31 July 2016



it is the end of the month and I managed to clear out some more products, 7 this time. On some of them I have been working for months now and it just happened that I finished them all at once.

First we have Avon foot works marine salt hydrating balm. It is a light blue gel which absorbs fast into the skin and I found out that it is also very moisturizing (I still often associate gel formulas with poor hydration but this one proved me wrong). I loved the scent of it as well, it was like a day on the deserted beach. Just sea, salt, nature and sand, I would use it all over my body if it wouldn't be weird to apply foot lotion on my hands. A couple of campaigns back they changed the packaging but I think they kept the line and I will definitely repurchase it once I'm done with the one I'm using right now.

Nonique Luxurious face wash with anti-aging effect is the next item. I already wrote the review about it here. It smells really nice and it is moisturizing but I prefer my face wash to give me that squeaky clean feeling and this one just doesn't do that. I still used it but only in the morning. I wouldn't repurchase it but at the moment DM has coupon with 50% off of their entire line, so I might pick some products up.

I used up Melvita L'Or Bio - Extraordinary oil which still manages to amaze me with its scent. I dedicate the whole post about this oil and you can find it here. My opinion hasn't changed, the oil is nice but for me too expensive since I haven't noticed any big changes on my skin while using it but I will miss the scent.

The last standing bottle is Avon naturals green tea & verbena body lotion. The scent is subtle but very refreshing like a cold tea on a hot summer day, it consists of green notes with a touch of flowers, very lovely but the scent is not very long lasting so I won't repurchase it even though I like it.

Avon ultra glazewear absolute lip gloss Pure Poppy & Tender Pink and Avon lipstick Rose Ribbons

Last three items are all lip products. Both lip glosses are Avon ultra glazewear absolute. The top one is in Pure Poppy and bottom one is Tender Pink. I like the moisturizing formula in these but the colors didn't convinced me so I won't repurchase them. I still have one shade which I adore and I would like to try some other colors.

Avon ultra glazewear absolute lip gloss Tender Pink & Pure Poppy

I manged to use up Tender Pink (first swatch) which looks more of a coral pink, especially on the lips. For my taste it was a little to pigmented but I personally prefer more sheer glosses.
The second, Pure Poppy is more of a true bright, fuchsia pink but I didn't finished it. On the second photo (first tube) you can see that it looks marbled. That is not how it is supposed to look like, even the scent changed and after half an hour or so when I wiped off the swatches this one stained my skin. There is no money on this world to force me to put it on my lips so I'm just tossing it.

Avon lipstick Rose Ribbons

The last item is also from Avon and it is just a little lipstick sample but even they take a while to get through. The shade is called Rose Ribbons and this line of lipsticks doesn't exists anymore so even if I would like it I can't repurchase it in the full size. Thankfully I am not a huge fan of this bright cool toned pink so I was really glad when I used it up and now I can toss it.

Seven more items are done and I'm already using new ones and more empties are coming your way.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

30 July 2016

Fake tan


summer is in full swing and my pale skin stands out like an elephant in china store. I normally don't care about my pale face and hands but for some unknown reason I can't stand to see my pasty legs. I usually use some sort of self tanner to get them a shade or two darker and then I let the sun to take care of it for the rest of the warmer months.

Last year I purchased this Lavazon self tanning milk and there is still plenty of it left, I pretty much just use it on my legs because short sleeves allows sun to get me and before I take off for the vacation I use it on my stomach and back so the middle part isn't too off  ;)

The texture is milky and easy to use, light texture absorbs fast and after 5-10 minutes I can put my clothes on and there are no stains. On the photo above I put two thin layers this morning (for me this is a little too much but for the sake of taking photo I exaggerated so the color would be visible, in real life it looks very dark, I can only imagine how hard I will have to rub under a shower to get it off, why I didn't use it on my wrist where I could cover it with a bracelet? Sometimes I really don't think things through).
I applied one layer on Tuesday and today on Saturday I coated my legs with another one, I'm shaving my legs daily and the color still holds on pretty good. I like that it can be quite sheer (sometimes I mix in a little normal moisturizer to make shade even lighter) but the best part is the scent. There isn't any of that yucky fast tan smell but this one smells like cacao butter even after a couple of hours or days. My sensitive nose approves it and this tube was super cheap, I don't remember exactly how much but it was withing 5 € or less.
This one gets two thumbs up from me and if you want something efficient, cheap and non stinky try this one, you won't regret.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

29 July 2016



my skin is getting back in line and I have to thank this new buddy of mine. Last year I figured it out that my skin responds really well to the tea tree and I'm constantly on the lookout for more products with this ingredient.

