31 July 2017



it is pretty obvious that we are having a burning hot Summer. I have used up a lot of Sun lotions and I haven't had any burn on my body, jet. I still have plenty to go through (this year alone I purchased 6 bottles of Sun cream and I still have some left from last year).

First tube is Sun Dance cream with SPF 50. It is old and not completely used up but it is very greasy and it leaves obvious white cast so I'm tossing it, did I mentioned that it is old?

Next is Avon Sun+ lotion for kids with SPF 30. It is light blue which is great if you have some minor red spots because the cool color counteracts it but you are left with bluish hands afterwards. This one too is a little too old to be used in a safe matter so I'm discharging it. 

Third one is my favorite, it is Hawaiian Tropic with SPF 50. I noticed that they changed the packaging and the highest protection that they are offering from this line is 30, I'm a little disappointed but probably I will still repurchased it next year (I just bought 6 full bottles and tubes from another brand so I think I'm good for a while). The cream itself is white and cream colored so it won't give you that white cast and the scent is phenomenal. 

Fourth one and last for this month (yep, I am planning on using up some more next month) is another one from Sun Dance and it is not as old as the first one so I used it all up. It is for the face, neck and chest area with an SPF of 30. They claim to be mattifying fluid. I agree that it is quite liquid but not mattifying enough for me. I also didn't liked the white cast that was left after applying on top of the greasy feeling so I used it on my body and I was done with it faster. This one is not something I would repurchase.

Next we have Fruit of the Earth aloe body lotion. It was milky and I would never guessed that it has aloe in it because of the texture which is nothing like the aloe vera. It had a generic and barely there scent, it was not bad but I got spoiled by some amazing moisturizers so this felt a bit bland. It absorbed quickly but I didn't have a feeling that it would moisturize my skin well. I was glad when it was gone and I won't bother getting it again.

Avon Advance Technques heat protection spray was something I purchased ages ago. I rarely do any heat styling so this was completely unnecessary. I ended up using it on my hair when I went to the beach. I don't know if it works like that, if it protects my hair from the sun but I thought that it can't hurt, right? Otherwise it had that lovely scent that all Avon A.T. products have but my complaint would be that it made my hair sticky. They would get all tangled, in a way it is good because I was able to create some texture in my hair but on the windy day at the beach it just looked messy.

I bought not so long ago this Himalaya clarina anti acne clay mask and I used it very consistently. It is this typical clay mask that gets dry and manages to pull the gunk out of your pores. My skin felt better after one use (I mean in the morning after because whenever I remove clay masks my skin looks all red and irritated and this one wasn't an exception). The next day my skin looked better, pores looked clearer if not completely clear, acne were reduced or completely gone. I have to give two thumbs up for this one but there is one drawback and it occurs shortly after applying it. When it sits on my face it starts to burn around extra sensitive areas, in my case that it the nose. It felt cold and hot at the same time, very weird and unpleasant but after I got through this phase it worked and I might repurchase it in the near future (I bough another mask from the same brand which is also for oily skin types so I will see how that one will work).

Lastly I have another face mask and this on is from Lush and it is one of their fresh masks. I have Catastrophe Cosmetics and I already talked about it last week. It was great for my oily and acne prone skin. It helped reduce the big boys and clear out the smaller fellas. It didn't feel hot or cold on my skin and after I rinsed it off my skin didn't look red or angry but rather happy and moisturized. I already repurchased it along with another mask from the brand. I will report back as soon as I start using it.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

30 July 2017

Project Polish


it is time for the empty nail polishes and the ones that are past its prime. Today I have three of them and that completes 18 bottles out of my collection and I'm getting closer to the number 100. For this year I set myself a goal to get under 100 bottles of colored nail polish (I'm not counting clear base and top coats).

