16 September 2022



one short empties post ahead. I didn't finish up whole lot of products this time but at least there are some big bottles and tubes.

First two products are Dove derma Spa Summer revived body lotions with self tanning properties. One is for light to medium and the other is medium to dark skin tone. They are both very light and only with a consistent use my skin got a bit of color. In a way it is good that the shades were light since it didn't make me look all blotchy but I also liked the fact that the scent wasn't too strong. It was present but faint. So far I liked these tanning lotions the best but probably I won't repurchase them again because I think I'm done with self tanners.

Avon Advance Techniques shampoo which claims to instantly controls and tames frizz with Lotus shield technology. First I would like to touch on the scent. It is the same as it is with all AT products from Avon and to my nose this is one of the most pleasant hair scents, I love it. The texture isn't too runny and it foams nicely. I noticed that it gently removed products buildup and oils but I had to make sure I rinsed it off well otherwise my hair looked greasy the next day. Every once in a while I would use a cleansing shampoo which removed everything and left my hair super clean, just to make sure my hair weren't weighted down. After using this shampoo my hair never looked dry but rather shiny and healthy. If I can find it again I will get it.

This next item is somewhat new. Avon revamped their senses line and I just had to get something. It is Avon senses Raspberry delight shower gel. This had perfect Raspberry scent and when I took it with me on a vacation I also use it instead of shampoo and my hair smelled like fresh Raspberries even the next day. I'm giving this product A+ for the scent alone and I will definitely get it again.

The last one is Beauty Glam Vitamin C serum. I get a lot of my serums from this  brand and they seem to work for me. This serum had a bit thicker consistency and I liked to apply it in the evening. It did absorb quickly into the skin and left no residue behind. With a consistent use, paired with other brightening products this on fit perfectly into my routine and I'm planning on buying it again. 

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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