30 April 2023



at the moment I'm working on so many products and on a lot of them I'm nearly done... so I guess the next empties will be overflowing.

First is Avon's naturals body lotion with Black Cherry and Nutmeg. I remember using this years ago but time and time again they discontinue it and it is hard to find. I love the scent on this which reminds me of a Cherry yoghurt, the formula isn't the most moisturising out there but for me the scent makes it worth it. I think this isn't available at the moment but if it get back in stock I would get it for the scent alone.

The other body moisturiser is Ahava Deadsea water mineral body lotion (bought as a tester bottle and I was able to get it for less even though it was brand new and unopened). The scent is comforting, that is the best description, nothing too special but still very nice and especially good for night time relaxation. The formula is light enough for the pump to work, it absorbs into my skin and it was perfect with the previous lotion since I find this one way more moisturising and also the scents complimented each other. I would get this one again but only if I find it at a good price since this one tends to be a bit more expensive.

Next to it is my Eveline Hyaluron clinic essence hydrator. Big packaging (110ml) ensured that this bottle lasted me months and also made me use it regularly since it seemed like it would never be finished. The consistency was very watery but the essence often got thick at the top of the opening (the lid does not open but a pressure on the side of the lid open it at an angle and reveals a small opening the side). I liked to use it in the evening under my heavier moisturisers to lock in the moisture. I remember I didn't pay much for it and considering how much product I received this gets two thumbs up from me.

The very last item is a body scrub from Avon. It is their Encanto inspiring body scrub in the creamy violet scent. The scent was okay but as soon I started to rub it against my skin it started to smell artificial. Towards the end I was only using it to finish it up. For my liking this had too small beads and didn't do enough and I was also not a fan of the scent (I much prefer the Afrodita body scrub that I finished up earlier).

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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