30 November 2019



I have a new empties post. I am preparing for a new year and I would like to use up as many products as possible so next year I will start fresh, do any of you have the same felling? When you just want to get out of the way as many products before the change of year?

First is Le Petit Marseiliais body lotion with cotton and almond note in this beautiful bright red bottle. It reminds me of Poppies and my mom|s old favorite fragrance Kenzo Flower (anyone else?). It was really nice but I prefer the one in the pink/lavender bottle that I have finished earlier this year.

Next is a *miracle* product from REN and it is their flash rinse 1 minute facial. Basically it is a scrub that you apply on a clean and dry face (it has to be dry), it has little scrubby parts that do not feel too much and when it starts balling up I rinse my fingers with lukewarm water and go over my face again. Water turns it into an almost oily product and the scrubby particles dissolves. If my skin is sensitive (acne) it will burn a little (it claims to have water activated vitamin C in it, that is why it is so important that in the first step there is no water involved). My skin will not turn red, even when it feels extra sensitive and the next day my acne are reduced or smaller ones are gone, the texture is improved and the skin after using it a couple of times looks more even. This is gorgeous so I did not hesitate and purchased another tube even though it is expensive.

Next is my beloved Avon advance technique silky hair serum. This is my second used up bottle and third one is already in rotation. I love this oil in my hair not only because it smells nice but also because it makes them look less dry, basically silkier (as the name suggests). My preferred method is to use it on damp hair and in the morning when I wake up they are exceptionally smoother and silkier.

Caudalie vinosource overnight recovery oil was my last years black Friday deal. I also got the one in the green bottle and honestly I did not saw much improvement in my skin but this one in the red bottle (also cheaper) suited me better. It contains Grape seed, Jojoba, Sesame, pure Rose, Sunflower and Palmarose oils mixed together. Using it on a regular base I noticed that my skin looked more even (less red which I can thank Rose oil). I was using it with different serums and my skin improved a lot since last year but I think it was a combination of products. This one was nicer than the one in the green bottle but still it is a bit pricey for what it is. I already bought Jojoba (nourishing) and Rose (redness reducing) oils and just mix them myself since I notice the biggest difference while using these two oils.

These two are the last heroes from this amazing Essence line called prettifying lip oils first one is red SOS, my heart and the other one is actually pink named First, help Pinky (they were hard to tell apart even when they were full). I think I talked and raved about them quite a lot so I will try to be quick. They smell and taste lovely, a bit fruity, they are super glossy and nourishing. When my lips were cracked I applied this miracle oil a couple of times and it healed them within one hour. I think this is pretty good because I have plenty of lip balms and hardly any get that close at fixing my chapped skin. The only downfall with these is that they are pretty thin and disappear too fast. If Essence will ever bring them back I am buying more of them.

Next is also my very last of the Avon SuperShock gel eye pencil in Golden Fawn (both me and my sister owned three of each). This was a limited edition shade and what a pity. The gel in the name suggest that is very creamy and it is but it also dries and does not move around (amazing formula, they still have them but in more modest shades). This one was more of a taupe than gold and had that multi dimensional feel where it looked like you used more than one shade because it looked more complicated and the shimmer made it look sparkly and glowy. Such a good shade that could transform and elevate any look. I would get it again in a heart beat if I could.

Next is another discontinued item and even though  love it I will not be crying my eyes out because I have similar shades already in my collection. It is Catrice Ooops, nude did it again eye shadow, It is a bit hard to spot because it is so close to my skin tone but what is fantastic about it is the sateen finish and I mostly used it as a highlighter on my cheeks. It looked soooo good but I have another shade from Essence that is almost the same and plenty of highlighters to go through, sooo... I am glad that I was able to use up another item and I can not wait to start seeing dips in some of my other shadows.

The very last swatch belongs to Maybelline 24h color tattoo from creamy mattes in the shade Creamy Beige. I absolutely love it. I usually use much less and blend it out so I only get a light shadow on the eye plus this one does not budge. It has some build in primer that even my greasy lids could not get through. I would repurchase it again but I have another brown cream shadow that needs to be used (I was neglecting it because I was focusing so much on this Creamy Beige shade).

