30 September 2016



the end of the month is here and I'm back with my empties post. I think I have quite a lot of products this time but not as much as I had at my last end of the month one where I split post into two.

First we have old Avon On Duty Extreme Fresh deodorant for men. They discontinued this line a couple of years ago and since I loved it I bought a couple of backups. Till then I only tried one female version from this line and when they went out of production there weren't much of a choice and I think everyone would agree with me that when you find deodorant that works for you then you stick with it plus I like men scent so at the end it was all good. In smaller print it says it is antiperspirant deodorant (I won't bore you with the difference since I believe you already know it). While using it I think I still sweat as usual so did it work as antiperspirant? No, but it had nice manly and slightly peperminty scent which became more obvious when I was sweating. For me this line worked and I was so happy that Avon decided to came back with it, some of the names are the same so maybe they didn't tweak the formula too much and they are still the same. Hope dies last, right?

Next is Himalaya Neem Foaming Face Wash for normal to oily skin. I won't blab too much since this is my second bottle already and I really think it works for my skin and it is not too expensive. I dedicated to it the entire post here. I would repurchase it but at the moment I have at least three other washes which I need to clear up but after that I will probably get another bottle of this.

In purple bottle is old Avon planet SPA Provence Lavender and Jasmine overnight facial oil. I bought this ages ago and completely forgot about it. When I dig it out I didn't dare to use it on my face but I rather used it as a body oil and my skin seemed fine with it. It had lovely scent, more of a Jasmine with just a hint at the end of Lavender. I would definitely repurchased it if it would still be available or something in the same scent.

These two fellas were featured on my blog just recently. They are part of Avon Color Trend line, nude is called Urban Bliss and purple is Pucker. I like the formula from this line and the scent but mine are couple of years old and the scent on Urban Bliss changed while Pucker isn't the shade I would like to wear. I remember I bought them (at the same time I purchased also the third bright red shade named Kiss) because they were cheap and I wanted to try some more colors but at the same time I thought if I won't like them I can still toss them because I didn't pay much for them. At the end that happened, UB. is half used while I used P. only a handful, my only hope is to finish the red shade before it goes gross.

The last item is Alkmene tea tree oil infused toner. I liked this product and I tried to use it day and night to keep my skin clear but honestly when it got better I stopped using it. I reached over only when I had breakouts and in combination with all other products I really don't know if on its own really did anything but at least I had a good feeling. It didn't harm my skin and I really like the scent of tea tree oil so probably I will repurchase it but I still have some other 'normal' toners which I have to use up first before purchasing more.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

29 September 2016

Brown no. 1


awhile ago I received a package from Korea with this cheek product in it. I know, I purchased some other cheek products before that one so they should be on the blog first, right? I couldn't resist and focused more on this one.

A'pieu pastel blusher in the shade BR01. There are ten shades within this range and one of them is highlighter and one is bronzer, which is what I got. I thought I will pick this one up since Korean girls are so pale I thought it will be a nice color for me as well.

It comes in a very simple white packaging with see through plastic on top to see the color, there are no mirror or brush added but it doesn't bother me.

When I swatched it on my hand the color didn't meet my expectations. It looks more orange than brown and I think it shows on the photo. It doesn't contain any glitter or shimmer but it also isn't completely flat, maybe a soft velvet finish? 
It is very pigmented so I have to be careful when I use it, a little goes a long way. 

At first I was a bit disappointed but then I asked myself what is the difference between bronzer and a blush for me? I use both only on my cheeks, I don't warm up my face with bronzers, I'm too scared to look out of place so I only use it on my cheeks. The difference is in the color, while blushes come in wide array of colors, bronzers are more or less similar, right? So what am I complaining about? Instead of a brown bronzer shade I got orange-y blush, which is my favorite color for the cheeks anyway. 

I decided to embrace this lovely color, it is not as neutral as I expected but it is still nice and I will wear it a lot. 

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

28 September 2016

Urban Bliss


it was last week when I was chatting about these Color Trend lip glosses. My main focus was purple/mauve tone but today I have another one from the same line. The color is also rather unusual and hard to find among other brands.

Avon Color Trend lip gloss in the shade Urban Bliss. The packaging is typical with a doe foot applicator and white cap. Bottle contains 6 ml of product.

The color is caramel nude with a strong but very small golden shimmer. It looks like it is made out of little sparkles. I prefer my lip products to be shimmer free but this one has such small particles that they don't bother me that much.

