03 September 2016

Genics eye cream


I finished up my beloved eye cream and so I had to dig in my drawl full of product to find a substitute before I can purchase a new one. My eye cought on this orange box and I started to use it.

It is Avon Anew eye cream from the genics line. It is supposed to be a dark circle corrector, I don't think my under eye area is problematic because I am having enough sleep but it also can't hurt to get some extra help at that but mostly I'm looking for some moisture.

Cream comes in regular 15 ml tube (my previous one had a convenient pump and it dispensed just the right amount every time but here every time it is different.

What I like about the packaging is the twistable tip which prevents product from leaking if it accidentally gets squeezed while in your bag. Very practical and thought through. On the other side of the nozzle the plastic is textured and you are supposed to massage the cream into your skin with it but I don't see the point in it because the cream itself already have some gritty texture.

So cream is white with a lot of little black dots, I assume they are capsules with pigment which slightly covers your 'problematic' area. When massaging it in I can feel them, they are small but it feels like I'm gently scrubbing my eye area. It is not unpleasant but a little weird.

The capsules starts bursting when massaging them into my skin and then it feels smooth but I can't notice any difference in the color. Is it possible that capsules contains active ingredients and not pigment? It sure feels like that to me. Even though it is a cream formula it absorbs fast but my complaint is that my eye area gets a bit dry after a couple of hours, I guess it is not moisturizing enough for my super dry skin around my eyes. I will use it up but I can't wait to start using something else.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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