16 September 2022



one short empties post ahead. I didn't finish up whole lot of products this time but at least there are some big bottles and tubes.

First two products are Dove derma Spa Summer revived body lotions with self tanning properties. One is for light to medium and the other is medium to dark skin tone. They are both very light and only with a consistent use my skin got a bit of color. In a way it is good that the shades were light since it didn't make me look all blotchy but I also liked the fact that the scent wasn't too strong. It was present but faint. So far I liked these tanning lotions the best but probably I won't repurchase them again because I think I'm done with self tanners.

Avon Advance Techniques shampoo which claims to instantly controls and tames frizz with Lotus shield technology. First I would like to touch on the scent. It is the same as it is with all AT products from Avon and to my nose this is one of the most pleasant hair scents, I love it. The texture isn't too runny and it foams nicely. I noticed that it gently removed products buildup and oils but I had to make sure I rinsed it off well otherwise my hair looked greasy the next day. Every once in a while I would use a cleansing shampoo which removed everything and left my hair super clean, just to make sure my hair weren't weighted down. After using this shampoo my hair never looked dry but rather shiny and healthy. If I can find it again I will get it.

This next item is somewhat new. Avon revamped their senses line and I just had to get something. It is Avon senses Raspberry delight shower gel. This had perfect Raspberry scent and when I took it with me on a vacation I also use it instead of shampoo and my hair smelled like fresh Raspberries even the next day. I'm giving this product A+ for the scent alone and I will definitely get it again.

The last one is Beauty Glam Vitamin C serum. I get a lot of my serums from this  brand and they seem to work for me. This serum had a bit thicker consistency and I liked to apply it in the evening. It did absorb quickly into the skin and left no residue behind. With a consistent use, paired with other brightening products this on fit perfectly into my routine and I'm planning on buying it again. 

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

03 September 2022

Liquid Lustre Gold


I think Summer is the perfect time to wear something extra glowy and this particular product is just that, great for hot summertime.

I purchased Makeup Revolution London liquid highlighter in the shade Liquid Lustre Gold. It comes in a large 18 ml bottle with a pipette.

I purchased it online so I wasn't completely sure how the shade would suit me. It is bronze toned gold but still a bit too dark to use on its own on my fair skin. My plan was to mix it into foundation so being too dark didn't bother me much.

It is on a liquid side and that makes it easier to use or mix into other liquids. It is also very metallic and reflective (think of a mirror like finish). 

On me, slightly sheered out it came off as slightly peach toned but still too obvious to wear on its own.

Here the reflection is seen better, you could blind someone while wearing it solely on your cheeks, but since my idea was to mix it into my foundation I noticed that it kind of got lost in there and I was just left with a shimmery face. Not the look I was going for, I kept it for the Summer time and I thought that perhaps I will wear it on a vacation but since I didn't use it not even once I decided to give it away to my sister.

I think it is a cool product if you like super glowy highlights and I suggest to use it on its own, I think it looks better than mixed into foundation.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

01 September 2022



a little late but still here none the less. It is my 'collection' of empties and it is dare to say a big one.

First purple bottle is Avon Encanto inspiring body lotion creamy violet. It has a lovely floral and slightly fruity scent. Very nice bed time fragrance, moisturizing properties are ok but I don't like how I can't take every bit out of it. I feel like the lotion is slightly too thick and it would be better to be in a squeeze out tube, at least in my opinion.

Next is Balea Niacinamide serum. In the past I had one from The Ordinary and because I couldn't get it I just found another option. I'm not so sure about this one, I haven't noticed any big difference but maybe that is just because when I finished up the first bottle I started to use this one and I used it regularly. I will try not to open the new bottle and see if I can spot the difference now after when it is gone...

I purchased this tube already last year and I don't remember having issues but this year my face burst out in pimples while on vacation (maybe it is already expired) and I can blame ether this or BB cream... so this vacation I only used it on my body and just finished it up. It is Bioderma Cicabio SPF 50+, soothing repairing care with a very high chemical protection for weakened skin exposed to the sun. I liked that is wasn't particularly greasy or left much white cast. I still applied BB cream over it for some coverage and my face didn't burn. In theory I really liked it but that mass of pimples bothered me so much that probably I won't buy it again even though I'm not 100% sure this cream is to blame (now I used one form Shiseido and a different BB cream and I didn't get any pimples...).

Little 10 ml bottle is travel sized bottle of Mugler Alien Goddess fragrance. I really liked this one, it is still very tropical, fun time on the beach type of a fragrance but to my nose it doesn't resemble to the Alien EDP. It is a completely different scent and while I really enjoy wearing it I won't buy it in a larger bottle since I already have a few other bottles with similar vibe and I really don't need another one but since this is a refillable bottle (I love that) I will keep it and maybe put something else inside.

 Next bottle is from Langhaar Mädchen and it is heat protector and has anti-frizz effect. I really like this item, at first I fell in love with the scent, floral and creamy at the same time (this smell really resonates with me as it smell like hair 'should' smell like, it has a hair saloon type of a scent but in the most pleasant one). When I didn't use it my hair were more frizzy and less shiny so I made a point in using it every single time after washing my hair. I would shake it well and generously apply it all over my hair and the next day my hair were silky soft, just the way I like it. I will start using a different heat protection serum (I heard a lot of good stuff about it from two different people and I can't wait to see how it performs). It has big shoes to fill since I loved this one so very much.

Next bottle isn't very exciting, it is Ebelin nail polish remover. It is very efficient and it cost very little. I already repurchased it and I'm planning on buying it more even in the future.

I stopped counting how many tubes of this face moisturizer I finished up. To put it simply, it has everything in it. Great packaging (I love how thin the tube is, very convenient for traveling), lightweight texture (I have oily skin and something light yet moisturizing is very well received from my skin) and very efficient when it comes to moisturizing. I'm already using new tube and have a backup of this little 'miracle' Neutrogena oil free moisturizer.

Long gone is this Catrice eye shadow in the shade Princess Mattleine. When I bought it years ago it was already being discontinued so I know I can't get it again but fortunately I already have something similar in my collection to replace this beautiful dusty rose shade with lovely sateen finish. I especially loved it on my cheeks, it wasn't bold or anything outrageous but it rather gave my cheeks a little definition which is the perfect way to go for me. At the end I liked to also sweep a little over my lids but the focus remained on the face. Great shadow for that all over look.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day