20 July 2017

Runway, your way


this has been sitting in my 'to post' file for way too long. I received this gloss in the beginning of the year and now we are already in the hottest days.

Essence shine, shine, shine wet look lip gloss in the shade Runway, your way is definitely for the bold people.

It contains 5 ml, just like the old ones but the bottle design is curvier. They take more space and give you illusion that they give you more product but...

it is just the bottle design. The old ones smelled like if vanilla and caramel would have a baby, this time they mixed something new. They smell fruity and also taste like some tropical fruit. I like it a lot and I'm often seen licking it off my lips  ;)

The applicator is squished so it carries more product (long gone are days when you had to go back into the tube like gazillion times to get enough product on your lips) but you have to be careful not to apply too much because this color is not forgiving.

The color however is bold purple with brightness to it. You can apply it heavy so it looks darker and super juicy or you can wipe the majority of the product off and tap it on like a stain (my favorite way since I find the color to be a little to wild for my personal taste). They wear off nicely and even leave a stain behind so you can just carry a clear balm or gloss to reapply.
I like the scent/taste and the stain color is beautiful. I definitely am encouraged to get more shades but I will look more closely into lighter, more neutral shades and skip the bolds for now.

And a bonus pic of this gloss on my lips, it bleeds a bit into fine lines but in person it is not as obvious.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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