It has the same warm vanilla scent as the other shade and it wears off nicely. Because it contains a lot of shimmer it tends to stay on the lips after the shine is gone but that only makes it more opaque with the next layer.
This warm tone didn't suit me that much but I liked to use more neutral nude lipstick underneath and it looked very pretty. Not that long time ago I tried mixing it with another lip gloss (bright coral which I don't feel totally comfortable wearing it on its own) and that was my favorite combination.
I manged to use up half of  the product but unfortunately the scent changed (I have it for over three years now, so it was expected to die soon). I was forced to toss it before finishing it up (I hope I will learn something from this and stop buying new lip products until I use up at least half of what I have).
I liked this color but it wasn't my favorite so probably I won't repurchase it but I would like to try some more shades from this lovely range of lip glosses. Low price doesn't always mean that the product is crap.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

26 September 2016

Project polish

another month has gone by and I have been good. No new nail varnishes in my stash but again I manged to clear two of them out. None of them was within my favorites so I'm happy to finish them and I won't look for a replacement.

First is a Catrice in the shade Put Lavender on Agenda. I love lavender color on my nails but this one was a tad too dark and too smokey. I prefer them to be lighter and more vibrant, so I'm not shedding any tears. I reviewed it on the blog in January and it surprises me how much I liked it back then, continuous use really changes my opinion.

Next is from the brand smart girls get more and it only have a number 4 on the bottom so I assume that is the shade. I would never get such a bright color, let alone in pink. I won it in a giveaway and I gave it a chance, I painted my toes and I actually liked it. Once or twice I wore it on my nails so the bottle got empty pretty fast because it only hold 5 ml of product. If you are interested how it looked on my nails you can see it here.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

24 September 2016

Silk proteins


today I would like to continue with the hair care. I already reviewed the oil from this line and now it is the time to talk about the shampoo and conditioner. As mentioned Avon decided to repackage the entire AT line and among the new tubes I can't find these two products, are they leaving for good?

So, Avon Advance Techniques Smooth as Silk shampoo and conditioner are presented on the photo.
The scent is typical and lovely. I started to use them at the same time and my hair looked a bit greasy and unruly, especially toward the ends. Something was weighting them down and they constantly looked frizzy just like if I was living in a very humid environment, which I don't.
Next time I skipped the conditioner and my hair looked like usual self, apparently I was using to much conditioner, I never thought that this is possible. Twice I have used only the shampoo and it cleansed my hair and also gave them some shine. When they dried they felt soft, silky and completely straight (my natural hair texture is pretty flat but sometimes they get an accidental  curl while asleep, when using this shampoo on its own there were no curls). Now I use just a little bit of conditioner after shampooing my hair twice and it is fine but I am not happy about it because I can't see the difference if I use it or not.
If this duo would still be available I might pick another tube of shampoo but definitely not the conditioner, it doesn't do much for my hair.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

23 September 2016

Smooth as Silk


I'm a long time fan of Avon hair products. They always worked for me so I never felt the need to buy stuff from other brands. In the current brochure I noticed that they are discontinuing the entire Advance Techniques line but don't worry, it looks like they will repackage everything and most of the lines and products will remain. Maybe they will make minor changes with the ingredients but nothing major.

I started to use my second bottle of this Avon AT Smooth as Silk hair oil when I saw that they are in the process of repackaging. Out of curiosity I checked the next brochure and I couldn't find it so I thought when in doubt buy backups.
I purchased two bottles and imagine my surprise when they came in new packaging (I thought that they discontinued it!). Oh well, now I have three almost full bottles of this miracle and I'm good for next two years (second bottle with yellow toned oil is the new bottle).

First, pink packaging is the old one and next to it is the new box of the same oil so you can compare and see that they didn't change much.
This oil has the same AT typical scent which I adore. I like to use one pump on the bottom half of my hair and they immediately look better. More moisturized and shinier also it tames little fly aways. I know, you will say every oil does that but this particular one keeps them like that for longer (I also used the dry ends serum with the green pump and argan oil from the same AT line and they only worked until the oil absorbed but everyones hair are different).
I would suggest to use it carefully because after all this is still oil and if you apply too much it will look greasy. I have pretty long hair, mid back or maybe even a bit longer and one pump on dry hair is enough, if I'm working with wet hair then two pumps.
Like I said, this oil works for my hair really well and I don't need to use it every single day so one 30 ml bottle usually lasts me around 10 to 12 months (now you understand that I'm really stocked up with them) but no worries because they didn't decided to stop making it so if you want to try it you can still get it.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

21 September 2016

Victorian Rose


finally the weather has started to cool down and all of a sudden I feel like wearing more pink toned blushes opposed to peach. I wonder how long that faze will last but it is all good because I decided to wear one particular blush to test it out and I can already reveal that I ended up really liking it.