A'pieu Nonco tea tree emulsion 

A'pieu Nonco tea tree emulsion is new in my routine and I use it at least twice a day since I got it. The pump is really practical and works great with this milky textured product.
In the evening I squirt three pumps and apply all over my face and neck and top it off with tea tree oil while it is still wet. I'm really hard core with tea tree  ;)
In the morning I use only two pumps and make sure everything gets absorbed (it sinks in really fast because the formula is so thin and light) before I continue with make-up. In these hot summer days I don't need more so this emulsion on its own is sufficient enough, my skin feels moisturized and matte at the same time. Probably I will need more moisture in cooler months but for now it is good.

I absolutely love the texture, matte finish and fresh scent, I personally love the scent of tea tree but this particular product has a very faint scent so if you don't like it this my still be good for you. From me it gets two thumbs up.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

28 July 2016

Simply Spice & Coral Desire


I have prepared more Avon products and on today's agenda there are lip liners. I already have Mystery Mauve shade which is beautiful and oh so versatile.

Avon ultra glimmerstick lip liners in Simply Spice and Coral Desire are new in my collection.

The packaging is sleek, black and what I love the most is colored ring at the end which matches the color of the product. I store them upside down in a jar and it is so easy to pick the right one among different pencils. The retractable mechanism is also a nice touch.

The pigmentation is superb but also it can be build up (if you want lighter color you just don't need to press to much). I find out that the best way to apply them is to moisturize the lips before starting with my make-up and I leave lips for the end. After I'm done with everything I wipe off the remain balm and apply liner on dry but moisturized lips. I don't like the matte look so I always put something on top, usually lipstick and it lasts on me for a couple of hours with drinking and eating if I'm careful.

Avon ultra glimmerstick lip liner  Simply Spice

This is Simply Spice which is brown toned nude, in real life it is a bit more brown but it was so hard to capture. I love putting on top all kinds of nude and peach lipsticks because it tones them down and makes them more 'earthy' ;)

Avon ultra glimmerstick lip liner Coral Desire 

Coral Desire leans more on the red side in my opinion, it looks like a soft red and not too coral. I wanted a proper summer coral shade but this will do since I like to wear red lip stains and with liner underneath they will last even longer. The other day I played with sheer peach lipstick and combination of the two created nice bright coral (a little bit  of mascara and bronzed cheeks and summer make-up is done).

I like how easy they are to use, overall they are a bit drying but nothing a little balm beforehand and a moisturizing lipstick on top can't fix but if you are a fan of wearing just lip liner I can see they would be a little too dry. Dry formula on the other hand have some benefits, it is more long lasting which is all I want from a lip liner.
I like the shades and I think I will forever repurchase them.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

27 July 2016

Stone Taupes


last week I finally picked up this Avon quad which was on my wishlist since it came out a couple of years ago. I was so excited like a little kid and testing it and trying different looks with it was a blast.

Avon true color eye shadow quad Stone Taupes

It comes in standard Avon black packaging. The name of this particular true color eye shadow quad is Stone Taupes and consists of a nice mix of creme, beige and grey shades.

Inside is a big mirror which is actually useful and by that I mean, I can see my whole face in it. The shades also have different finish so a little bit of everything can be found.

The shades on the first glance didn't look like a good match but after using them I figured it out that they go really well together, it just isn't your standard nude palette and since owning so many I do appreciate some diversity.

The shades are a little powdery, especially the last darker ones so I need to clean up under my eyes after I'm done. It is a bit of a shame but nothing what a big fluffy brush can't fix.

The shade no. 1 is matte creme with some random shimmer (I think on the first swatch photo you can see it). I had to pack it up a bit in order to show up but when I use it with a brush I noticed it is very pigmented and mostly I use it to soften up some harsh edges, basically it helps me blend out some darker shades. I don't like to use it as an inner corner highlighter because I prefer more shimmery shades.

The shade no. 2 is the most shimmery and a real star of the palette. It is beige with warm undertones, I love using it all over the lid, sometimes it is the only one that I use. It is great for one eye shadow look if you are in a hurry.

Shade no. 3 is grey but not so typical, it also has some shimmer in it to make it more interesting. I can use it on my lid or in the crease area. I have to admit I was a bit nervous because it has been so long since I used grey on my eyes, I was convinced it does not suit me but this one is rater nice if you just want to dip your toes into the grey territory. 

