.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

15 February 2023



I was thinking to post this one Valentine's Day but it just didn't feel right. This is my last bunch of empties for the first half of the month.

Not one but two Avon care revitalising hand creams with Banana. These are some of my favourites and Banana scent is lovely, not too strong but just to be noticeable. The lotion is light, absorbs quickly and it does its job. I had one tube at home and one at work and it is just a happy coincidence that I used them up at the same time. I also really love the Coconut version which is what I'm using right now but I like to alternate between the two.

Nivea original care anti-perspirant was fantastic. I love the roll on packaging and the scent was the best. I smelled like fresh, clean laundry even after a long and sweaty day :) Right now I'm using something else and now I'm really getting to see just how much I love this one. Even though it is anti-perspirant I was still  sweating but the scent came pretty much only from the product and was not stinky. After I'm done with what I'm using right now I will buy this one again.

I couldn't buy the one from The Ordinary so I found this from Revox as a substitute and I liked it a lot. It is their 10 % Niacinamide daily moisturiser. It is a thicker gel which absorbs quickly into my skin. I was using it in the evening together with other products, especially with a hydrating cream to lock in the moisture. Ingredient is proven to reduce skin imperfections, soften and smooth over your skin, help with excessive oil production and I want all of that :) I like the product and I will buy it again, at the moment I have a bottle form jet another brand to see if it can be even better.

Second to last is my trusty 2% salicylic acid serum from Beauty Glam. It penetrates deep into pores and helps to remove dead skin cells, which in my case means less pimples or if they do appear they are much more short lived or at leash smaller and less painful. Serums with salicylic acid has proven to me to be beneficial to my routine and I can see results pretty fast opposed to niacinamide which takes longer to see some changes but it is still a nice ingredient to add to my routine. I love this and I'm already using a new bottle of it.

The very last one is the Tony Moly Petite Bunny tinted lip balm in the shade Neon Red. It is more pink than anything else but it is staining and the color can be build up. The packaging is cute but the moisturising properties just aren't there so I won't be buying it again.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

14 February 2023

Neon Red?


for today I have prepared the cutes lip balms that I have ever had. Juicy Peach (top one) I already finished up a few years ago and I only kept the lid as a little token (but I also use it as a pencil top so it is multitasking).

The one that I finish up this time around is Tony Moly Petite Bunny gloss bar in the shade Neon Red. I think that the name is a bit misleading since it is not red but bright pink.

It comes off pink but slowly it turns brighter and more fuchsia, at least on me. It also has some staining properties, through the day it just builds up the color and looks brighter and brighter. For me these balms aren't really moisturising, it is cute packaging and the fun colours.

I am again keeping the lid and reusing it. It makes me smile when I look at them :)
I remember saying after using up the first one that I won't buy more and technically I didn't, this second version was given to me by my sister who thought that the cute bunny was something I would like and she was right. Love the packaging but the balm itself just wasn't my favourite.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

31 January 2023



my resolution to post more often haven't come true jet but maybe next month it will be better. Until then I have my empties all lined up. 

First is my beloved Essence camouflage+ healthy glow concealer in Light Ivory shade. This is my favourite one, love the creamy texture which doesn't settle too much into my fine lines and it is the perfect shade for my skin tone. I think the healthy glow line is discontinued but I have also tried the matte version and on me they feel pretty much the same in term of formula, just the shade range is different but I can still find a good shade for me. 

Next, on top is the Lavender toner from Milnica. I like getting these since they are simple and inexpensive but I prefer to pour them into the bottles with the sprayer and spray them on so I can also use them over my make-up if I'm feeling a bit dry and tight. Lavender is my favourite, Rose being close second. I will get it again but I'm pretty stocked up so I should just finish what I already have before buying more.

