30 April 2019



this month is finishing and lets wrap things with some empties.

I cleared out another Ilirija shampoo, this time it is Chamomile (I had Burdock the last time and I liked it a lot). This one smells amazing but unfortunately it didn't suit my hair. The next day they already felt greasy and I had to use a lot of dry shampoo to make them look okay. I used up half of the bottle on my hair the rest I used to clean my body. I would repurchase the Burdock version but not this one.

Next bottle is a proper body wash and it is Avon senses Magical Kingdom and it is supposed to smell like Jasmin and White Musk. It smells lovely, creamy and soft but I had ones that I liked better. It was fun to try out but next time I will get something else (I have already ordered the new Gelato Moments and I can't wait to get it;).

I have already stopped counting through how many tubes of this magical  Neutrogena oil free face moisturizer I went. It is simply the best for my oily skin because it provides my face with moisture but it doesn't leave it greasy. I'm not even testing anything else, I'm already on my new tube.

Second to last is Alverde aqua 24h hyaluron hydro face cream. I was in a bit of a testing faze and got this but it didn't suit me. It smells fresh and sea like but the texture is a bit weird. It is like a stickier lotion that takes a while to absorb but my skin still felt dry and too small for my face. I started to use it on my hands and body but if I applied a bit too much it started to roll of and it was not cute. Even though it didn't cost much I still regret this purchase.

The very last item on this photo is Avon Rare Pearls perfume which I craved for a long time. In the end I decided to get just the small 10 ml bottle because I have way too many perfumes and body sprays. I like powdery top note with heavier flower undertones but after wearing it for some time I think my love for it faded away. I still think it is lovely but most probably I won't grab a full size anytime soon or ever.

This big 35 ml tube of L'oreal infallible 24h matte foundation in the shade Vanilla is finally finished. This has great coverage, it stays matte for quite a while (with some powder on top) but I find this shade to be too dark for me and since I found a foundation that I like even better so stay tuned for the 'big' reveal.

This lovely little guy was part of the limited edition and I think now they don't have anything similar. It is Essence For boys and Girls stick face primer. I liked the easy application, it felt moisturizing but not greasy on my face. Make-up applied nicely over the top (only when my skin was extra dry then it looked a bit cakey and dry but after my naturals oils break through it looked more natural ;) but I don't think it prolonged the wear. It was one of those nifty little products that don't make a whole difference but when I used it I could tell, in a positive way that is.

I was super sceptic about this Nivea original lip balm. You see, I had bad experiences in the past (excluding the amazing lip butters in the little pots) and I thought that this will be just like the rest but as it turs out the formula really suited me. It is soft and buttery, it melts very easily and I like that greasy almost glossy feel on my lips and the most important part is that it is moisturizing. I didn't particularly liked the yellow packaging but I already have the basic blue packaging (both of them I received in the advent calendar so I couldn't choose colors).

This moth was big on lip balms because I went through another one and this one is Terra Naturi Shea butter and Jojoba lip balm. In the past I had the Orange and Citrus which remains as one of my favorites so I wanted to try this new flavor/scent but the 'original' citrus-y still wins in my books. This pink one had sweet - fruity scent like Haribo gummy bears and I wasn't always in the mood for it. I already have a backup of my favorite and this one will soon be forgotten.

And the very last item is Essence get picture ready pore refining face powder. Too bad that they discontinued this baby because in my opinion it was pretty nice. It was slightly peach toned so it didn't washed me out and it really was smoothing, it covered pores and lay over little bump without highlighting texture. Really lovely product, I can see on their official web site (check the German the international one is a mess) that they have this all about matte silky fixing compact powder which also looks peachy-pink. I will check it out the next time for sure.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

23 April 2019

Mystic Sand


for today I have prepared some lip glosses. I have already tested the formula with two other shades so this is just a new color for me. It was kindly sent to me as a Christmas gift from the Cosnova team.

It is L.O.V. caring volume gloss in the shade Mystic Sand. I think they nailed the name as it really reminds me of a warm sand on the beach.

As mentioned I have two other shades, one is Tempting Grape (lovely pink) and Addicting Rosewood  (nude color pictured next to the Mystic Sand) which is shown next to the Mystic Sand. They are nicely pigmented and glossy, not sticky at all but do last a bit longer than some juicier glosses. For me this formula is really good and it is just a pleasure to wear, my lips are also never dried out when I wear them.

The first swatch is made with Mystic Sand and second is Addicting Rosewood. You can see that the MS is peachier and warmer than the AR, which appears cooler and a bit grey toned.
All in all the formula is amazing and I like both nude shades, At first I was a bit sceptical about the warmer MS but it turns out to be nice on me, it picks up my yellow undertone and looks very flattering. All three shades that I have are really perfect for me and that is why I'm a bit sad that L.O. V. is no longer available in SI, please bring it back.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

22 April 2019

Brown Brilliance


this product has been sitting in here for way too long (I remember I bought it shortly after it came out and now it is already discontinued). They had three versions out there but this one looked like the most 'natural' and wearable out of them.