I'm starting with super old Avon bottle from their nailwear pro line (now this line has a + added at the end and when the bottles still look the same they carry less product, now you get 10 ml). Mine is in the shade Romance. Here on the photo you can't see but it is a duo chrome and shifts from silver to light lavender depending on the light. I used a good third of it and I think I liked it back in the days, anyway now I can't remember when was the last time I used it. I simply just don't want to wear it so I'm gonna declutter it from my life.

Next to it is one of my beloved babies. It is Catrice Dirty Berry and there is nothing dirty about it. Lovely lavender color has been upgraded with small holo glitter. It is not a strong holographic nail polish but it seems to me that they offered this for us who were just getting our toes dipped into the rainbow water and deciding if we like it or not (BTW, I love it and can't wait for new Essence polishes which will be full on holos available in 5 shades). This one also carries a special moment for me. I lend it to my sister for her graduation and just thinking how important this was for her it makes me all warm to know that my little polish was also a part of it.

On the last spot we have Essence Yes, we pop! LE in the Hey Smiley shade. I remember getting this in a giveaway and it is not a shade I would pick myself but I was pleasantly surprised. It is a medium pink color and compared with some other similar shades this one has a touch of berry in it if that makes sense and I think that was the reason why I liked it (I also owned Avon shade Wandering Rose and they were really similar except this one was a bit warmer and berry like. I ended up giving the Avon one to my sister and I kept this one). It is not empty but at the bottom it started to change color, in person it is way more obvious as it is almost white. I decided not to mess with it and discard it.

This was it for this month, I'm quite pleased with myself even though I only finish one bottle but the fact that I'm getting rid of something is big for me. I don't like to admit but I am a hoarder and until something is completely drained out I don't like to let go. Probably just a year ago I would try to use both colors (Romance and Hey Smiley) up despite not liking one color and the other one looking all marbled but not in the good way.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

29 July 2017

Magical Bluelight


the red came off and I was browsing through my unused polishes and my eye immediately locked on one of the two Moon Rocks that I own. What kind of Moon Rocks I'm talking about? See below...

Catrice has them, Moon Rocks come in six shades if I'm not mistaken and they are currently on sale. Apparently there was not enough interest in them, who would guessed? I would think that everyone would like a piece of the Moon. I am showing you the whimsical shade called Magical Bluelight. I can't see any blue in it but freedom of speech is something we all have to respect.

This was two easy coats and on the nails it looks a bit more lavender and less grey but it is still a beauty in my opinion. If you take a closer look there is a lot going on. Golden and silver shimmers are fighting for some limelight while the golden bar glitters take most of the attention away. You might expect that it is gritty but it is not, it is actually very smooth for a glitter bomb that it is.
I'm absolutely in love with it and I can't wait to wear the berry shade from the same collection.

P.S. You should better hurry if you want to get your hands on them because they are flying from the shelves.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

28 July 2017

Lip smoothers


on my recent trip to the store where I picked up more or less everything that I wanted from Catrice before they completely discontinued some products I also picked up these two guys.

I wanted another shade but it was sold out (in 4 different stores!) so I picked up the other two shades available. They are Catrice Beautifying lip smoothers in Coffee to go and Best mauve ever.

They come in a squeeze tube with 'fuzz' on top. Similar stuff that is on the doe foot applicator sans the long stick. In fact I prefer tubes since they are easier to apply product wile you are on the go and don't have a mirror (long applicator makes it harder to get the lips if you can't see where it is).

When I squeezed them for the first time the product that came out looked very different (I don't mean the color but I focus on the texture). On the Coffee to go shade the product is oilier and on the darker one it is thicker (Best mauve ever shade was released later hence the slight change in the design but I don't know how old each one is). After using the nude shade a couple times it normalized, the product that comes out isn't as oily anymore and it is easier to use but the mauve shade is still a bit harder. The product still comes out in distinct bubbles.

