23 April 2019

Mystic Sand


for today I have prepared some lip glosses. I have already tested the formula with two other shades so this is just a new color for me. It was kindly sent to me as a Christmas gift from the Cosnova team.

It is L.O.V. caring volume gloss in the shade Mystic Sand. I think they nailed the name as it really reminds me of a warm sand on the beach.

As mentioned I have two other shades, one is Tempting Grape (lovely pink) and Addicting Rosewood  (nude color pictured next to the Mystic Sand) which is shown next to the Mystic Sand. They are nicely pigmented and glossy, not sticky at all but do last a bit longer than some juicier glosses. For me this formula is really good and it is just a pleasure to wear, my lips are also never dried out when I wear them.

The first swatch is made with Mystic Sand and second is Addicting Rosewood. You can see that the MS is peachier and warmer than the AR, which appears cooler and a bit grey toned.
All in all the formula is amazing and I like both nude shades, At first I was a bit sceptical about the warmer MS but it turns out to be nice on me, it picks up my yellow undertone and looks very flattering. All three shades that I have are really perfect for me and that is why I'm a bit sad that L.O. V. is no longer available in SI, please bring it back.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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