30 June 2022



this post is prepared a bit in advance since I'm on a vacation. These are all the products that I finished before my trip to the beach and after I come back I will probably have a lot more empties, especially products with SPF.

First is Aveno body wash with Tiare flower and Coconut water. Very inexpensive but for me these are hit or a miss, scent wise. Unfortunately this one landed on the miss side after trying it for the first time. It has this typical tropical scent but on me it turns a bit plastic and I don't like it. I did finish it up since the scent doesn't last, it did foam up and make me feel like it did clean my body so it wasn't a big deal (if it would be a lotion then probably I wouldn't be able to finish it up). I won't repurchase it again, maybe I will get some other scents but not immediately. I will take my time off and maybe after a while I will forget :)

Next is Melvita's floral Lavender water face mist. I used to love these (Lavender in particular but also Rose was close) but now I don't use them as regularly as I used to. First, the mist on these bottles is amazing, so I'm keeping the bottle and reusing it, second, the blue color is lovely and third, the product itself is great. I like using it on my face after I'm done applying my cream make-up (concealer and foundation) to melt everything together and make it one with my skin and afterwards I'm applying powder. That is my secret when my skin feels a bit dry. I also use it on clean skin in my skincare routine but I feel like it is really great with my make-up. At the moment I have some other ones but probably I will return to this one.

Next is super old Avon planet SPA Heavenly Hydration with Mediterranean Olive oil face mask. It is more of a gel texture mask which you are supposed to apply on clean face for 20 minutes (I once made a mistake and left it on for way longer, it is a moisturizing product what can go wrong? The moisture disappear and the texture becomes thick which makes it hard to take it of, I had to scratch it to get it off my face) but if I stick to the instructions it was okay. I didn't notice any difference so at the end I was just using it to finish it up, I will not be buying it again but I remember the body butter and hair mask from this Olive line being amazing.

Second to last is The Body Shop Strawberry body yogurt and I have to say that the scent is amazing. Very realistic and juicy, plus the scent lasts. The texture is jelly like and fun to use, it absorbed super fast but it is not very moisturizing on its own. I had one before and still have one left (I purchased three at the time all in different scents). They do recommend to use them in the Summer time when our skin isn't so dry and I would agree but then again why buy something which isn't as nourishing or hydrating as it can be? Probably for the scent because that is what all three have in common and are a joy to use. I will finish the last one but at the end I probably won't buy more of them, I will rather spend a few Euros more and just get some of their lotions or butters.

I finished up one more lipstick :) It is the last one I have from this Catrice limited edition, collaboration with Peta that they did a few years ago, this shade is called Have Mercy, peachy nude with shimmer, it can look very natural with just a hint of flush but if I'm reapplying it all day long than shimmer becomes a bit too much for me and the color build up also doesn't look too appealing on me. I like this lipstick in a small dose and it looked nice, I will miss it but also at the same time I have so many that it is a relief to finish some.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

15 June 2022



this time around I have some more empties and some of them are my holy grails... the rest are all nice products, nothing terrible in this bunch...

This is definitely one of my favorite shampoos and this time I have finished a big bottle of it. It is Ilirija Birch shampoo for all hair types. This magical potion cleanses my hair and leaves them shiny and smooth, just what my hair need. It can be a bit too drying but nothing a little bit of hair oil can't fix. I will definitely repurchase it again and again.

Another one of my favorites is this REN flash rinse 1 minute facial  with vitamin C. I already used up a few tubes of it and already have a backup. It is a slightly grainy product which feels like a scrub but after massaging it with dry hands, then add a few drops of water and it turns instantly into an oil type of a product and then it can slightly burn over more sensitive areas (I guess the vitamin C is then activated  and it can sting) the magic is that my skin doesn't turn red even though it is very prone to redness and is super sensitive. The next day my skin is baby soft and pimples are reduced. Even my sister with perfect skin is a loyal fan.

I finally finished up a Labello original lip balm. I remember having it before and loving it but now I felt like it was just okay. It was greasy (which is a plus in my books) but I felt like it just sat on top of my lips instead sinking in and working its magic. Maybe they changed the formula or I got a different batch this time? It wasn't bad but I also didn't feel like it did much.

Another lip balm is presented in this tube with a convenient pump and it is Blistex conditioning lip serum. I liked it for the night time since it did leave a bit of a white trace but it was nourishing and my lips looked nice in the morning. I'm more inclined to repurchase this one than the Labello one.

Next is a pot of hand cream but honestly I used it as a body moisturizer. It is Avon planet spa Blissfully Nourishing with African Shea Butter hand, elbow and foot cream. As mentioned I used it all over my body since I was trying to just finish it up. It was heavily fragranced and I have to admit that in small dose it is gorgeous but all over the body it was sometimes a bit too much. I still wanted to finish it up since it is pretty old and I was scared that it might go bad, plus the 75 ml packaging is somewhat small for the entire body. The texture was quite thick and it took me a long time to finish it up. If I ever get it again I will start using it immediately but only on my hands and little by little.

This next serum tried to replace mine The Ordinary 10% Niacinamide and 1% Zinc serum (whenever I try to order it it is sold out...) it is from a SI brand Miss Alice (Milnica) and is named Face it, you love me serum (I really do love the name ;), it has Niacinamide, Collagen and firming Peptides in the formula (how much of each is undisclosed). It was a nice serum but I think I seen better results with  previously mentioned The Ordinary serum so probably I won't repurchase it again unless I will notice my skin misbehaving now since I'm out of it. 

The very last item is another hand cream but this one I did use as a hand cream. It is from The Body Shop and it is their limited edition Joy and Jasmin scent. It is floral but also pretty green smelling, the scent alone is not my favorite but I could handle it, even men in my life liked it since it wasn't too floral but it is quite strong and the scent does linger. I won't repurchase it in this scent but I'm willing to try some new editions since the cream does absorb pretty fast and makes my hands feel soft.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day