The last shade, shade no. 4 is a mystery to me. It is less shimmery but not matte ether. In the pan it looks dark grey with some green undertones but on my skin it shows up more brown than anything else, I would say it has the ability to shift shades depending what other shades do you use. I mostly use it as a liner and it works great, just a little definition on my eyes.

I always prep my lids with a primer otherwise everything would crease within the first half an hour. I am used to use something light (like the shade no. 1) on top of my sticky eye shadow primer to take the stickiness away. I find that shadows blend better together if the base isn't sticky but with this palette it is the other way around. The base needs to stay sticky otherwise they don't show up at all. Imagine my surprise when I used them for the first time. I wanted to send it right back but I gave it another chance and I'm super glad I did. I ended up loving these shades and I can't even imagine my make-up collection without it.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

25 July 2016

Avon purchase


this time we placed an order super fast to get ahead of Summer holidays. I apparently felt the need to stock up with body moisturizers...

I wanted to get this after sun body butter for years, my sister always gets it and she always smells amazing, so this year I finally caved in and just get it.

In the purple tube is Planet SPA new relaxing Provence spa line with lavender & jasmine. To get a feel for the scent I picked up a hand cream in 30 ml tube.

Next, there is another Planet SPA item. It is from the Caribbean escape line with crushed pearls and sea alge extracts. I know this smells divine and I can't wait to start using it.

In the last tube is another and last body moisturizer in this post. It belongs to already discontinued line of Beautiful Butterfly, I only had a sample of perfume and I loved it so much (I would get the full sized perfume but it is sadly gone) so I got the only product left in this scent.

Lastly, we have a lip product. It is from the Winter's limited edition, hence the stars. This particular lip crayon is named Wild Orchid and at the end of the stick you can see the color of the product. I have been looking for a plum lipstick and this could be the one.

Thank  you for reading and have a nice day

24 July 2016

36. NOTD


another day another new nail polish. I'm a huge fan of lavender on my nails and when I saw this particular shade I gasped for air. I have nothing similar and I need it in my stash!

Avon Gel shine Rain Washed

It is Avon Gel shine in the shade Rain Washed. I love the formula on these and so I expected this would be the same but it is actually a bit thinner and more watery. If I would have longer nails probably I would need three coats but for now two were enough. I'm actually happy that they decided to make it more liquid since we all know how pastels behave (thick, streaky and goopy), thanks to the different formula this isn't hard to apply, I just had to get used to it but it wasn't hard.

The color is very light blue but in some light it leans toward lilac. For me it is one of the most beautiful in the collection. I love it on its own but I'm planing to put some delicate white or sheer glitter (some polishes that were a part of last year's Essence advent calendar will fill the bill).

How do I know that the shade I'm wearing is gorgeous? I can't stop looking at it.

Thank you for reading and have a  nice day

22 July 2016

E-bay purchase


in my recent post I was telling you that my skin started to act up which is upsetting. I used up my acne remedy almost a month ago (tea tree oil) but I ordered a new bottle and I was just waiting to arrive and now the wait is over.

A'pieu Nonco tea tree oil and A'pieu Nonco tea tree emulsion 

A'pieu Nonco tea tree oil is back in my routine and I can't wait till the evening to start using it again and finally calming my skin down. I wrote about it back in December, you can find my initial opinion about it here and after finishing one 14 ml bottle I can really admit it makes wonders to my sensitive acne prone skin.
While I was browsing the site, I also noticed this emulsion from the same brand, A'pieu. I thought it can't hurt so I put it in my cart and now it is finally here. I will start using it right away and I will make sure to report back with my thoughts about it.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

21 July 2016

Neem foaming wash


I hate when my skin decides to surprise me in the morning with a fresh pimple. I used up my tea tree oil almost a month ago and it seems to me that that triggered my skin and pushed it over the edge. I already ordered a new bottle and the package should arrive any day now. In the mean time I'm trying to calm down my skin with some tested products.

This is Himalaya purifying neem foaming wash. I already used one last year and my skin seemed to like it so I repurchased it. It is very liquid and bright green (to the point that it looks scary) but the pump transforms it into a light foam. The product otherwise don't have any distinguished scent.

I first remove my make-up with a baby wipe and then I use two pumps and massage it into my face. It manages to remove all of the remaining make-up, oil or dirt and it doesn't completely strips down my already sensitive skin.

