29 February 2020



it is empties time! I don't know why I'm so excited about it but still after so many posts I still love it.

I finished two bottles (one month and a half) of this magical The Body Shop limited edition scent called Pappermint Candy Cane body lotion. I think they had it out in December of 2018, I fell in love with it and bought some backups (I  have two more ;). This scent to put it blunt is After 8 chocolate in a bottle. After applying it all over my body I smelled like I dipped myself into mint and chocolate bath. Very nice but then the cooling sensation came around and in the middle of the Winter that is not nice. I think I will use the remaining two bottles in the warmer weather.

Next is my beloved Alkmene tea tree face wash. I think I have talked about it so many times that I'm lost for words. What can I say about it that I haven't said before? Maybe I can  just try to describe it in a few words and be done with it. It is a gel that removes my make up (I use oil to melt my make-up and then follow with this face wash to remove that) and leaves my skin clean but it doesn't dry it out. I'm prone to acne and I think that little of tea tree oil that it contains keeps my skin balanced and it doesn't tip it over the edge. It is one of the two face washes that I keep buying and using and I'm planing on buying some more.

This Catrice HD liquid coverage foundation in Light beige, turned into my favorite foundation upon the first application. I like how buildable it is, it has really nice coverage and it dries into an almost matte finish that doesn't look too fake. I also like that you can mix some highlighter in it and it doesn't worsen the performance or makes application harder like the L'oreal one did. An extra bonus is also the perfect shade match. I already use a new bottle of the same 'juice'.

Second to last are The BodyShop lightening shade adjusting drops which were so necessary when I was using the L'oreal 24 hour matte foundation. I still have one more tube of that foundation left and one more bottle of the lightening drops around so I guess I will have to use them up sometime soon but I just can't prepare myself because it is much more simple to use the Catrice foundation mentioned above and not be bothered with mixing.

I remember I was very hesitant to use this Nivea original lip balm because I had bad experience with Labello or Nivea lip balms but I purchased this one in an advent calendar so I didn't really choose it, it was part of a bigger pack but I was so pleasantly surprised. It is very creamy almost buttery and it coats the lips very well (I like that texture, I can't stand hard balms that don't melt and it feels like you are rubbing plastic all over you). The scent is barely there, the packaging is plain but what is inside really matters and I was impressed, so much that when I saw this super awesome deal, pack of two for the price of one I went into the store but unfortunately I couldn't find it so at the end I didn't repurchase it. I still have plenty of lip balms and my plan is to use them up and then get my favorites and this one is in my top three balms so I will make sure to buy it again in the future.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

17 February 2020

Love at first sight


I hope we can already say goodbye to the cold and Winter altogether and welcome Spring with arms wide open :)
Essence was super kind and sent me this little gem from their Crystal Dreams collection.

It is Essence limited edition Crystal Dreams and I have their highlighter Love at first sight.

It is a highlighter which looks white-ish in the pan but on the skin it transforms and has very cool toned lavender hue.

The 3D design is lovely and very eye catching and I'm definitely a fan of. The packaging is sturdy cardboard with a magnet (lately they are doing a lot with paper and magnetic closure).

I tried to pack it on just to show you the lavender tone of it but even with a light hand this is pigmented and quite pale.

I assume it is more suitable for lighter skin tones and for the ones that aren't afraid of 'colors'. I personally am not a fan of colorful highlighters (sometimes even the gold ones are too much for my fair complexion) so I mostly wore this one on my eyes as an eye shadow.
I think it fits into the Winter collection nicely but unfortunately it isn't something I would wear on a daily base but don't worry, I passed it to someone who will wear it way more than I ever would.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

15 February 2020



my goal to write more in this year hasn't been fulfilled yet but I still have a long year infront of me and maybe it will get better. It can't get worse, right?

Nivea deo beauty elixir vitamines + mineral sensitive anti-perspirant was an impulse purchase. It had a sticker new and deodorant milk sounded like a nourishing product. I don't really have issues with extra sensitivity under my arms  but still I like to go more gentle. I know, it is anti-perspirant (it is supposed to prevent your pits to sweat which is not healthy at all), it is not supposed to be gentle but the milky texture gave me the feeling like it is on a caring side. I had zero troubles and even though I still sweat through I think I was not stinky. I will probably buy it again but now I'm using something else.

