13 July 2017

thank you again Cosnova team


jet again Cosnova team managed to sweep me off my feet. They asked me if I would like to try some of their new products and since I liked the new collections I agreed. I thought I will get two or three items, they send me whole bag of goodies.

It is not hard to miss the two golden products from the Catrice soleil d'ete collection. The main theme is gold and everything evolves around enhancing that Summer tan (I don't have it jet). I received the beautiful Metal Muse five pan eye shadow palette (neutrals with a pop of peach and soft pink). The lipstick doesn't have a sticker with the name on it so I'm just guessing for now which shade I got, I believe it is Nude Metal Mood. It looks like a liquid metal with tons of subtle shimmer, I'm getting a very strong 90' vibe from it (frosty and always shimmery brown nudes).

The most colorful and fun looking are the Essence Cubanita products. I received the cutest livin' la vida banana bag which makes me smile every time I see it. Highlighter, Mi Corazon, is indeed huge (bigger than the eye shadow palette). It has that fake sweet scent that some people like but I don't. It is only noticeable when I open it up, after I apply it on my cheeks it is gone. Pink tinted lip balm, Bienvenida a Palm Beach, looks adorable with its palm tree print and it is another one of those color changing products. I like the anticipation of waiting to see what the color will look like and I can't wait to try it on. The last item from this LE is wet look lip lacquer in the shade Kisses from Havana. It is that purple color which in theory looks amazing but I'm not so sure how it will turn on me. I will try it on and report back.

The very last item is actually my first L.O.V. item, They send me one of their new fatal muse liquid matte lipstick. Let me tell you that even the packaging looks high end (at least to me, I don't have any high end products to compare but just comparing with the rest of my 'collection' this one looks expensive). I got the shade Provocative Confidence. This is my first liquid lipsticks and I wish they would choose somethong more neutral for the first time but then again maybe I will fell in love and it will turn into one of my 'special occasion' lipsticks.

Thank you Slovenian Cosnova team for surprising me once again. My vacation is approaching and I will have more time to test all of these products and enjoy some time on the sun.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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