09 September 2016

Body highlighter


Summer is still in full swing so I decided to incorporate body lotion in my routine which compliments tan skin or at least it makes an illusion of a darker skin tone. Interested? I was too so I purchased this product.

It is Avon Skin So Soft body cream for medium skin, luminous perfector with sunflower oil. I obviously don't have medium skin tone but it is the only option available.

It is pretty scary looking when it comes out of the tube, very orangey and shimmery but it smells nice. It is subtle and I can't really put my finger on it what it is, it is just nice. It does smell like a cream, slightly warm and comforting if that makes any sense.

When massaging it in it still looks horrible, too dark and just wrong.

If I use a little too much it can make my skin looks a shade darker but all in all it is left very shimmery. It absorbs fast but because it is tinted you can expect some stains on lighter clothes (I put it on in the evening and went to bed, in the morning my white sheets were orange, I didn't appreciate it).
I think people with slightly darker skin tone could rock it, it would look more natural with a hint of golden sparkle but when you are pale you have to use just a little to avoid looking like a mess.

I think the concept is nice, a little color to cover up some veins and shimmer to distract, it works but if you go too far and use too much it is a fail. I also don't suggest to wear it on super hot days because it can melt of and you end up with colored sweat, which is not great. Wear it in the evening, the temperatures aren't as high and the shimmer would nicely reflect and optically make your skin appear perfect. I don't think this product works for me that great (if I would be a night owl with a lot of dates to attend and impress than I would purchased ten of them) but unfortunately my day wraps after a long shift and my car is a melting piece of steel, when driving home I would sweat it all off.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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