03 November 2019

Sunkissed Beauty


product of the day is somewhat confusing, is it a face powder or a bronzer? I guess it depends from your skin tone but it does have shimmer, so...

It is Essence mosaic compact powder in Sunkissed Beauty. On their web page I can find it under powders not bronzers but a quick swatch made me believe that this is bronzer for my complexion.

I love the little colorful sections as they make the product a little more special and unique looking (I had my eyes set on the mosaic blushes but at the end I didn't purchase any because I figured I already have similar shades in my collection).

I'm so sorry that the photos of the swatch didn't turn out to be better. This product isn't orange toned but it is peachy. How often can you say that the bronzer is peach toned? And if you have fair complexion peach tones sits very nicely, especially with warmer undertone. The color is also quite light so no fear of clown cheeks. This turned out to be one of my top three bronzers because I can't overdo it and looks super natural while it still gives a noticeable effect. I should warn you that there is some random glitter that I'm not too crazy about but it doesn't bother me that much to stop me from wearing it.
I suggest you to try it out the next time you will be in the store if you are on the hunt for a light and cheap bronzer.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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