They are both quite sheer but they do carry some pigment. My lips are naturally reddish so the Coffee to go shade acts a little light on me, so probably I will wear it only at home. The other swatch was made with Best mauve ever shade and you can see that it isn't as 'oily' as the first shade but I prefer the color as it matches my natural coloring better and it actually accentuates it but I have to be careful not to apply too much because it can bleed over the lines of my lips and it can turn me into a clown.
I have used them when my lips were really dry and I even had a little crack in the corner which was painful whenever I opened my mouth very wide. It felt like a oily gloss on the lips but after a couple of layers it managed to heal that crack and my lips felt moisturized and ready to be kissed.
These two guys have become my new healers (I still love the Catrice luxury oils but since these two come in a tube I find them easier to reapply but essentially they perform the same, actually I would say that the smoothers stay on for longer then the oils so I like them a bit more but that doesn't help since they are all discontinued).
I'm ready to sign some kind of petition to bring them back, thank god Essence has lip oils in their collection but wait, it would be too good to be true if they would keep them. Yep, they are about to discontinue them as well. I will be buying some of them even though I haven't tried them jet, I'm really into lip oils and I can't believe they are retiring them so fast after bringing them to life.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

27 July 2017

Illuminating face cream gel


I have one more Essence product for you to show it. It is not something I would pick it up myself because I'm struggling with an oily skin and this looks pretty glowing while still in the bottle. Will I like it enough to use it or will I pass it to someone else?

This is Essence Illuminating face cream gel with awake effect from their Hip Girls wear Blue Jeans limited collection (in some remote stores they still have a pretty good selection of products).

I think that the awake effect comes from the pearly shimmer that is inside this bottle. The cream color blends in and is not visible, just the shimmer stays. Otherwise the product comes in a nice glass bottle with a convenient pump.

This is it, freshly from the bottle. It is not too liquid-y that it would ruin down your face but the texture is still very light and quite gel like.

When you start rubbing it in the pearl effect really comes to life and the more you blend the more shimmery it is appearing.

This is when it is fully absorbed, thankfully it is not sticky but the shimmer is there. Particles are very small and silver but still very visible on the sun. In my opinion they look very obvious even though they are super small. I'm getting the Vampire vibe with this on my face and is not what I'm looking for.

I even tried to mix it with the foundation to get that 'glowing' look and it was still too shimmery for me. On the third day I tried it as a highlighter, I placed it only on a high points of my cheek bones and I still didn't liked it because when you blend it out all that is left is shimmer and I just don't roll with that.
I was thinking if I know someone who would enjoy that and I couldn't think of anyone and instead I will take this bottle with me on a vacation and use it on my body for some serious glow on the beach. Of course I will use loads of sun cream because I don't think highlighting burns is nice.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

26 July 2017

Cinnamon Candy


I feel like every second cheek product knocks my socks off. I'm on a serious roll because I'm buying and receiving so many that my make-up space is getting seriously crowded and still I manage to find real gems that makes my heart skip a beat.

Let me introduce you to this Essence blush ball in the shade Cinnamon Candy (they have two other more pink versions available as well).

It is domed and the brand suggest you to use it straight from the packaging without the help of a brush but I find this to be weird. I'm someone who uses foundation/BB cream everyday and just the thought to apply this powder straight to the face is unsettling. I prefer to use the brush and place it where I want it and blend it effortlessly. The color is everything, I went pass the 'weird' packaging just because of the color.

It is not too dark for my skin tone and it has some sheen to it. It is not a shimmer or glitter, it is way more subtle but it gives your skin that healthy glow. Honestly, whenever I wear it I skip the highlighter (if you love your highlighter to be seen from outer space than you can add some glow otherwise the blush does it for you).

In some light this looks like a bronzer and I'm having a hard time placing it into the right category. Is it a blush or a bronzer? Ether way, I love it and it makes me sad to see it getting discontinued. If you like it you should better hurry because it will soon be gone along with the other two shades.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

25 July 2017

bronzer brush


today I will follow with another LE product that I'm absolutely obsessed with. I have to admit that I would never pick it up myself but I'm so glad that they send it to me because I love it.