I did a little damage on the biggest, blackest Friday. I bought backups of REN mask seen above, backups of my favorite face powder and concealer, daily face moisturizer, new blush and I have also ordered two new fragrances and I can not wait for them to arrive. Nothing too crazy like I did last year.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

16 November 2019



this time around I have a little less items but I'm trying to go through so many products which makes it hard to focus on just a couple. Every year I'm trying to finish as much as possible to start a new year with less stuff and sometimes I do better and sometimes not so much  ;)

In the bright tube is Avon Life colour lotion by Kenzo Takada. It smells fruity but quickly it turned plastic-y. I wonder if I got a really old one? I definitely won't be buying it again or the perfume version even though I doubt that the scent is the same.
Colab makes lovely dry shampoos in my opinion. The aren't as strong as the Batiste ones but they are nice (I previously finished two bottles). This one is Tropical but it is not your typical coconut scent (unlike the Batiste Tropical which I despised) but it has Papaya and Peach in it. In my opinion one of the best ones and I will buy it again for sure but first I need to go through my extensive stash.
The last one is from Rituals and it is their The ritual of Hammam refreshing foaming shower gel with Eucalyptus and Rosemary. My sister is obsessed with this brand and especially with their shower foams. They are cool but I don't think they are worth the high price tag. This one is exceptionally minty and I like that in the shower, my sister knows me well. If I could find this cheaper I would get it again.

Avon comforting overnight massage foot cream with lavender was my long time companion. I had it for years and now it is finally over. It wasn't too greasy as the name would suggest but still I rather applied less. The lavender was a nice touch but I had better creams so I won't repurchase this one again.
The last item is this Dvorec Trebnik Marigold ointment. Well, this one is super greasy and it helped with my extra dry and cracked skin all over my body. It was nice having it around but now I'm using something else which is just as good.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

03 November 2019

Sunkissed Beauty


product of the day is somewhat confusing, is it a face powder or a bronzer? I guess it depends from your skin tone but it does have shimmer, so...

It is Essence mosaic compact powder in Sunkissed Beauty. On their web page I can find it under powders not bronzers but a quick swatch made me believe that this is bronzer for my complexion.

I love the little colorful sections as they make the product a little more special and unique looking (I had my eyes set on the mosaic blushes but at the end I didn't purchase any because I figured I already have similar shades in my collection).

I'm so sorry that the photos of the swatch didn't turn out to be better. This product isn't orange toned but it is peachy. How often can you say that the bronzer is peach toned? And if you have fair complexion peach tones sits very nicely, especially with warmer undertone. The color is also quite light so no fear of clown cheeks. This turned out to be one of my top three bronzers because I can't overdo it and looks super natural while it still gives a noticeable effect. I should warn you that there is some random glitter that I'm not too crazy about but it doesn't bother me that much to stop me from wearing it.
I suggest you to try it out the next time you will be in the store if you are on the hunt for a light and cheap bronzer.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

02 November 2019

Electric Blue and Royal Vendetta


blue nail polish is one of my favorite things and last year I bought and received plenty of them so my collection really grew (in blue department) and so I also discovered two very similar tones. Both were given to me by my sister who isn't into blue varnish that much so I adopted them and wore them together to see just how similar they are.

First is Essence show your feet (I think this line of polishes is no longer available) in Electric Blue and Avon gel finish in Royal Vendetta.
Bright blues sometimes don't need a shimmer to shine. Both are glitter free and so electric, bright and happy even though they are cool tones.

The difference isn't very obvious but on the first nail (ring finger I'm wearing the Essence one) and on the other two is Avon's. Essence still comes across as a bit brighter and makes the Royal Vendetta from Avon look a bit dusty.
I think they are both beautiful and since I love blues I can't force myself into giving one of the bottles away. They both were rather okay at removing. They didn't particularly stain my nails, the cuticles were looking a bit green from both but extra soaked cotton pad removed even that.
I decided to use Electric Blue from Essence from now on (because I like it a bit more) and when I will finish it I will work on the Avon bottle.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

01 November 2019

One gold fits all


glowy lips are what I like and if they are nicely moisturized you can really pull it of. I have received this item from PR team and I thought it will thick all the boxes for me but did it?

Catrice lip glow glamourizer nourishing lip balm in the only one shade named One gold fits all.

The packaging is standard Catrice but the pink color sets it apart. The cap clicks into place so no worries of smearing it all over your purse.
The color looks so juicy in my opinion, lovely coral with golden shimmer.

It swatches quite light but it is also PH-activated so it will turn brighter after a while and it should look different on everyone (on me these types always get as bright pink as possible but since this one is more coral...).

It looks slightly glossy which I like (just like a lip balm) and the color is bright and after wearing it a while it only gets brighter or if you reapply. It also stains the lips so I would wear it but keep a clear lip balm in my pocket to moisturize, I didn't need to add more color because my lips were already pretty bright pink/coral. I like that it is not typical hot pink hue and the scent is gorgeous, very peach like. If you can find it in the store I would suggest you to try it out for the scent alone.
I was pleasantly surprised by it. The scent, slightly unusual tone and how moisturizing it is all added bonus points in my book. I would cheer for more shades to come out, maybe peach?

Thank you for reading and have a nice day