Under the toner is Afrodita's pure coconut sugar body scrub. This is very intense since the sugar in it is rough but then the coconut smooths over... it actually is a delight to use because my skin is left with a thick film over it and I love it. On days that I used it I didn't really need to use any other body lotion, this scrubs and nourish the skin. The particles are rough so I would advise gentle massage but sugar does dissolve and  then is just coconut grease all over and that to me feels great. I actually wanted to repurchase it but when I got home I noticed that instead of scrub I purchased butter... it is in the same type of packaging with the same picture... I haven't use it jet but I am excited. After I'm through another scrub I'm getting this one again.

Batiste makes some of my favourite dry shampoos and the Fresh version has to be my second favourite. It is white but it is easily blended into my hair as long as I don't spray too close to the hairline and the fresh scent mimic the freshly washed hair... what is not to love? I already have a backup of it :)

Regular nail polish switching also requires nail polish remover and for me inexpensive works. I used up Ebeline nail polish remover which costs very little and is very effective. My nails aren't super sensitive, even though now in the cold they break more easily I don't think more expensive nail polish remover would be any different so I prefer to hydrate more and rather spend more money on nourishing products than nail varnish removers. I'm already using new bottle of the same kind and I will continue to repurchase it.

This next items is the only disappointing one in the bunch and it is the expensive Ahava silky soft cleansing cream. It smells like plastic, not super strong but when I rub it all over my face I can definitely smell it. The other thing and even more burning one is the fact that this product burned my eyes. God forbid I would rub it all over my eyes (to remove stubborn mascara) and then opened them... with other make-up removing products it wasn't that bad or some of them gave me no irritations at all so it has to be this particular item that I'm having issues with. I will definitely not be getting it again and currently I'm already using Jojoba oil and it removes my make-up with the same ease and if I accidentally open my eyes it doesn't burn at all. 

The very last item in here is probably the most used one since I probably used up around ten tubes already and I have no intentions to stop using it. It is Neutrogena Clear & Defend oil free face moisturiser. It is lightweight jet moisturising, is nourishes my skin but doesn't add more oils to it. Great for under my make-up or on days when I don't wear foundation. For me it is a perfect hydrator and I'm already using a new tube. 

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

15 January 2023



new year and new me. This year my resolution will be to continue on this trail of buying less and use up what I already have. I know I'm not starting with a big bag of empties but I feel like I used up a lot of items last year so that is also good.

First is a hand cream from Afrodita. It is their Grape anti-ageing hand cream (now they have it in a different packaging). To me this smells like heaven but I don't like the greasy formula (all of their hand creams are on the greasy side, my dad loves them but I'm not a fan) so I used it all over my body at night time. I noticed that they now have a body wash and a lotion... it is sold out at the moment but I hope it comes back and I will rather get that duo.

Next is one of my favourite face powders (I think it got discontinued and it is replaced with a new formula which I haven't tried yet). It is my beloved Catrice all matt plus face powder in the shade option Transparent (the lightest shade opposed to white). I think it makes my skin matte looking and it doesn't look too cakes even after a few hours or after retouching. I still have some backups and then I will just try the new one.

Next is another discontinued product and also one of my favourites as well. It is Avon anew hydro-advance eye cream. It is a thicker cream that I only used at night time (it took too long to wait for it to get absorbed, there is Shea butter quite hight in the ingredient list and it shows). I loved this eye cream (I finished around five or six of them) because I really can see a difference in my skin around my eyes, especially in my less visible wrinkles after using it for a few weeks. At the moment I am trying some new stuff but I haven't been convinced yet. This eye cream will be deeply missed and I hope Avon comes out with something just as amazing as this one was.

The very last item is not new and also it isn't getting discontinued (at least to my knowledge). I had this Blistex classic lip protector before and I remember really liking it so I got myself a new tube and it is just as amazing as I remember. It is clear, very soft (I don't need to rub excessively) and I love the gloss it gives my lips plus there is a scent that I just can't describe but it is lovely. My lips are soft and supple when I use this balm and even in the colder days my lips didn't get dry when I was reapplying it constantly. This is one of my favourites and I already got myself a backup :)

Thank you for reading and have a nice day