This brush comes from Essence Hip Girls wear Blue Jeans and it is called face perfector brush, it is meant to apply blush or bronzer but you can use it for whatever you want.

The bristles are super soft and they stayed like that even after three washes plus I haven't seen any hair falling out. I decided to use it for bronzers and I'm loving it. It softly kisses my skin when I'm applying powder and it blends it so effortlessly. The only 'issue' I have experienced is with harder pressed powders. Because the bristles are so soft they can't pick up powders that are pressed super hard. That is the only 'issue' I have and even that one is not a big one. In conclusion, this brush is my favorite one for applying bronzer and if you are looking for a new cheek brush I would highly suggest you to pick this one up, you won't be disappointed.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

24 July 2017

It is T.G.I.F. time


today I'm gonna show you one of those neutral eye shadows that we all probably have in various forms. There is nothing exciting about it but somehow your eye look isn't finished if you don't use it.

For me this Essence eye shadow from their Live.Laugh.Celebrate collection in the shade T.G.I.F. (now I finally know what it means and I totally identify with it) is just that. Slightly boring while in the pan but it makes huge difference when it is applied correctly on the the lid.

Like all of their mono's it comes with a plastic lid so you can stash it on its own or buy the palette to make a little family. For starters I only got one shadow but recently I won a giveaway held by Essence and I receive some other products plus the four pan palette.

This color is very neutral brown with a slight grey in it. On the photo above the color is pretty accurate but on the swatches it looks much warmer. On my lids it also shows up warmer than in the pan so I guess that is the beauty of a warm undertone.

Nevertheless, I find this color to be essential in a lot of my looks. I often use it all over the lid blended up in the crease. One eye shadow look has never been more simple but if you know me then you would know that I like a little shimmer (this one has a matte finish but not a chalky dry one). Often I put over something shimmery or I just use it in my crease and it works like a charm.

I compared it to my all time favorite crease shadow which is also from Essence and it is one of the velvets, in the color Taupe secret except that one is cooler. I'm very pleased with the texture which is buttery soft and has a lot of pigment and minimal powder kick off.
I will get a lot of use out of it and a little dent is already starting to show which is a clear sigh that I'm using it non stop.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

23 July 2017

Tomato Red Rush


Catrice came out with new nail polishes and they aren't your typical ones. Oh no, they decided to mask them into markers. I was wondering why this packaging isn't standard, to me it makes sense but I had to try them first. My curiosity was  so big that I would go out and spent 4 € and some change for one of these but then Cosnova team surprised me by sending one of them my way.

I receive Catrice nail paint to go in the shade Tomato Red Rush which is that classic bright red color.

When you open it up there is the applicator that reminds me more of a marker than anything else. In order to get polish out you have to shake it and pres the tip against something hard and push it down. The tip is very hard and when you are pressing it down it is getting less hard and bushier. I hope that makes sense.

Then the varnish starts coming through and you repeat that (shaking and pressing against something hard for as long until the whole tip is covered with the product).

This is the result after one coat. Not very good, right? The tip is still very hard and it picks polish if you go over the same spot. The one good thing is that it did dry fast and I was ready for a second coat pretty fast.

This is after second coat. It covered my nails but the texture was very obvious.

I didn't like it. I wore it for a day and pretend that this is something new and trendy but on the second day I caved in and apply something shimmery on top to cover the texture up. I had high hopes for it but at the end I don't think this trend will be picked up by people. It was nice to try it out, especially because I didn't spent a single cent on it but that was it. I will rather buy 'regular' bottles of nail polish.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

22 July 2017

Catastrophe Cosmetics


my recent trip to Lush store proved to be the right thing. I feel in love with this fresh mask and seeing results after just one use is, let's put it out there, a little miracle itself.

Lush makes this Catastrophe Cosmetics fresh mask full of jummy ingredients especially for acne prone oily skin. They claim to calm down and deeply cleanse the skin while also taking care for your sensitive skin with soothing ingredients.