Avon Spotlight perfume was an oldie but a goodie. It smelled clean and slightly floral, like white flowers on a sunny carefree day. I used to really love it but for the last couple of years I transitioned into heavier, gourmand scents so I was eager to finish it up before it would go bad or my taste changed so much that I wouldn't want to wear it.

Avon used to come out with these naturals winterberry and shea body lotion every year for a couple of years in a row but not this past winter. Mine is pretty old and when I wanted to use it I noticed that the scent changed from a fresh creamy berry into something plastic-y so my wild guess is that it went bad and I have to throw it away which I already did.

The last items are these three lip balms, Malibu lip care lip balms with SPF 30 (Vanilla, Mint and Watermelon). I only purchased them because I was shopping online and I needed to spent a couple more euros to get higher discount (at the end I think I received them for free so it doesn't hurt me that much). The names correlate with the scent. My favorite is Watermelon which is pretty accurate with the fruit, second being Mint and Vanilla is my least favorite scent but thankfully it isn't too sweet. They are a bit stiff at first but when they get warmed up on the lips the formula isn't that bad. The reason why I'm throwing them into the trash (they are far from being used up) is most probably the SPF which gets all bitter and disgusting. I can't stand bitter lip products and I'm realizing that pretty much all of the lip products that I tried with SPF were like that and I'm not having it. Do you know any good lip balms with protection but don't leave weird taste in your mouth?

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

01 February 2020



a little late but none the less. Here are my empties for the other half of the month.

Avon clearskin blackhead clearing white clay treatment with 0,5% salicyilic acid was clear liquid with white clay at the bottom. After shaking it it mixed and I applied it with the help from a cotton pad all over my face. Honestly, I didn't noticed any difference so I won't be buying it again.

Beauty Glam clear skin serum with 2% saycylic acid was a product I was curious for a while and after finally buying it I used it daily. In the evening I applied generous amount all over my fresh, clean face and then follow with an oil. Again I didn't noticed any big change so probably I won't buy it agin but it did sink in nicely and quick without any sticky residue.

Catrice send me one of these when collection active warrior was out. At the time I was obsessed  with fixing sprays and I thought this one was amazing so I went and bought two more backups. This is the second empty bottle if you are wondering. My craze faded a bit and just recently I started using it up again since I didn't have much left in this bottle and it hit me hard. This make-up fixing spray is really that good. I personally have oily skin and this helped control oils significantly. I had to powder through the day much less and also my make-up looked amazing even after a long day. I'm happy that I have one last back up left.

I purchased this product a couple of years ago. My sister loves the original shea butter hand cream but for me it is way too greasy so when I was actually buying one for my sister I found this gem. At the time I was obsessed with anything with citrus and this one felt right. It is very lime like and the formula is a bit thinner and not so greasy. L'occitane zesty lime hand cream was a nice hand bag cream but the price tag is a bit too high, I much prefer Avon care hand creams.

Catrice generously send me another product that is now empty and it is this Generation Plump & Shine lip gloss in Nude Sapphire shade (it is exactly one year since they send it to me and it is already empty :(  Catrice did not disappoint me with these (yup, I own more than one). Super glossy and shiny glosses are my thing and this one thick almost all the boxes for me. The color was a nice sheer nude, just the way I like it. The formula felt nourishing and comfortable to wear, no sticky business but I only wish that it would last a bit longer.

 The very last item is this bright yellow tube of one of my favorite mascaras and it is Avon superextend lengthening mascara in black (I don't even count how many I have already used up, quite a lot I would say). It mostly lengthens and separates my lashes. It also contains some fake fibers which adds to the length, when the formula starts to dry the fibers starts to fall of and that is the clear sign to replace the tube (it doesn't happen all of the sudden with all of them, I just started to notice one fiber today and after two days another one). I still love it and I'm already using new tube of the exact same mascara.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day