It is Catrice light spectrum strobing brick in Brown Brilliance shade.
It is supposed to be a highlighter but I mostly use it as a bronzer or eye shadow.

It comes with five shades and I like the mix of cool, neutral and warmer tones. The one on the far right looks a bit orange - bronze but when mixed together it doesn't makes me look orange.

All of the shades contains small shimmer which translates more so as a sheen on the skin and not like a glitter which is much appreciated in the cheek products.

Separate colors are big enough to fetch them with eye shadow brushes and create lovely natural looking eye looks.
The first shade (far left, looks almost white in the pan) is a bit hard to see here but the sheen compensate for it, it does not lack pigmentation but it is rather a very similar to my skin tone.
Second (top one in the palette) is the darkest and very neutral looking.
Third swatch is made with the bronze shade that scared me the most (can you imagine putting it on your cheeks? Yikes, right?) but when it is mixed with the rest of them it adds some warmth like a bronzer should.
Fourth (bottom) shade is a tad darker than my skin and makes a lovely highlighter on its own and has almost a little pink in it.
The fifth swatch is made with the middle shade and on the skin it looks darker than in the pan but if you look at the very last swatch (mix of all five colors) it is the most similar and for my skin shade and tone it looks like the most perfect bronzer.

Sometimes I use them separately on my eyes but if i mix them all together and use them on my cheeks it looks soo good. Not just the tone but also the sheen is right up my alley. All together this product is a great multitasker for me and when they announced that it will leave I was seriously thinking of getting a backup. At the end I didn't get it because it will take me a long time to finish it up and by the time they will have another amazing product out on the shelves.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

16 April 2019

Project polish


at the beginning of the year I wasn't very successful with nail polishes but now I'm clearing two at the same time. One is empty and the other one will go to a new home.

Just in my recent post I talked about Catrice Stress Does Not Go Well With My Polish peel-off glitter nail polish and how I have a similar one from Essence. I decided to keep the older one and give this one away while it is still almost new and it will make someone else happy.

The other one is Essence Berry-tale varnish from their 2015 advent calendar collection. The shade is very pretty with shimmer and shift from different purple tones. It was one of the more special shades but all good thing must come to an end. Lately I have been using it quite a lot until one day I just couldn't gather enough polish to cover my nails.

I'm waving farewell to these two gals while I'm focusing on some other ones.
By the way, did you saw that Avon will come out with new line of nail polishes and they will make a splash since they will introduce 24 shades all at once? I'm intrigued.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

15 April 2019



it is time to check my 'trash' or if I say better my empty products. What I have loved and what not so much is shown below.

Avon bronzing multi stick in the shade Glowing Nude is getting pretty old. Avon suggest that you can use it on the eyes (too greasy for me and the color looks like someone punch me in the eye ;), on the cheeks (I loved it as a highlighter, I pretty much always blend the color out so much that I was only left with this amazing glow that I'm loving) or on the lips (amazing just as well, a bit of color and again this amazing shine, it remind me a bit of the old 90' style lip). I still think it is a lovely product but since it is getting old I have to get rid of it before it causes me some rash.

Next is a lovely toner from Milnica in the Rosemary version. The scent surprised me because it smells very herbal and fresh, a bit like tea tree oils do, not Rosemary like at all but it doesn't bother me. I refreshed and moisturized my skin and that is all that I should care (not to mention that the scent is something pleasant to my nose). I like it so much that I already repurchase it again. My only complaint is the big opening at the top and you can easily spill too much at once, other than that it is lovely. It does its job.

Another favorite of mine is Himalaya Neem Foaming face wash. I have used so many bottles of it and I will probably go through some more in the future. I like how it foams and thoroughly cleanses my skin. A definite repurchase.

The last item is L'oreal invisible dry shampoo in Sweet Fusion scent. I was interested in them ever since they came out with these fun looking bottles. I purchase two and this is the first one to go. The scent at first is a bit strong, powdery and floral but after some time it settles and it is not too distracting. My hair smelled so nice that on the days when I used it I didn't even use my perfume. The scents are intense so make sure you pick out the ones that you like but then again when you smell them from the bottle you can get the wrong idea, you have to spray them in your hair and let it sit for five minutes and then the 'real' scent develops. It is a bit white (don't let the 'invisible' claim fool you) but nothing a little shake can't fix it. I think these are lovely and if you can find them on sale I would highly suggest you to pick one to try it out.