This cup holds 75 ml of product and my plan was to count how many times I will use it until it will be gone but I lost track. You are supposed to keep it in the fridge and apply a thick layer every time your skin is in need, you should leave it on for 5 - 10 min (I left it until it got dry, it felt and behaved like a clay mask but I went through ingredient list and there is none, so my question is what makes this clay like texture?). The bits you can see are blueberry's skin, they aren't rough but it did felt like a mild exfoliation when I was rubbing it around.

Now it is getting a bit harder to spread (like a slightly dry clay mask) so I just add a couple of drops of water in my palm and that makes the texture easier to manage and spread over my face.
When it is on I can't feel any tingle or heat/warm feeling, which is good if you have sensitive skin. When I wash it off over the sink my skin feels super soft and it isn't red (it always turn pink or red when I use clay masks) so this a pleasant change. I would say that instead of drying nasty buggers it rather moisturizes and soothes the skin which is already in pain. The next day I noticed that some of my acne got smaller and the small zits that were just coming out to play were crushed and nowhere to be found. I said to myself after the first morning: 'This little pot is doing miracles on my skin and it should live on a shrine but will it manage to keep up with a consistent use?' Well, I continued using it and my skin is really loving it. After every use it feels soft and moisturized and pimples looks smaller the next day, the only complaint I have is that I haven't notice that it would clean my pores. They seems to look the same. If I use some heavy duty clay mask I can see that my pores are 'empty' and sometimes they appear smaller in size but with this Lush mask I had a feeling that it did nothing on that subject.
Will this stop me from using and buying it? Nope. I will repurchase it as soon as I'm done with it and I will use the 'regular' clay mask on separate days to mend all of my problems. Wish me luck to get my skin back on the normal track.

P.S. My mask was made by a cool dude named Miro, thanks mate. I really appreciate your work :)

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

21 July 2017

new from Catrice


I just casually walked into the drugstore and imagine my surprise when I saw all of the Catrice products that are being discontinued cramped into one little bowl. Is the stand half empty now? Nope, it wasn't, they filled it up with brand new items and I was one of the first people (I wasn't there first thing in the morning) because some items didn't have samples on display jet and the ones that did were untouched and waiting for me. ;)

Okay, one item is from Catrice Soleil d'ete limited edition line. I got myself a highlighter Gentle Sun Glow (bottom right corner), it looked really cool and unique. The ring around is slightly pink toned and the circle in the center is beige, very interesting and the golden glow is insane. I will try to swatch it before this collection is gone for good.

They discontinued a lot of their blushes (Illuminating ones are some of my favorite) just to replace them with something slightly different. I swatched the creams and they looked nice but I already have three cream blushes and I don't use them enough so I left them be, instead I picked one of the strobing blushes in the most unexpected color (at least for me and my taste). They have a brown, peach and berry toned one and I picked the latter named Mrs. Rosalie Berry. They all have golden sheen to them and somehow this one looked the most special and I most definitely don't have a shade like that.

Sun Lover Glow bronzing powder is replacing the old one and it looks less orange. It is called Sun Kissed Bronze and it is the only shade available, at least for now. Fun fact, the pattern looks unique and random right? Well, there was another one on the shelf and it looked exactly the same, just an observation.

The last item is a highlighter in a stick. It is called Strobe to Glow Highlighter stick with a dewy finish. You can pick among three shades, mine is in Tomorrowland White Gold. I wouldn't really say that I have a thing for highlighters, if I wear them (which is rear) I just put it over my blush or bronzer, I don't highlight the high points of my face with it. I'm too scared that I will look like a hot mess with my already oily skin so why did I felt the need to buy two in the same day? They looked nice. That is it. Their beauty is captivating. Would you just look at the perfectly round sphere? And how shimmers look like they have been poured and glazed over? I'm a little scared to use it because our relationship can quickly turn into a disco ball maze but I will give it a go and proceed with a light hand.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

20 July 2017

Runway, your way


this has been sitting in my 'to post' file for way too long. I received this gloss in the beginning of the year and now we are already in the hottest days.

