10 September 2016

order from e-bay


yesterday I went to my post office to get my packages from Korea. I was so excited that I tore all of the boxes while sitting in the parking lot outside of post when I live 5 minutes away. I just couldn't wait  ;)

I used up a sample of a face primer and it was so fantastic. I tried to find it on the almighty e-bay but I can't, talk about disappointment. I did some research and decided to pick up Tony Moly silky smooth balm. It is a face primer in a cute golden egg shaped packaging (I definitely see myself reusing it for some smaller jewelry pieces).

In the back there are three Tony Moly Pomegranate sheet masks which I won on an auction. I'm telling you, they are like little devils. I get sucked in and bid on products I have no intention to win and when I'm the last one standing I act surprised. I will tried them but my expectations are low. I already tried this type of masks, sheet masks and I talked about it here.

Last we have A'pieu pastel blusher but honestly this shade is supposed to be organized under bronzers. It is in the shade BR01 (I couldn't find any other 'real' name so I'm naming it Fred). So far I can tell you that it is matte and looks light enough for paler complexions.

Next week will be fun and I will try to report back as soon as possible.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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