23 September 2016

Smooth as Silk


I'm a long time fan of Avon hair products. They always worked for me so I never felt the need to buy stuff from other brands. In the current brochure I noticed that they are discontinuing the entire Advance Techniques line but don't worry, it looks like they will repackage everything and most of the lines and products will remain. Maybe they will make minor changes with the ingredients but nothing major.

I started to use my second bottle of this Avon AT Smooth as Silk hair oil when I saw that they are in the process of repackaging. Out of curiosity I checked the next brochure and I couldn't find it so I thought when in doubt buy backups.
I purchased two bottles and imagine my surprise when they came in new packaging (I thought that they discontinued it!). Oh well, now I have three almost full bottles of this miracle and I'm good for next two years (second bottle with yellow toned oil is the new bottle).

First, pink packaging is the old one and next to it is the new box of the same oil so you can compare and see that they didn't change much.
This oil has the same AT typical scent which I adore. I like to use one pump on the bottom half of my hair and they immediately look better. More moisturized and shinier also it tames little fly aways. I know, you will say every oil does that but this particular one keeps them like that for longer (I also used the dry ends serum with the green pump and argan oil from the same AT line and they only worked until the oil absorbed but everyones hair are different).
I would suggest to use it carefully because after all this is still oil and if you apply too much it will look greasy. I have pretty long hair, mid back or maybe even a bit longer and one pump on dry hair is enough, if I'm working with wet hair then two pumps.
Like I said, this oil works for my hair really well and I don't need to use it every single day so one 30 ml bottle usually lasts me around 10 to 12 months (now you understand that I'm really stocked up with them) but no worries because they didn't decided to stop making it so if you want to try it you can still get it.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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