15 February 2020



my goal to write more in this year hasn't been fulfilled yet but I still have a long year infront of me and maybe it will get better. It can't get worse, right?

Nivea deo beauty elixir vitamines + mineral sensitive anti-perspirant was an impulse purchase. It had a sticker new and deodorant milk sounded like a nourishing product. I don't really have issues with extra sensitivity under my arms  but still I like to go more gentle. I know, it is anti-perspirant (it is supposed to prevent your pits to sweat which is not healthy at all), it is not supposed to be gentle but the milky texture gave me the feeling like it is on a caring side. I had zero troubles and even though I still sweat through I think I was not stinky. I will probably buy it again but now I'm using something else.

Avon Spotlight perfume was an oldie but a goodie. It smelled clean and slightly floral, like white flowers on a sunny carefree day. I used to really love it but for the last couple of years I transitioned into heavier, gourmand scents so I was eager to finish it up before it would go bad or my taste changed so much that I wouldn't want to wear it.

Avon used to come out with these naturals winterberry and shea body lotion every year for a couple of years in a row but not this past winter. Mine is pretty old and when I wanted to use it I noticed that the scent changed from a fresh creamy berry into something plastic-y so my wild guess is that it went bad and I have to throw it away which I already did.

The last items are these three lip balms, Malibu lip care lip balms with SPF 30 (Vanilla, Mint and Watermelon). I only purchased them because I was shopping online and I needed to spent a couple more euros to get higher discount (at the end I think I received them for free so it doesn't hurt me that much). The names correlate with the scent. My favorite is Watermelon which is pretty accurate with the fruit, second being Mint and Vanilla is my least favorite scent but thankfully it isn't too sweet. They are a bit stiff at first but when they get warmed up on the lips the formula isn't that bad. The reason why I'm throwing them into the trash (they are far from being used up) is most probably the SPF which gets all bitter and disgusting. I can't stand bitter lip products and I'm realizing that pretty much all of the lip products that I tried with SPF were like that and I'm not having it. Do you know any good lip balms with protection but don't leave weird taste in your mouth?

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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