Essence shine, shine, shine wet look lip gloss in the shade Runway, your way is definitely for the bold people.

It contains 5 ml, just like the old ones but the bottle design is curvier. They take more space and give you illusion that they give you more product but...

it is just the bottle design. The old ones smelled like if vanilla and caramel would have a baby, this time they mixed something new. They smell fruity and also taste like some tropical fruit. I like it a lot and I'm often seen licking it off my lips  ;)

The applicator is squished so it carries more product (long gone are days when you had to go back into the tube like gazillion times to get enough product on your lips) but you have to be careful not to apply too much because this color is not forgiving.

The color however is bold purple with brightness to it. You can apply it heavy so it looks darker and super juicy or you can wipe the majority of the product off and tap it on like a stain (my favorite way since I find the color to be a little to wild for my personal taste). They wear off nicely and even leave a stain behind so you can just carry a clear balm or gloss to reapply.
I like the scent/taste and the stain color is beautiful. I definitely am encouraged to get more shades but I will look more closely into lighter, more neutral shades and skip the bolds for now.

And a bonus pic of this gloss on my lips, it bleeds a bit into fine lines but in person it is not as obvious.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

19 July 2017

keep it perfect - fixing spray


what is your opinion on fixing sprays? Do they work for you? For quite a long time I though they are a waste of money. I bought myself one from Avon (it was their first one, since then they repackage/reformulated it twice so I don't know if it would be the same) and it caused my skin to break out really badly. I tossed it away. I bought one from Alverde with some fruit extracts and while it smelled nice I didn't noticed any difference in my make-up so I used it up and I won't repurchase it again.

In the Spring time I was interested enough in this Essence keep it perfect fixing spray to buy it. At first I wasn't sure if it did anything but the warmer the weather and oilier my skin I really started to believe that my make-up wore better with this on top. My skin will still get oily but foundation/BB cream wouldn't start to separate and that makes a big difference.
There is slight scent but nothing too abrasive, the sprayer spritz a fine mist so you don't get soaking wet. The bottle contains 50 ml of product and if you use it every day it won't last for long but then again because the bottle is small you can take it with you and use while on the go.

I have only a couple of uses left and I will definitely repurchase it but I will check if my local store has the matte version, if they do I will try that one otherwise I will just buy the same one.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

18 July 2017

Catrice products are on sale...


the tittle says it all. Yesterday's trip involved four different drugstores and I still haven't find all three products I wanted for myself but instead of that one I couldn't find I treated myself with two others so it is all good ;)

On my wishlist this time there was only one nail polish and it is from their Soft Blossom collection (it is supposed to be scented, I bought it only because I liked the color) in the shade Tulips R better than one which is a bright cool toned pink. Normally I'm not into strong pinks but this somehow looked amazing to me and I can't wait to put it on and see if I still like it as much.

I also bought another blush from the Defining range (not even one moth ago I bough Sunrose Avenue) and this one is called Rose Royce. To me it looks like a peachy-pink shade and I think I will like it a lot.

At the bottom there are much talked Beautifying lip smoothers. I wanted to get the delicate pink Cake pop shade but it was ether sold out or already swatched in the store so I bought the other two available shades Coffee to go and Greatest Mauve ever (initially I didn't planed to get them but because I couldn't get my hands on the shade I wanted I picked the two others to make my peace ;)

The last two items are the Lumiere single eye shadows and I got them for my sister. She wanted them ever since they came out but somehow she never picked them up so I did that instead. I got her the lightest two and I think she will love them. The lighter one is Diner en Blanc and more brown toned is Pret-a-Perle. After swatching them in the store the strong metallic effect almost blew me away but I stayed strong and didn't get any for myself.