It is Deborah hi-tech marbled blush in the shade Victorian Rose. There were four different shades available and after swatching them all they all came off shimmery so if you're a fan of matte cheeks than they won't be right for you.

On the skin it comes off as a very light warm rose shade with lots of silver sparkle so there is no need for adding highlighter. I'm very cautious when it comes to pink cheeks because I don't think I can pull it off and I simply don't like it but this shade is subtle enough. I love that it is buildable, one soft layer gives you just a little shimmer (sometimes I use it on top of a different blush to add some glow) or two layers to get this nice flushed colored cheeks. 
I understand that not everyone likes shimmer but I am very fond of it. This Victorian Rose blush become one of my favorites very quickly and I don't see myself stop using it anytime soon. 

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

19 September 2016

Catrice Kaviar Gauche LE, preview


Catrice announced new limited edition and I'm so excited about it that I decided to show you the preview and some of my highlights. Last year they already collaborated with Kaviar Gauche and I loved the whole collection so imagine my surprise when I saw they collaborated again. Last year everything was very light and pale but this time I feel they added some more colors into it and made it even more excited.

La Fleur De Nuit. Seemingly weightless lace, soft silhouettes and elegant colours provide the inspiration for the Limited Edition “Kaviar Gauche” by CATRICE. The result of the latest collaboration between CATRICE and the design duo Kaviar Gauche. The limited products, which will be available in October and November 2016, combine floral, intricate details with elegant colours like rouge noir, rosé and nude. La Perfection Mystique – by CATRICE.

Kaviar Gauche by CATRICE – Eye Shadow Palette
Golden Blossom. Three matte powder eye shadows in perfectly aligned trend colours as well as a pearly rosé shade. With an integrated mirror and a golden blossom embossment, this palette is an eye-catcher par excellence. Available in C01 Iris Sauvage.

Kaviar Gauche by CATRICE – Highlighter
Silky Reflections. With its light-reflecting pigments, the pressed, two-tone powder highlighter ensures an elegant glow. The silky texture with the shape of a blossom suits all skin tones. Available in C01 Clair De Lune.

Kaviar Gauche by CATRICE – Lip Colour

Floral Dress. Two lipsticks: pink with a shiny finish and rouge noir with a matt texture. The creamy lipstick glides onto the lips smoothly. Available in C01 Nude Sublime and C02 Fleur Du Soir

Kaviar Gauche by CATRICE – Cream Eye Shadow & Liner
Antique Pigments. Highly pigmented eyeshadow with a long lasting, creamy texture. Can be used to create accurate eyeliner styles or as an eyeshadow to set targeted highlights around the eye area. The golden shade with an antique appearance has a beautiful, metallic shimmer. Available in C01 Force D'Or.

Kaviar Gauche by CATRICE – Nail LacquerPrecious Colour. Four nail polishes in a choice of transparent pink with a golden shimmer, light taupe, rouge noir and a subtle nude tone. Available in C01 Nude Sublime, C02 Nuit Fleurie, C03 Fleur Du Soir and C04 Rose D‘Or.

Kaviar Gauche by CATRICE – Beauty Bag
Best Case. The high quality vinyl fabric and extravagant look turns this beauty bag into a true eye-catcher. It offers space for all important beauty tools and stands out thanks to beautiful details like a golden zipper.

What can I say? I can't wait to see everything in person. I really like the eye shadow palette but I hope that the colors won't be too dark. Highlighter looks nice, especially the flower but if it will be to pink than I don't think I will like it. I have plenty lipsticks but if the lighter one will not be too shimmery then maybe, the red one hase matte finish which I don't like. Cream eye shadow & liner looks too yellow and I prefer my golds to be true golds so I think this won't be mine. Nail polishes are true highlight from this collection at least for me because I like all four shades and for the end there is this shiny bag and honestly I have one make-up bag and I think it is enough.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

17 September 2016

40. NOTD


my project polish is going really well so I decided to include another nail polish and I think I will be able to finish it up this year.

For today's manicure I picked something fun and sparkly. Avon Silver Pleated is a silver glitter nail varnish and little H&M bottle is in the shade Dark Purple.

