16 April 2019

Project polish


at the beginning of the year I wasn't very successful with nail polishes but now I'm clearing two at the same time. One is empty and the other one will go to a new home.

Just in my recent post I talked about Catrice Stress Does Not Go Well With My Polish peel-off glitter nail polish and how I have a similar one from Essence. I decided to keep the older one and give this one away while it is still almost new and it will make someone else happy.

The other one is Essence Berry-tale varnish from their 2015 advent calendar collection. The shade is very pretty with shimmer and shift from different purple tones. It was one of the more special shades but all good thing must come to an end. Lately I have been using it quite a lot until one day I just couldn't gather enough polish to cover my nails.

I'm waving farewell to these two gals while I'm focusing on some other ones.
By the way, did you saw that Avon will come out with new line of nail polishes and they will make a splash since they will introduce 24 shades all at once? I'm intrigued.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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