31 March 2021



another quick empties post in a row ;)

I'm crushing these lately but that is just how it goes sometimes.

First is this amazing The Body Shop Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet for all skin types. They have different versions (different types of creams and gel formula), the only one that I tried it this sorbet and I can't find it online!!! Oh, no. :(  I really like the super light texture which absorbs super quick and leaves my skin nicely hydrated without greasy feeling. I love super hydrating formulas which feels so lightweight on my face and it is such a shame if it is really gone but I will try out the gel one, maybe it will feel similar?

Next is another used up bottle of my favorite foundation, Catrice HD Liquid Coverage foundation in the shade Porcelain Beige. Great color match, buildable coverage (enough to cover most of my acne scars without any additional concealer), matte feeling and it lasts for hours, did I mention that it is also very inexpensive? This is simply the best one for me.

e.l.f. makeup fixing spray is the next to go. I was super curious of this brand because it looks like everyone loves them and the prices are okay. I went with this fixing spray which is nice but the sprayer on it is a bit weird and dare to say defected. It didn't leak, it just sprays sideways... very weird and I'm not sure if I will get a new one just because of the funky sprayer.

Such a cheapy but a very nice one, in my opinion. It is Dusch Das Pomegranate body wash. I don't mind using inexpensive body wash, as long as it lathers I'm good. I also loved the fresh fruity scent, I feel like I could never get sick of it and after I'm done with what I'm using right now I'm getting this one again.

The very last one is another body wash but this one is quite different. It is Ziaja Cookies 'n' Cream body wash. A bit milkier and creamier by the scent. This smells just like a vanilla ice cream in a cone. So very yummy but I got sick of it real fast. It is very sweet and at first I liked that after a month I had to bring out the Pomegranate one to switch it up and refresh. It is a nice scent but it started to smother me after a while and I won't be getting a new bottle of it anytime soon if ever.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

15 March 2021



I'm back with some empties. This time all but one are ether already repurchased or I will get them again someday. There are some really nice products ahead.

This is one of my absolute favorite mascaras. It is Avon Supershock mascara in black with a limited edition packaging (otherwise it is plain black). I love the wand with its rubber head and tiny spikes which combs through every lash and separates them like no other. It hold a curl nicely but it doesn't elongate them but I'm cool about that. I am already using a new tube of the same mascara and I couldn't be happier.

This wand looks like it is washed, completely clean but trust me, there is still enough mascara left on it to make lashes look bomb. I used it for a couple of months and now I started to notice that it doesn't hold my curl any more so I'm replacing it with a fresh one.

Next is Essence Camouflage matt concealer in the shade Light Rose. I'm a massive fan of the Healthy Glow range of these concealers (the same packaging just instead of matte it says healthy glow). The thing is that when I was in the store I could not find my beloved version so I picked out this one and honestly I don't notice any big differences beside the shade. This is not dry as I was scared but it is super creamy and it doesn't sink into my lines. At the moment I have healthy glow version but in the future I don't care which one I will get as long as it is the light enough shade for me.

This Neutrogena Refreshingly Clear oil free moisturiser with Pink Grapefruit got me with the oil free claim and it reminded me so much of my 'regular' one from Neutogena (Visibly Clear line) in the orange tube with oil free claim on the front. On me this one performed the same except this one has a noticeable grapefruit scent. Below I will even put photos of the ingredients list (sorry for the bad photo but since the one in orange tube is full I wasn't able to squash it to get all the writing on it). The list is super similar and no wonder they both work for me. 

Neutrogena Visibly Clear oil free moisturiser

Neutrogena Refreshingly Clear oil free moisturiser with Pink Grapefruit

At the end there are two Ziaja products. First is hand cream with cashmere proteins and shea butter. At first it can be a bit oily especially if I put too much on but otherwise it protects and nourish my dry hands nicely. Light scent never bothered me and this cream never failed me. I would like to finish up a hand full of hand creams that I have and then I would repurchase it again.

Very last is Ziaja Natural Olive body lotion for dry to normal skin. It comes in this gigantic 400 ml bottle but I was surprised that I was able to finish it up so fast. It has a barely there scent, nothing too specific, I would say it smells like a lotion... This too can be a bit oily, the cream absorbs fast but slight oiliness remains which I don't like too much, this oily film would remain and it started to annoy me. My skin seems to like it because it didn't feel or look dry, so something in this formula is right, for me it is just that excessive film that bothered me and I won't repurchase it again.

Thankyou for reading and have a nice day

14 March 2021

The Way I Am


today I have a lipstick that has become my new obsession. I absolutely love the shade and the formula and I'm super happy that I have found this little gem.

It is Catrice Power Plumping Gel Lipstick in the shade The Way I Am. Just recently they added some more shades to the range and I'm interested at how new colors looks like.

The Way I Am is a lovely nude/pink shade which suits my pale complexion to the T.

Cut at the slight angle makes application easy and creamy formula glides easily over my lips.
Catrice says that the formula is infused with Hyaluronic Acid which helps retain moisture, I have noticed that my lips looks nice and hydrated all day long as long as I was reapplying it through the day.

I think they found a nice balance between pigment and glossy finish - just the way I like it :)
Catrice used to have Ultimate Shine Gel Color lipsticks in silver bullets which were some of my favorites and I think these are somewhat similar. New version seems more pigmented with maybe a bit less gloss but they are just as comfortable and moisturizing as I remember the old ones were.

I think on my bare skin this shade, The Way I Am pulls a bit more nude, and looks extra juicy.

However, on my lips it looks more pink, which I'm not mad about. I am feeling a light pink lip at the moment and love wearing it even though most of the time it is covered under the mask.

Here it doesn't looks as glossy as it actually is but none of  my photos come out the way I wanted. I would say that the finish is more realistic on the swatch on my wrist but the way it looks on my lips is closer to a real color.

I have to say that I am very happy about this lipstick line and for sure I will check other shades and probably I will get some for my mom as well since we have pretty similar taste in lipstick formulas. I bet she would love this exact shade as well or maybe the bright pink named For The Brave.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day 

Catrice ultimate shine gel color