This is the end result. I like how glitter looks like jewels on my raspberry painted nails. With this combination I really nailed it, I can't stop starring, especially on the sun when it gets a bit blinding.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

15 September 2016



it is time to get rid of some empty packaging. In this one I have some awesome and some so-so products.

First we have an old Avon Color Trend blue mascara in Cobalt Cabaret (color of the lid matched the color of the product). I purchased it to have some fun and it was back in the days when I wasn't wearing any eye shadows. I remember I wore it on several occasions and when the light hit my lashes people noticed. Everyone was so surprised and almost shocked to see an unexpected pop of color. Now I'm older and I prefer to play with eye shadows so I don't think I will repurchase it again but you never know.

Next is Krasna body lotion with lavender, cedar and lemon. I talked and raved about it here. I absolutely love this product. I liked the scent, moisture, packaging just the price could be a bit lower. I think I will repurchase it again but first I have to go through at least 10 other moisturizers and get my hands on some coupons to buy it cheaper.

Black tube is Avon AT supreme oils with nutri 5 complex luxuriously nourished intense radiance treatment (could they make this name even longer?). I talked about the gorgeous scent this line has but using this treatment after using up the conditioner from the same line I haven't really noticed any difference. On my hair conditioner with 250 ml performed the same as this little 50 ml tube of 'treatment', the price however is almost the same or sometimes the treatment is even more expensive. I definitely won't repurchase it again.

Last year I purchased Avon Color Trend Glossy Rose lipstick and this year Rose came to an end. I swatched it here. It was moisturizing my lips but continuously reapplying it through the day it made the color stand out more and I just don't appreciate pale frosty lips. I pared it with lip glosses or wore it at home when no one could saw me.

The last item is also from Avon and it is nail experts vitamin C cuticle cream. I remember they were promoting an orange next to it so I was expecting to have citrus scent but it was actually unscented, what a bummer but the cream worked so I didn't pout for too long. It was a gel texture with some random orange beads in them which would melt while rubbing and massaging it into the skin. I used a little at the time because it was really efficient and non greasy, this little 15 ml tube lasted me for years and I'm bummed that it is no longer available. (There is cuticle cream in a white tube available and I had this one years ago and it stink like raw plastic, I don't recommend it).

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

14 September 2016

new Avon products


days are flying by so fast, way to fast in my opinion, don't you think?
Another Avon campaign has finished and again I had to order some goodies for my self.

Avon AT oils were on sale because the entire AT line will get repackaged and since I couldn't find this Silky Smooth line in next brochures I ordered two backups (yes, I love this oil, I'm already planing to dedicate whole post about it so check it out). Imagine my surprise when they arrived in the new design, I thought they will be gone (I still can't find shampoo and conditioner from this line so if you like it get backups but no worries about the oils).

The other product is a brand new one and it belongs under Anew clinical line and it is advanced resurfacing peel. Inside the box there are 30 pads soaked with 10% glycolic acid which works as a chemical scrub. You're supposed to use them on the clean face every second day and it promises more clear and smoother skin, we will see.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

12 September 2016

Pucker now


I have way too many lip products and they are slowly getting old. I decided to go through them and check if they are still usable or if I like them at all. I rediscovered this little baby and I can't remember when was the last time I wore it, most probably sometime last year...

Avon Color Trend lip gloss in the shade Pucker is a staple shade. I ordered it because it looked different and I wanted to try more colors, to get myself out of my comfort zone. Low price tag convinced me and I ordered three shades.
The packaging is simple and nothing special but at the same time functional, I appreciate the white top opposed to usual black one.

Pucker is mauve toned purple with some little shimmer, I normally don't like sparkling lips but on the photo with a lip swatch you can see it is not too obvious also on me it is more pink than purple.

I find them to be moisturizing enough to be worn on its own and the vanilla scent which stays on the lip even after the gloss is gone is nice. In the brochure I often find them on sale and sometimes I find myself close to purchasing more shades.
This particular shade is lovely, I think it suits me but only as long as I keep my mouth shut. The thing is that it makes my teeth appear more yellow (they are not sparkling white but also not so yellow) and I resent that. That is the only reason why I don't wear it and I think it is time to just toss it, I know I will never wear it again.