I love using it in the morning and evening (often I use two different ones but this one just has it all). I have been using it for two weeks now and my skin is still acting up but I believe that without it, it would be even worse. I can only hope that in combination with the tea tree oil it will finally clear up.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

20 July 2016

Catrice Contourious, preview


I know I'm a little late with this news but still. I find this particular limited edition interesting so I wanted to give it some exposure on my blog as well. Catrice will come out with this Contourious LE in August (preview of the new range It Pieces is already out in the stores, I haven't purchased anything because I'm waiting for reviews ;).

Defined Shape. Setting accents with the illusion of light and shadow – contouring and strobing are all the rage right now. From August to September 2016, the Limited Edition “Contourious” by CATRICE is offering professional tools to apply the trend techniques of the beauty world. Cream and powder textures in soft champagne, rosé and brown flatter every skin type.

I came, I saw, I contoured – by CATRICE.

Highlight, Blush and Contour: the Sculpting Powder Palettes each consist of one contouring, one highlighting and one blush shade which are all in perfect harmony. The silky, smooth texture blends optimally to set natural-looking highlights and colour accents.

Radiance Unlimited. The shimmering cream texture in a pen shape sets accurate highlights with ease. The light pearly shimmer ensures a cool, golden glow that’s easy to blend for natural-looking results thanks to the creamy texture. For a radiant and fresh look, apply the highlighter underneath the eyebrows, along the bridge of the nose, the forehead, the chin and above the upper lip. Blend softly using the fingers or a moist sponge. The result: targeted highlights to shape the face and create a natural, fresh glow. 

Daily Definition. Highlight and contour with just one tool: the slim, ergonomically shaped brush with thick, premium bristles can be used to set targeted highlights as well as for skillful shading that flatters the features, for example, “nose contouring”. Contouring has never been so easy. 

Perfect Blend. The Contouring Cream Palette is ideal for defining the shape of the face and adding expression. The two matte, creamy tones can either be combined to create an individual shade or used separately for lightening and shading. Thanks to the particularly creamy texture, the nuances can be blended optimally for an extremely natural look. 

Lips to hang on to. Two products in one packaging: the matte lip liner creates a perfect contour and can be used to fill the lips with colour, while the lip gloss provides a smooth, shiny finish.

Finest Frame. The extra slim Brow Shaper accurately fills any gaps in the brows. The brush at the other end of the pencil adds definition to complement the eyebrow look. For naturally perfect-looking brows.

Reflections. The fine powder contains light-reflecting pigments to set accents on the face and neckline. The perfectly aligned shades in champagne and rosé-apricot flatter light and dark skin types and guarantee a radiant look.

I have to admit that I haven't got the contour bug jet. I think it is very pretty on the photos but in real life it can look a bit fake, especially if you are not careful and apply to much. I don't feel ready, I don't think I'm that good at make-up (just last year I started using blush and I still don't know how to apply it properly) but then again if I won't try it I won't know, right?

The sculpting powder palettes looks really nice and I think that the contour shade in the Pale Perfectionist would be a very good match for me but I don't like the strong pink blush, I would prefer the coral one which can be found in the darker palette.
Creamy highlighting stick could be very useful in the summer and I can't wait to see this one in person.
Brush also looks interesting and something that can make contouring easier.
Contouring palette again looks nice but I think I will stay away from it, cream products go bad so fast and as a beginner I think I would rather start with powder formulas.
Lip products seems nice. I will have to see the colors in person but a creamy lip liner/lipstick and a shiny lip gloss is all I want.
I will skip the brow pencils because my brows are black and I need dark grey color to fill them in and I got so used to the eye shadow and an angled brush that I'm not swapping it for a pencil. 
Lastly we have beautiful highlighter in powder form, to me it looks very peachy and I wonder if it would work as a blush on my pale complexion?

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

18 July 2016

Rose, would you...?


I'm in such a good mood today. I can't quite explain why but seeing new Essence products which will be released sometime in August definitely helped (you can check their official page for photos). I love so many items, my wallet will suffer but back to the product which I'm showing you today.

Catrice Shine appeal fluid lipstick in Rose, would you...?

Catrice Shine appeal fluid lipstick in Rose, would you...? is the star of today's post. I already have a red shade from their LE, which I love so I expected nothing less from this one.

The applicator is very soft and flexible but I have to dip twice to get enough product on my lips. The shade is flesh-y nude and I don't have anything like that.

I apologize for a bad photo but that is how it looks on my bare lips. It creeps into my lip lines and opacity is somewhere in between. I wish it would be more sheer so it would blend better with my pigmented lips. I fixed this issue by applying nude lipstick underneath which smoothed the lips and gave them enough coverage so my natural color does not show through.

