05 September 2016

I am Sunloved


at the beginning of August I purchased this bronzer and it took me so long to properly test it, mostly because I'm awkward with bronzers and second it does not look like one. It looks like a beach on a paradise island with golden sand and turquoise sea somewhere in the background, am I right?

It is a discontinued Essence sun club shimmer bronzing powder in the shade Sunloved for lighter skin tones, there is also darker version which is still available.

Print on the actual product is pretty but what you can't get from the photo is the scent. Yep, they decided to put a scent in it and they took the inspiration from a beach as well. It is supposed to smell like a coconut but you can tell that the scent is fake because there is that awkward plasticky scent behind it. Thank God my nose is far apart from my cheekbones. I would say I'm not too sensitive to the scent but this one is slightly too much for my poor nose.

First swatch is heavy and the second stripe is more blended in and shows how it looks on my face. Doesn't this look a little too gold? Bronzers are supposed to be bronze, right? I really shouldn't complain because I saw it in person and still decided to buy it, it is completely my fault. I had really low expectations and when I figured it out where to place it on my face I decided that it doesn't look so bad. I think that is because I'm quite fair and with a yellow undertone, this powder seems to work, it is not ideal but it works. It contains lots of shimmer but I like that, I am a shimmer kind of girl, through and through  ;)

I like the simple tranparent packaging, imprint, shimmer and even the color isn't too bad for my coloring I just wish that they would made it odorless.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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