If you are looking for an inexpensive vanilla scented lip glosses and you like a shade I would suggest you to try them, if you end up not liking them you can always return them but I think you won't regret it. I will take photos of the other two shades I have as well and I will make sure to show them because you never know, maybe you will find the shade you were looking for.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

10 September 2016

order from e-bay


yesterday I went to my post office to get my packages from Korea. I was so excited that I tore all of the boxes while sitting in the parking lot outside of post when I live 5 minutes away. I just couldn't wait  ;)

I used up a sample of a face primer and it was so fantastic. I tried to find it on the almighty e-bay but I can't, talk about disappointment. I did some research and decided to pick up Tony Moly silky smooth balm. It is a face primer in a cute golden egg shaped packaging (I definitely see myself reusing it for some smaller jewelry pieces).

In the back there are three Tony Moly Pomegranate sheet masks which I won on an auction. I'm telling you, they are like little devils. I get sucked in and bid on products I have no intention to win and when I'm the last one standing I act surprised. I will tried them but my expectations are low. I already tried this type of masks, sheet masks and I talked about it here.

Last we have A'pieu pastel blusher but honestly this shade is supposed to be organized under bronzers. It is in the shade BR01 (I couldn't find any other 'real' name so I'm naming it Fred). So far I can tell you that it is matte and looks light enough for paler complexions.

Next week will be fun and I will try to report back as soon as possible.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

09 September 2016

Body highlighter


Summer is still in full swing so I decided to incorporate body lotion in my routine which compliments tan skin or at least it makes an illusion of a darker skin tone. Interested? I was too so I purchased this product.

It is Avon Skin So Soft body cream for medium skin, luminous perfector with sunflower oil. I obviously don't have medium skin tone but it is the only option available.

It is pretty scary looking when it comes out of the tube, very orangey and shimmery but it smells nice. It is subtle and I can't really put my finger on it what it is, it is just nice. It does smell like a cream, slightly warm and comforting if that makes any sense.

When massaging it in it still looks horrible, too dark and just wrong.

If I use a little too much it can make my skin looks a shade darker but all in all it is left very shimmery. It absorbs fast but because it is tinted you can expect some stains on lighter clothes (I put it on in the evening and went to bed, in the morning my white sheets were orange, I didn't appreciate it).
I think people with slightly darker skin tone could rock it, it would look more natural with a hint of golden sparkle but when you are pale you have to use just a little to avoid looking like a mess.

I think the concept is nice, a little color to cover up some veins and shimmer to distract, it works but if you go too far and use too much it is a fail. I also don't suggest to wear it on super hot days because it can melt of and you end up with colored sweat, which is not great. Wear it in the evening, the temperatures aren't as high and the shimmer would nicely reflect and optically make your skin appear perfect. I don't think this product works for me that great (if I would be a night owl with a lot of dates to attend and impress than I would purchased ten of them) but unfortunately my day wraps after a long shift and my car is a melting piece of steel, when driving home I would sweat it all off.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

07 September 2016

Tawny Rose


I felt the need to dig out some of my older lipsticks and play with them, lately they felt very neglected and since the new season is coming I decided to swatch some oldies.

This is Avon Ultra Color Indulgence lipstick in the shade Tawny Rose. if I'm not mistaken they came out last year and they stirred the waters. Everyone was raving about them but now they are forgoten which is a shame.

I picked three shades and this one is the most neutral out of the three and also my favorite. It looks like a beautiful nude with a pinky/rose undertone.

On the swatch it shows rosier and you can see the creamy finish they have. They replaced heavy wax with a moisturizing gel which makes them glossier but high coverage pigments makes sure the color output is strong.

On me this is a beautiful everyday pink shade (when looking at it, the color and finish remind me of the recently reviewed Avon shine burst lipstick in Rose but that one felt 'lighter' mostly in terms of pigmentation at least compared to this one).
I didn't felt the need to use the lip liner because they are highly pigmented and they also don't slip away (which is weird because of the shiny finish). They feel like balms on my lips with tons of color, for me definitely one of my favorite lines from Avon. Wear time is average, not long lasting but longer than average glossier lipsticks (this stayed on for way longer then the shine burst ones).

Now I'm kind of curious how this Tawny Rose shade compares to the Rose (shine burst lipstick), even if I will discovered some shade dupes I am definitely not getting rid of this beauty. Will I purchase more shades? Probably not, I'm looking at the brochure right now but most of the shades are brighter pinks or darker colors, nothing too appealing but who knows? Maybe I will cave in and buy something completely out of my comfort zone...

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

05 September 2016

I am Sunloved


at the beginning of August I purchased this bronzer and it took me so long to properly test it, mostly because I'm awkward with bronzers and second it does not look like one. It looks like a beach on a paradise island with golden sand and turquoise sea somewhere in the background, am I right?