On the first swatch I really loaded the product and on the second there is lighter application, more how you actually wear it on the lips. The scent is nice like a caramel candy and there is no icky plastic taste, which is always great.

I think this line of lip glosses is moisturizing and very glossy, the color looks nice but the problem is in my natural pigmentation, if I would choose more pink or red version I am sure it would look better, more natural on me but like I mention I solved it with layering.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

16 July 2016

Avon purchase


Avon is giving us nice new products or at least unbeatable deals every brochure. I have been spending my money like crazy for the past few campaigns and this one was not an exception.

I picked up some more make-up items and a brand new perfume, so far I don't regret getting it.

On top is an eye shadow quad, Stone Taupes. I have been eyeing this particular shade ever since it came out a couple of years ago and now I finally got my hands on it.

I love lavender nail polish but this one borderlines on pale blue and it is such a unique shade in my collection, I'm in love. The name of this shade is Rain Washed.

Perfume is part of their Scent Essence line where scent are rather simple and the whole point is to mix and match them, of course you can use them on their own but for fun you can try something new and spritz two or three different ones and create perfect harmony suited for your everyday mood. They are coming out with two new scents but I only picked one, named simply Passion Fruit.

And lastly I have two more Ultra Glimmerstick lip liners (I love the one I have and I just had to get more shades) one is Coral Desire and the other one is Simply Spice.

Now the testing begins and next week I will have more in depth reviews about these products.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

15 July 2016

Lip oils


I love glossy lip products and I'm always on a hunt to get something juicy and moisturizing at the same time. When I saw these on sale I bought all three shades, if I'm not mistaken they came out with them this year, is there something wrong with them? Don't you think they pulled them off the shelves too soon?

Catrice Luxury Lips intensive care gloss Revolution-berry Lips, Rosachella Festival and Spending all my Honey

Catrice Luxury Lips intensive care glosses comes in three shades and also corresponding flavors.

First on the photo is actually red in real life and it is named Revolution-berry Lips. The taste is a mix of papaya and vanilla.

Next is Rosachella Festival, it is almost completely clear with a hint of pink to it, the scent is rose.

The last, Spending all my Honey is quite bright yellow/orange and it is honey scented.

I have to say that the scented lip products are very well written in my heart but imagine my surprise when I discovered that they all have the same generic scent, it is not unpleasant but also nothing exciting. It fades away when you apply it so if you wanted them because of the scents, don't.

Catrice Luxury Lips intensive care gloss Revolution-berry Lips, Rosachella Festival and Spending all my Honey

Let me mention the colors briefly. Don't expect much and you won't be disappointed. My favorite is definitely Revolution-berry Lips since it has a pink tint and enhances my already pigmented lips the most. I have been wearing Rosachella Festival two days straight but I haven't noticed any color, so this one is for all who like clear glosses and the most 'daring' is the last, Spending all my Honey. After reapplying it a couple of times I noticed that I have a little yellow line around my lips and to be fair that isn't flattering (I will still use it but only at home where no one sees me ;).

The packaging looks like nothing special but I was in surprise when I noticed that they contain only 3 ml of product. They look like they could easily carry 6 or 7 ml.

They are very similar to the rest of the glosses but the texture here isn't sticky at all and they also feel more liquidy. The wear time is nothing spectacular, I have to reapply every hour, hour and a half.

All that been said they feel like complete waste of my money but I saved the best for last. I started testing them last week when my lips were in terrible condition. They were dry, cracked and started to peel. I used Labello Coconut lip butter and Shea butter enriched with Argan oil but they didn't help. I was in serious trouble but still decided to give these oils a tough challenge to beat. How did they perform? I give them two thumbs up, after a couple of hours my lips were healed, completely. I couldn't believe my eyes. These little tubes full of argan, jojoba and camellia oil are pure miracles for my sometimes dry and sensitive lips. My reaction was, I need to buy back ups of back ups but I took a deep breath, calmed myself down since they have very similar or if I dare to say the same product within Essence line.

I absolutely love them, I only wish the packaging would be a bit bigger and that they would actually made them scented (if they marked them like that) but other than that they are perfect, beyond moisturising and nourishing. When I will finish them up, pretty soon I think, I will purchase the red one from Essence which is called SOS my Heart to replace my favorite shade Revolution-berry Lips, so stay tuned.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

14 July 2016



last week I stumbled on full Catrice stand with discontinued items and I just couldn't help myself. I picked this palette because I had my eye on it ever since it came out, the girls who reviewed it before mostly had mixed feelings about it but I still wanted to see it myself.