The Body Shop wild Argan oil body butter was nothing but amazing. This scent was captivating and exactly what I like in a body moisturizer. Rich, creamy, a bit nutty and very warm, something you put on your clean body all over and it helps you sleep better. Very comforting and calming without any trace of lavender. Truly amazing and I would love to get more but I'm not so sure if it is still available.

For the last bit I have some lip products. I always try to use some up simply because I have so many and I'm constantly seen applying some.
First is the very last Essence Invisible Kiss transparent lip liner in Multitalent Wonder. I think this is my third one and since they don't make it anymore... but I bought some other one from Avon so I'm not left bare. I like to use clear because it suits every color and also I have noticed that the clear ones are more waxy, they smooth the lines and every lip product that I apply on top it just glides smoother and it also last longer, it doesn't affect the finish (some matte lip liners made the creamy lipstick more matte looking and I don't like that).

For Essence Cuddly Cushion lip gloss in Oily Glow I had some second thoughts. It smells lovely like honey, it is glosy but it doesn't last long (like 20 minutes and then I had to reapply), it is moisturizing but like I said constant reapplying is taking its toll. The applicator is also a bit big for my thin lips but what I was the most mad about is the amount that you get (1,5 ml, you use it maybe for a month and it is gone). I might buy some more if they will be on sale for 99 cents, otherwise never again, I would rather spent my 4 € on something else.

The very last item is Avon ultra glazewear shine burst lip gloss in the color Rose Splash. I think I purchased it shortly after I started with this blog and it was an interesting gloss. It is a bit thicker and creamier than most so it is not as shiny and juicy looking but instead it has plenty of pearl shimmer that gives that extra shine. This Rose Splash gloss was truly unique in my collection but it has time to go since the texture started to change.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

14 April 2019



another 'novelty' is coming your way. I completely forgot that I haven't post it jet, I kept it hidden from myself even though I use the actual product quite regularly.

Catrice longlasting sweatproof  eye shadow stix in Satinfaction is the product in question.
It comes in this handy stick format and there are plenty of shades to choose from, I received the lightest which is perfect to highlight my inner corners.

The shape is slightly different than what I'm used to it because it comes in this triangular shape which is supposed to make the application easier.

The color like I said is perfect to use in my inner corners but the pointy shape really doesn't make a difference, it could just as well be round. I also used it a couple of times on my lower lash line to just add some barely there sparkle, very subtle and pretty (in my opinion). I have used it all over my lid but that is a bit harder because the stick itself is a bit small and it takes time to cover the entire lid with it. It is creamy enough to stick to the skin but not creamy enough to apply it on the back of my hand and then I tried to swipe it with my finger and apply all over the lid with my finger. The best is to apply it straight from the stick.

The first swatch is a bit exaggerated, I applied a couple of layers to show the beautiful reflex and the light base color and the second one is just one swipe to show the intensity.

The color and shine aren't particularly cool or warm toned, very neutral and maybe slightly peachy toned which I think looks very nice and goes with a lot of skin undertones.
This product really grew on me and I use it very regularly (I can already see some dent in it and if I will continue with this pace I might even use it up this year) but I'm not too sure about other shades. I think the surface is a bit small and it takes quite some time to cover the entire lid evenly with it, I know I wouldn't have the time to do it. I think they should focus more into lighter - inner corner highlighters but then again you can always use them on the lash line to add some attention with a color but for that we have pencils which are thinner and more precise.

There are positive and negative sides attached to this small surface styled pen. I know I will use up this one but if I will get another shades to line my eyes with is still under a question mark.

Do you have any? What is your opinion on them? Are they worth it?

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

13 April 2019

Tomorrowland White Gold


today I have a little throwback item for you. With this creamy product I have a bit of a love hate relationship with...

Catrice Strobe to Glow Tomorrowland White Gold highlighter is the product I'm talking about. I bought it right after it came out and later I also purchased another shade, review can be found here

 In the packaging it looks gorgeous, like a shiny sphere and even though it looks glittery the particles get lost and you are left with this amazing creamy glow. I think that the formula is top notch and all three colors are also really nice.

Tomorrowland White Gold highlighter is golden but not in your face yellow and that is somehow rare to get. It is warm but not odd looking on my pale complexion.
It pairs lovely with some bronzer to get the Summery vibe or sometimes I even mix it with the other shade that I have called Silver Rose to get more of a neutral tone. I'm still having so much fun with these two creamy highlighters even though I prefer to use powders. These highlighters were a nice exception and I hope one day they will bring them back.

In the begining I said that I have a love hate relationship with it and that is because it pairs beautifully with Catrice foundation but L'oreal one just doesn't like it. If I use the 'right one' it looks gorgeous, it blends in and reflexes like crazy but if I go with the 'wrong one' it lifts the foundation and applies all patchy. All I'm saying is that sometimes it is not the products fault but the combination so I always try to give the product more than one chance.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

12 April 2019

Kaviar Gauche & Sun. Sand. & Golden Rainbows.


today is just a little preview of some limited edition products from Essence and Catrice that I was lucky enough to receive from the PR team.