It is a discontinued Essence sun club shimmer bronzing powder in the shade Sunloved for lighter skin tones, there is also darker version which is still available.

Print on the actual product is pretty but what you can't get from the photo is the scent. Yep, they decided to put a scent in it and they took the inspiration from a beach as well. It is supposed to smell like a coconut but you can tell that the scent is fake because there is that awkward plasticky scent behind it. Thank God my nose is far apart from my cheekbones. I would say I'm not too sensitive to the scent but this one is slightly too much for my poor nose.

First swatch is heavy and the second stripe is more blended in and shows how it looks on my face. Doesn't this look a little too gold? Bronzers are supposed to be bronze, right? I really shouldn't complain because I saw it in person and still decided to buy it, it is completely my fault. I had really low expectations and when I figured it out where to place it on my face I decided that it doesn't look so bad. I think that is because I'm quite fair and with a yellow undertone, this powder seems to work, it is not ideal but it works. It contains lots of shimmer but I like that, I am a shimmer kind of girl, through and through  ;)

I like the simple tranparent packaging, imprint, shimmer and even the color isn't too bad for my coloring I just wish that they would made it odorless.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

03 September 2016

Genics eye cream


I finished up my beloved eye cream and so I had to dig in my drawl full of product to find a substitute before I can purchase a new one. My eye cought on this orange box and I started to use it.

It is Avon Anew eye cream from the genics line. It is supposed to be a dark circle corrector, I don't think my under eye area is problematic because I am having enough sleep but it also can't hurt to get some extra help at that but mostly I'm looking for some moisture.

Cream comes in regular 15 ml tube (my previous one had a convenient pump and it dispensed just the right amount every time but here every time it is different.

What I like about the packaging is the twistable tip which prevents product from leaking if it accidentally gets squeezed while in your bag. Very practical and thought through. On the other side of the nozzle the plastic is textured and you are supposed to massage the cream into your skin with it but I don't see the point in it because the cream itself already have some gritty texture.

So cream is white with a lot of little black dots, I assume they are capsules with pigment which slightly covers your 'problematic' area. When massaging it in I can feel them, they are small but it feels like I'm gently scrubbing my eye area. It is not unpleasant but a little weird.

The capsules starts bursting when massaging them into my skin and then it feels smooth but I can't notice any difference in the color. Is it possible that capsules contains active ingredients and not pigment? It sure feels like that to me. Even though it is a cream formula it absorbs fast but my complaint is that my eye area gets a bit dry after a couple of hours, I guess it is not moisturizing enough for my super dry skin around my eyes. I will use it up but I can't wait to start using something else.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

02 September 2016

Nude beige


how are you? We are already in Autumn month and soon the end of the year will knock on our doors. Time fillies way too fast also Essence sale was long time ago and I still have some items to show you.

Essence pure nude powder in Nude Beige. This is not the lightest shade but second lightest and I thought it looked pretty light so I picked it up anyways (the lightest shade was sold out).

It is marbled and in real life it is a tad more obvious. Packaging contains 7g which is decent for a face powder. I swatched in on my hand and it completely blended in with my skin tone but I noticed that the finish is not completely matte. On my face it is however mattifying and it does not leave any shine, I find it to be harsh sometimes and it can look cakey.
To me it is average powder but since I found better ones (Essence all about matte! fixing compact powder), cheaper ones and they are still available I won't be too sad when I will use it up.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

01 September 2016

Lavender, cedar and lemon


today I would like to talk about body moisturizer I started to use. I bought it last year and it smells so good that I didn't want to use it because I had a feeling that I'm gonna use it way to fast (my felling was correct).

It is Krasna body lotion with lavender, cedar and lemon.  In their simply designed bottle with a convenient pump you get 100 ml of product.

It gets really easy out of the pump and it is not too liquid, when the skin starts warming it up it gets a bit oily so I have to massage a little longer but it gets completely absorbed in matter of minutes. It feels great in this hot weather because I'm not a sticky mess afterwards.

The scent feels Summer appropriate. I smell mostly cedar and lemon. The combination is refreshing and it reminds me slightly of the mosquito repellents but it does not scares them. I woke up with a couple of nasty bites anyways.

I love the packaging, simple design, moisture it gives me and the scent but the price tag is a bit high, if I remember correctly it was around 10 € but I had a 50% off coupon which was nice. Previous month coupons were again floating around but I haven't purchased anything because I have way too many moisturizers but next time I will see them I will buy it again.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day