Catrice Soft Metal palette Metal'morphosis

Catrice Soft Metal palette (at the back there is an extra name so apparently what is written on the top is not the name anyway it says it is Metal'morphosis).

Just looking at it it looks like it would contain some pink, lavender, plum inspired shimmery hues, right?

 All of the shades are shimmery but some of them are more some a little less but no matte shades.

The last one looks quite dark opposed to others and chocolate-y plum toned.

The colors swatched completely different than what I expected. They show up more nude toned which I prefer anyway.

The first is very shimmery and pink, on the swatch it isn't so obvious but trust me, it is. It is my least favorite shade just because I don't like pink on myself but I can still layer it, so it is fine.

Next shade is is amber/orange toned with a lot of shimmer. It is very warm and great for blue eyes.

Third is more toned down version of the previous shade and it is more gold but not too yellow and very shimmery.
Fourth is brown and leans to the cool toned bronze, it is very nice in my opinion and beautiful against my skin tone.

Fifth shade is a again warmer than previous shade and I feel it is slightly less shimmery.

The last shade has more impact than any other shade in the palette. It is true brown with a plum duochrome/reflex and it is less shimmery.

After swatching them I couldn't understand why everyone was giving this palette such a poor grade. The colors are different enough and nicely pigmented, you can create lots of different looks with it but when I applied them to my eyes and blend them (I don't pack colors like I do on swatches) I could saw what they were talking about. Just for fun I swatched them again on my hand but this time I didn't pack them on, to show you how weak the pigment is.

The first pink shade is barely visible, thanks to the intensive shimmer you can spot it in the corner.

Next three shades really merge into each other. If you don't blend them in you can see slight difference on your eyes but nothing to write home about.

Second to last is a little more pigmented and on my fair skin it did show up as it is darker and I think here you can see that it has less shimmers that shades before.

The last shade again stands out as being still dark and rich.

Am I disappointed with the shades? No, I'm not. I personally prefer lighter colors anyway and the shimmer I think is beautiful. I can't create a ton of different looks using just this palette but I can always layer them over some 'boring' less shimmery but more pigmented colors to achieve something else and not to repeat my eye make-up all the time. I'm really happy to pick this palette up before it disappeared from shelves.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

13 July 2016



it is this time again when I document what I manged to use up in the first half of the month. I'm trying really hard not to buy products if I have backups and so, I'm slowly but surely using up my stash. Here are another five items that come to an end.

First we have Mizon watermax moisture BB cream. The shade was a little too dark and it had weird formula. When squeezed out of the tube it looked normal but when you start blending it out small water drops formulated, I was shocked even on the last day before using it up. I don't know what kind of magic that is but it is very cool. Well, back to the formula, the shade was slightly to dark and it had very low coverage, I used it on my neck and chest area. The low coverage didn't convinced me so I won't repurchase it.

Balea face scrub with aloe vera was nice. It had a lot of scrubbing particles which made it very efficient but moisturizing at the same time, my skin was left nourished afterwards. I would definitely repurchase it if it would still be available.

I already talked about Afrodita nail polish remover with grape seed oil. It smelled nice and while it says it is acetone free it worked very well as I didn't need to rub to much. I have some other ones that I want to use but probably I will repurchase it soon. If you are interested in my review about this product you can read more details here.

The tall bottle is another Batiste dry shampoo, this time in the blonde version which I prefer. The smell is awful but it works like a charm. I already bought two (they were on a sale).

Avon super extend winged out mascara in black/brown finally died. It was magnificent mascara which managed to separate and elongate my lashes beautifully. I have some others that I need to use up but this one is on my list to repurchase.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

12 July 2016

Project polish


we are almost done with half of July and I manged to clear out three more bottles of nail polish. There are only two on the photo because I used them up, the third found a new home before I could take a group photo.

Avon Golden Wine and Joy 69

The top one is Avon Golden Wine. It is fantastic red with golden shimmer, one of my favorites and before it got discontinued I bought another bottle which I will crack open soon so I'm not that sad to depart from this one.

The second one is another Joy nail polish with number on the bottom which I assume is the shade and it is 69. I liked it but not loved it, it is a mix of orange and copper shimmer. I'm so happy to be done with it and now I can start using some other shades.

The third one which obviously isn't on the photo is another Avon varnish in Wandering Rose shade. It is still available for purchase, even though I bought it last year. I don't know why I didn't return it but I'm happy that my sister likes it so I just gave it to her. It is a medium bright pink with a cream finish. Nice but not really my cup of tea.