First is from Catrice and it is their latest collaboration with fashion designer brand Kaviar Gauche. I received retractable powder brush and blotting powder in Le Parfait Amour (the only available shade). This collection is already out and I'm thinking of getting the blush/highlighter duo.

The second collection is from Essence and it is called Sun. Sand. & Golden Rainbows. It is very Summery with bronzers and highlighters. I have received this beautiful baked multi colour highlighter trio in bronze-y tone named Dreams are Calling (there is also pinky version of it). I'm also very intrigued about the bronzer, maybe that will jump into my basked when I will see it in person  ;)

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

11 April 2019

Time For Romance, Stress Does Not Go Well With My Polish and My Dear Reindeer


this week I'm on a vacation (I stayed at home but I don't need to go to work) so I'm playing with my make up a lot and having coffee with friend's I haven't seen in a long time. I thought it is the perfect time to do something fun with my nails because I haven't done anything glittery or super colorful in a while.

I dig out two polishes but then my brains were, wait! Don't I already have 'this' glitter?
It was face off time. I used old Essence Time for Romance and newer Catrice Stress Does Not Go Well With My Polish and the color is Essence My Dear Reindeer. The two glitter nail polishes does look similar in the bottle, right?

On the nails you can clearly see the difference. Not only does the Essence one have more obvious sized particle differences but the smaller particles are holographic and sparkle much more. All in all they are not the same or similar but I was thinking do I need both? I don't wear sparkles as often as I did so having two in the same color seemed pointless. My eyes immediately goes to the Time for Romance shade and so I decided to give the Catrice one with the super long name away to my sister. The cool grey polish I will keep and I will try to use it up as soon as possible because it is getting a bit old otherwise I really like it.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

10 April 2019

a little bit of shopping


today I did some shopping, actually I was looking for a brow mascara for my sister (I found it) and alongside I purchased some bits for myself.

I went with the Catrice Future Female palette (I already have the Soul Searcher palette which will be up shortly) and when I saw this color scheme I had to have it. So far the quality is really nice but more about it at the end of the week.

I love lip gloss, especially cooling and tingly ones. I had my eyes on these Catrice volumizing lip boosters for quite some time now but I was always holding myself back (I have too many glosses but I'm almost done with the fourth one for this year so I decided to treat myself with a new one). I liked the bright coral/pink shade Pink up the volume so much that it had to come with me.

The last item is Essence Color up! Shine on! Rosey Glitz lipstick. Does it sound familiar? Yep, it is a backup. Last year it was sent to me and while I haven't completely used it up I already got myself a backup. It was on sale so is Essence trying to discontinue them or is just my store trying to get rid of them? For more info check here.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

07 April 2019

Camouflage Healthy Glow Concealer


today I'm showing you one of my favorite necessities when it comes to make-up. I think we can all agree that most of us 'need' a bit of concealer under our eyes and I think I have found the one. I think I said that before about it's cousin but this one is even better for me.

It is the 'new' Essence camouflage healthy glow waterproof concealer in the shade Light Ivory. There are only two shades (mine is the lightest of the two) and a matte version which carries three shades.

I like the heart shaped applicator even though I always apply it on the back of my hand and never directly under my eyes (I'm too scared of contamination).

The shade is a bit lighter than my skin and yellow toned so it adds a bit of brightness to my under eye area. I think it fits me pretty well but I can't use it on the other parts of my face (to cover pimples) because the lighter tone drags too much attention. For the rest of my face I still use Catrice camouflage cream in the pot.

Here I compared my new and old favorite of mine. The first swatch is Essence camouflage healthy glow in Light Ivory and second is Catrice liquid camouflage in Porcellain. Wow, I didn't really think that the colors and tones are so different but here you go. Porcellain matches my skin perfectly, I can use it under my eyes and also everywhere on my face which is great because one product does it all. I have noticed that the Essence has a bit lighter coverage that the Catrice one but it is still pretty impressive. I would say that both are medium to high coverage concealers. The only thing that bothered me with the Catrice concealer was that it creased ever so slightly but with the Essence one I can barely notice anything. On the long run Essence one looks more natural (I only have to make sure that I blend it well with my foundation so it doesn't look obvious because of the tone differences) because I don't even need to touch it up.
Not accentuating my fine lines under my eyes is a big factor and in this run the Essence wins for me. I like it so much that I'm using it non stop and it is almost empty (don't worry, I already bought a new tube of it  ;). There is still a little bit left in the Catrice bottle which I will use up after time but I don't think I will repurchase it, not if Essence decides to stick with their camouflage.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day