If you want something you should better hurry until everything is sold out or you can just wait till the brand new items hit the store and pick something for yourself then.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

16 July 2017



as promised there is another empties post but this time only make-up items are included. Some of them are empty while some aren't but because I wasn't using them and were getting old so I decided to just toss them and make space for newer stuff.

In the striking red packaging there is Avon extra lasting cream to powder eye shadow in the shade Mocha. It has a heart shaped doe foot applicator with an almost wet eye shadow on it but it dries in a matter of seconds so you got to work fast. The color is beautiful but a bit dark for me so I wasn't using it regularly. The other day I wanted to use it but it is almost dry now and hard to blend so I'm just tossing it away plus it is several years old so I don't feel to bad about it.

The two tubes are both Avon foundations. First is Ideal Shade light make-up in Ivory and it didn't cover anything. While the shade looks like it could match me it oxidize into an orangey color after a couple of minutes. Second one is Avon magix cashmere finish foundation which has more of a mousse texture and it really made my skin smoother. It is also in the shade Ivory but is is much darker and it didn't match me even in the Summer time. They are both really old (I'm talking years but I also didn't use them in a couple of years) so they need to go, I don't have enough space to keep expired make-up anyways.

Avon extra lasting cream to powder eye shadow in the shade Mocha, Avon Ideal Shade light make-up in Ivory, Avon magix cashmere finish foundation  Ivory

In the middle there is my oldest eye shadow palette. It is Avon 8 pan palette in Water Colors at least that is what I believe the name of it is. It has a nice range of colors to experiment with but quickly I figured it out that I don't like most of the shades. The first one was my favorite, slightly peachy nude with a gorgeous sateen finish which I still used until last week when my eyes started to get a bit itchy whenever I wore it, that was a clear sign that it needs to go. Second, third and forth shade looked like bruises from different stages of healing on me so I never wore them in the public. The two blue shades were very chalky and looked the same once applied but I liked to smoke them on my lover lash line, I find that some blue color on the bottom lash line can look very refreshing but now I already have new blue color with which I can play and so I don't feel too bad when tossing them. When I started to use eye shadows I liked grey and silver so this color has a dent but since I grew older I started to use more and more warm browns and golden shades and so this one left forgotten. The last dark grey color also has some pan and was mostly used to fill in my brows or make a thin line on top of my lash line. I liked it a lot but I rather won't risk eye infections so it is going into the trash bin.

Avon 8 pan palette Water Colors

The last three products are lippies. First Catrice lipstick was part of a limited edition called un, doux, trois and I bought myself the shade Wear Berry. In the store it looked very appealing but in reality I rarely wore it. The color is very bold and I don't feel too comfortable wearing it. It also has a velvet matte finish (I prefer glossier formulas) and after drinking a cup of coffee it wore off in a very unpleasant manner. The only thing I really liked was the scent but other that that I regret buying it, I'm not saying it is a bad product, it is just not what I'm looking for in a lipstick.

In the silver tube there is one of my favorite lines of lipsticks. It is Catrice Ultimate Shine Gel color in the shade Sweet Macaroon. Soft pink color with a hint or pearly shimmer and a very creamy formula. That is exactly what I'm looking for in a lipstick and I used it up to the bone. If I convinced you that this would be something for you then I'm sad to disappoint you by braking the news that they are no longer available. Before they were gone for good I bought more than ten backups (don't judge, I gave some to my mom and some to my sister since all three of us were loving them). I still have five tubes of various color to go through and I will focus on them because I don't want to wait for them to  expire.

Catrice LE un, doux, trois Wear Berry lipstick, Catrice Ultimate Shine Gel color Sweet Macaroon lipstick, Avon Color Trend Life Saving Coral lip gloss 

The very last item is Avon Color Trend lip gloss from a Summer limited edition and it is called Life Saving Coral. To me this shade is more orange that coral and that is why this was never my favorite and I actually use it mostly at home where no one saw me wearing it but it was moisturizing enough to replace classic lip balm. I still have two other shades which I like a little better and I will use them up soon.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day