Counting these three as finished I resized my collection for  13 bottles all together in this year, I think I'm doing really well and I can only hope to continue with this pace.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

11 July 2016

Next Stop Golden Gate Bridge


I bought five Catrice lip products while they were on sale and I started testing them as soon as I got home in case I liked something so much that I would need a back up. Today I will show you one of them. This is the first item from this line and did I like it?

Catrice Pure Brilliants lip balm Next Stop Golden Gate Bridge

I was close to purchasing one of these for a couple of times but now I had my last chance to pick it up before it is gone for good so I just took a plunge and got one. It is Pure Brilliants lip balm in the shade Next Stop Golden Gate Bridge.

When opened you see orange color with tons of shimmer, that is were the name brilliants come from. The scent is also a bit different from the Pure Shine line, that one has vanilla in it while this one reminds me of fizzy orange drink, Fanta.

Catrice Pure Brilliants lip balm Next Stop Golden Gate Bridge

This is how it looks on the back of my hand, nice pigmentation but if your lips are more naturally red the color won't show up that well. I noticed when I was using it all day long that in the middle of the day my lips started to look orange-y (when you reapply the pigment starts to show up more and it works almost as a stain) and they were covered in multicolored but mostly gold shimmer.

I like how moisturizing it is, I also like the citrus inspired scent but the shimmer is a little too much for me. I prefer my lip products to be shimmer or glitter free. I knew, when buying it, that it will be sparkly but this is too much. I'm happy that I restrained myself from getting the pink shade as well. All in all, I still think that the Pure Shine lip balms are better and it makes me so sad that they decided to discontinue them.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

09 July 2016

35. NOTD


since I just purchased a new nail polish, I wanted to test it right away. My old paint came of and I applied two coats of this hard to describe color.

Catrice nail polish Quietude

It is Catrice limited edition shade (Sound of Silence) in the shade Quietude (English is not my first language and I thought that the brand just came up with this word but after a research I found a very interesting meaning of this word, it means the state of being quite or calm. I think they captured the right color to embody this feeling).

Catrice nail polish Quietude

The color is gorgeous, in the store I thought that it is more grey/beige shade but it turns out to be light, dusty green with shimmer. Not the kind which sparkles on the sun, it is rather dull and it looks like the varnish is made out of this particles. There are tons of them and on the bright light gives your nails olive gold reflex. I have nothing even remotely similar in my stash, I don't think I ever seen a polish with this color. On top of that I ended up really loving it even though green isn't 'my' shade.
The only complaint I have is the tip wear, the next day I already had some and that rarely happens.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

08 July 2016

Essence wishlist


I was regularly checking when Essence will announce which items will have to say goodbye and which items will replace them and yesterday I finally found the list of discontinued products on their official webpage. As always I  made a little scrapbook of items I would like to see in person, swatch and decide if I 'need' them in my life. This list is just a note for me what to check when I will be in the store next time.

Lets start with the  face items first, as it looks like I have loads on my wishlist but I will only get one bronzer and maybe one blush, two products the most out of those 8 items.

First are the two shading powders in Light and Medium, I honestly don't know which shade I will prefer so I included both. I don't know why are they called shading powders because on the swatches they look to warm to be contour shades.

Next is the Sun club shimmering bronzer and I hear that it smells nice, I will make sure to sniff before purchasing ;) I like the shimmering cheek products so I don't mind that it has some glow.

The last one looks the most appealing to me, at least in the packaging. You can focus only on one color or swirl them together for shimmering effect also the color looks like it would be really nice.

On the bottom there are blushes and first one, Indian Summer looks like a nice light, everyday color.

Natural Beauty looks like  nude blush or maybe it can pass as a bronzer and I will make sure I will take a good look at this one as it is among my favorites.

Peachy, cream to powder blush is nothing special, in terms of color, I already have two very similar shades so I think I don't need another one but peach blush is my favorite.

The last one in Babydoll looks very different on swatches, sometimes it comes across as a peach, sometimes it is more of a coral shade and sometimes it leans on the pink side. It is a chameleon and  I really need to swatch it and then decide if it is something I would wear.

Here I combined nail, eye and lip products since I didn't pick a lot. Apparently they are getting rid of unappealing items, at least for my taste  ;)

The two nail polishes are very different, green isn't a color I would wear often but something in this rich green caught my attention. The lilac shade is nothing surprising, it is probably my favorite nail polish shade but I do have a lot of lavender nail polishes and I really don't need another one.

