31 May 2022



it is the end of the month and I expected to havemore finished items... probably I will finish a whole lot more in the next couple of days.

First is Avon's care revitalising with Banana hand cream (one of my absolutely favorites). It is lightweight and it does its job done. My hands are soft and supple even after washing, that for me is the ultimate test and this one succeeds. This particular one is in the limited edition packaging but is it exactly the same. I already have a new tube waiting to get used.

Next is another hand cream and is also a gem. It is Neutrogena's unfragranced hand cream which has a very interesting formula. Like a thick gel, perhaps? A little goes a long way and I agree, this tube lasted me more than a year (I didn't use it all the time but still it lasts way longer than any other hand cream that I tried). I like that it isn't sticky or tacky (well, it can be if I put too much on at once but if I apply little by little it is okay). I also already repurchased it but I think now I have the fragranced version.

In the middle is a Rosehip face cleansing oil from the Q + A brand. I recently discovered this brand and I bought a bunch of their products, this oil is just the first to be finished. I liked the packaging (the bottle has a nice and precise pipette and it doesn't leak) but I expected this oil to be more Rosehip... in fact there is Sweet Almond, Rosehip, Hemp seed, Avocado, Argan, Kernel, Castor and Sunflower seed oil. It was on the thicker side and it definitely leave oily residue but that doesn't bother me too much since I double cleanse if my first step is oil. The one thing that is making me rethink is that it didn't completely remove my eye make-up, in the past I had some other oils and were better at removing my eye make-up so I won't repurchase this one again.

The last are two bottles of the same Cucumber toner from Milnica (I ordered 100ml bottle but apparently they were out of it so they send me two smaller bottles). The packaging has a big opening and since I am a very clumsy person I often spill... my solution was to pour it in a spray bottle and use it as a mist to refresh in the evening in the middle of my moisturizing routine or on days with no make-up or even on top of freshly applied make-up to make it melt into my skin better (but always setting with a powder on top). It was a nice refreshing toner, I didn't noticed any big difference but I like spraying my face :) my favorite still remains Lavender... I still have a few toners left that I need to finish before buying more but honestly I don't think I will repurchase it again, I might get the Chamomile one next.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

22 May 2022

Project Polish


I'm continuing with the project polish where I handpick a few nail polish bottles and rotate among them until one is finished and replace it with a 'new' one from my already large collection. This is my way of minimizing and so far I have been successful (my number went down) and I'm realizing that I don't need to have 10 slightly different shades of pink at once.

Essence discontinued these nail candies a long time ago and I was so upset that I bought a lot of them at once to stock up (most of them were for my mom, because she loved them but I bought way too many of them so I kept some of them for myself). This one is my favorite shade and is named Like Love Birds, it is pink with a slight violet hue. Not opaque but milky in two coats sometimes I did three just to even it out and I love the 'clean' and polished look of a milky nail polish. This is my last bottle of this hue but I won't miss it because there are plenty of nail polishes that look similar.

The next one is also from Essence and it is called Sweet as Candy. This one is still available just in a different bottle design. It is also milky but less pink compared to the previous one, it is almost white and I comes off as a little more obvious/noticeable. I prefer this one because two coats were always sufficient and less pink tone looked even better on me. I decided not to buy a new bottle of it immediately because I have two other similar shades but at the end I did (I was buying products online and I needed to spend a few extra € to get free shipping... so I caved in and got myself a backup). This and the next one are some of my favorites.

Next in line is Misslyn Beauty Naturale and it was a limited edition shade so I can't get my hands on it again. It was such a lovely dusty pink with a bit of nude thrown in the mix. It almost looked like nothing (it was opaque in two coats) but the shade looked pretty similar to my skin tone so whenever I wore it, it made me think at a quick glance that my fingers were extra long :) It looked good with everything and it matched my every mood. It will be missed.

The very last one is also from Essence and it was part of their advent calendar from years ago and it is also the last left. It was an ombre top coat in the shade Candy Cane Lemonade. This red sheer liquid was a nice top coat, I often put it over all the three shades mentioned above and it just made them a bit brighter and vibrant (I used one coat over all of the nails, I didn't play with the ombre effect), I also liked it over light grey hues just to get a different tone out of it. I don't think I will buy nail polish like that again but writing this review made me miss it...

This was a bunch of nail polishes which I enjoy wearing a lot lately, I was really in a light pink mode ;)

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

15 May 2022



the first half of the month is already behind us and I seriously thought I would have more items finished up. There is a whole bunch of products hanging on their last legs which will be featured at the end of the month.

Teaology Matcha Latte body milk with Matcha Tea infusion and organic vegan milks is a lovely body moisturizer which I received free of charge when I bought my first face cream from them  (it is already used up and I already have a new one), the scent is the same, green tea like and very comforting and nice. It felt nourishing and my skin liked it but I didn't think it was anything too special, especially not for a bit higher price tag. Maybe I will get it again if I see it on sale but this 100 ml tube was finished up in just two weeks...that is a bit fast even for me. 

Next is The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% toning solution. I heard a lot of good things about this type of acid in toners and I wanted to try it out. I haven't noticed and changes which I could pinpoint to this product, after a while it started to get pointless for me and I started to use it less regular and that helped my skin even less. I know I just got lazy with this item because I know I should use it regularly but my laziness got the best of me. I still have some bottles laying around that I have to use up and maybe this next one I will use as instructed.

I managed to finish up a  bottle of a fragrance. It is only a 20 ml version of Victor & Rolf Flowerbomb perfume but still, this is a big deal for me because I have a lot of bottles. I really liked this scent but probably I won't repurchase it again because I have two other fragrances that smell similar but are even better to me (Armani In Love with You and Dior Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming).

This next item is a love of mine and I already have a backup of it. It is Alverde Dog Rose face oil. This little 15 ml bottle lasts for quite a while since I don't need a lot but it helps with my overall red tone of my face, it sooths and calms down my skin and I love it. Extra bonus is the nice rosey scent.

Second to last is The Body Shop Tea Tree pore minimizing face primer which is my very last tube of it because they don't make it anymore :( My skin is acne prone and using something with Tea Tree under my make-up makes my skin happy. I'm not 100% sure it helped fight off acne but it sure did have trick my brains and had a big psychological impact on me. I was sure I will buy this till the end of my days... my make-up also did look very nice on top of it. This doesn't feel like a regular silicone primer but rather like a face moisturizer, my skin afterwards did look a bit more matte but it didn't hold my oils at bay for long. As mentioned above, I liked the strong Tea Tree scent which triggered my brains into thinking that I'm using skincare under my make-up. If they ever come out with a similar sounding item I'm getting it immediately.

The very last item is Catrice LE lipstick (collaboration with Peta) in the shade Feel Good. A lovely mauve toned shade (my favorite  out of the three I had). I liked that it goes on pretty sheer but it can be intensified with an extra layer, it looks pretty glossy and juicy on the lips and it did nourish my lips for a while. I still used regular lip balm in between just so the color didn't build up too much but my lips looked happy using it. 

Thank you for reading and have a nice day