Cuticle remover is kind of self explanatory item, I have never had anything like that and I thought I could give it a go.

The nude inspired box of eye shadows got my attention. I like the shades but recently I bought a lot of eye shadows and I should be good for a couple of years. The other thing is cardboard packaging, I don't like it. If I would end up buying it I would demolish it and stored pans somewhere else. I would for sure throw it away, so is it really worth getting 6 new neutral shades if I will have to get another packaging to store them?

The last are the two lip liners, peach shade borderlines on coral and since I don't own any coral lipsticks I thought I could at least have a lip liner in this shade but I just ordered similar one from Avon, if they will look similar then I don't need this one.

The last one is maybe the least interesting but the one I definitely need and I also plan on getting backups. I already own it and I love it, it actually makes me sad that they don't see the potential it has and will retire it.

Huh, that was long but if you are a fan of make-up you can also probably talk about it for hours, am I right?

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

06 July 2016



it was time to switch my old mascara and reach for the new one. I use only Avon mascaras and so far they haven't fail on me, I really liked all of them. They are constantly coming out with new ones so rarely I get the same one twice but that doesn't mean I didn't like it, I like to try new ones and I trust the brand, so every time I test something new I end up loving it.

Avon Infinitize mascara

This time it is Avon Infinitize mascara in noticeable orange packaging. Mine is in the shade Brown/Black, because I think pitch black can look to harsh on me, besides there isn't that much of a difference. I bet if I wouldn't tell you that this isn't black you wouldn't be able to tell.

Avon Infinitize mascara

The wand is special and weird. It is curved and has three sections, it looks like three bulbs with super long spikes on them. At first I was scared that I would poke my eye with it but that didn't happen and I have been using it for roughly two weeks now. I appreciate that it has spikes also at the very top so I can get in the corners and wrap even the smallest lashes.
The formula isn't to wet which I like, it holds the curl with ease and doesn't smudge.

I needed some time to get to used to the wand but I find out that the shape is very practical and easy to use, the formula is superb like with other mascaras and I had zero issues. From me this mascara gets tho thumbs up.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

05 July 2016

Sale at Catrice


today I decided to stop by at the drugstore and oh boy, I'm so happy that I did. Sale at Catrice already started and most of the products were still there so I can only assume they lowered the prices today or yesterday. I don't remember the last time I had such luck.

I will start with lip products. Initially I wanted 13 but ended up buying only 5. I caved in and bought all three Luxury lips intensive care glosses and I can't wait to try them out. I decided to get only one Shine appeal fluid lipstick, the other shades didn't convinced me after trying the samples out and I got only one Pure Brilliants color lip balm, I decided that I don't need the pink one but I still want to get the 'original' Pure shine lip balms, unfortunately the two shades I wanted were ether sold out or swatched.

I changed my mind and didn't get one of the palettes but got the remaining two. Soft metal one is beautiful, shades do merge into each other but I don't care, I love the shimmer they have and I think I will get a lot of wear with this one. I was debating if I really need the Chocolate nudes, I don't need it, but I still got it. I hope I will stay strong and won't swatch it and just give it to my sister because that is the one she wants.
I decided not to get any nail polish and instead I picked this one from the Sound of Silence limited edition, the name of it is Quietude and it is the only one that appealed to me.

I think I did well, not to much but I will still try to find the two Pure shine lip balms that got away. Are you on a hunt for some discontinued Catrice items?

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

04 July 2016

34. NOTD


there are colors I'm not particularly comfortable wearing on my nails and brights, especially fluorescent are one of them. I would never buy a nail polish in such a color but I actually won it in a giveaway, so I decided to give it a go and if I wouldn't like it I can still give it away, right?

Smart girls get more 4

This one is from the brand Smart girls get more and there isn't a name on the bottle but at the bottom there is a sticker with number 4 on it, so I guess that is the name of it.
I got it last year and I wore it on my toes and ended up loving it (I wore it all the time last year). I have small toe nails so there wasn't any progress so I decided to try it on the nails as well.

Smart girls get more 4

I know, here it looks coral but no matter how many photos I took the real color didn't want to show up. The photo with the bottle is more accurate but it is still a little brighter than that.
I don't exactly hate the color but I also don't love it. I think it looks great on my toes but on my nails it is just okay. The bottle is small, it holds 5 ml of product so I decided to enroll it in my project polish and finish it up by the end of the year.
The consistency is nice, I do have to use three layers to completely cover the nail but I'm okay with it. Next time, when I will be at the drugstore I will check other colors and maybe I will buy something,since the formula is so nice.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day