31 October 2023



this time around I only finished up some smaller tubes of products. Some of them I really liked and some I just finished to be gone.

First green tube is Biotherm Aquasource gel intense regenerating moisturising gel and second is Aquasource night spa, triple spa effect night balm. They are both thicker gel formulas but the night spa is a little richer and I liked it a little more than the first one. So I went ahead and already bought the 50ml but I was a bit disappointed because I expected the same packaging just larger, it feels more hygienic to squeeze it out. I like the fast absorbing texture of both products and my skin seems to really enjoy it as well.

The next two tubes are the same product, one of them I purchased in a set, the other one came free but otherwise they are exactly the same. They are Bloom & Blossom wonder worker multi-tasking balm. To me they are a little too greasy but someone with super dry and cracked skin really enjoyed it. It feels like butter in a cream formula and on me it just doesn't get absorbed and my skin stayed greasy. I will not be buying it again because my skin just isn't dehydrated enough. The scent is creamy with some lemon thrown in the mix.

The very last tube is Bloom & Blossom hands up age-defying hand cream. At first it also feels a bit greasy (not as much as the multi-tasking balm) but it sinks in and I don't feel slippery or greasy. I had it at work and my coworkers also used it and they all liked it, even my sister mentioned lovely formula and the scent. This one also gets raving reviews from me and I'm already eying the big tube. 

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

15 October 2023



this last part of the year is flying by like crazy, it is hard to believe that we are already in the middle of October and the time hit me hard again because I only used up four items.

Ziaja Bubble Cola shower gel is a staple in my hair routine because I use it as a shampoo. It thoroughly cleanses my hair and leaves them silky soft and glossy, for me it just works plus the Cola scent is just lovely. It is not overpowering but when I go to bed I just get a whiff  of it and I like it a lot. The only slightly negative comment is the deep brown color, to me this particular shade doesn't really scream clean but I can see why they pick it up.

The next is another Ziaja body wash. This one is Fruity Cranberry & Wild Strawberry, it is bright red coloured liquid which smells very nicely fruity and berry like (not particularly Cranberry or Strawberry like). I used it as a body and hand wash (I poured some of it into the hand soap dispenser) and used it up pretty fast. The thing is that while using it the scent wasn't pronounced and I was a bit disappointed because I expected the scent to be stronger, more Strawberry like.

Tall and slim bottle is Bioderma Hydrabio serum moisturising concentrate for very dehydrated sensitive skin which was a gift with purchase. The texture is gel like and lightweight but it does take a while to get absorbed, my skin looks a bit wet afterwards. Did my skin looked and felt extra hydrated after using it? I would say no but the texture felt nice. With this product I really don't know if it did much for me so right now I would say that I would not repurchase it but I will see if my skin will start to miss it and I will then decide if it is worth it.

And the very last item is Catrice Ultra Fast fixing spray and this has to be my second used up bottle and if I tell you that I already have five backups and I just ordered five more... you would think I'm nuts but I am telling you that this item is really that good. It feels like I have hair spray on my face which is a bit weird but I got used to it. My make-up lasts longer with this fixing spray on it than it does with any other sometimes even more expensive products.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

01 October 2023



this batch of empties is quite large, I managed to finish up to 8 items and there are a few more just waiting to be gone.

Here I have one of my favourite perfumes which is Lancôme Hypnose. Such a lovely powdery passion fruit scent, I seriously can't get enough of it. I already have a new bottle but before cracking new bottle I will wear some other fragrances just to prevent getting sick of this particular scent.

Batiste dry shampoo is a staple in my bathroom. It is so easy to fix the hair with it and make them look more presentable through the day. I went through a numerous bottles of Batiste dry shampoo and this particular Cheeky Cherry is my second favourite (my first is still Peony but there are a few different scents which share the no. second spot). I already have a few backups in various scents.

Avon Avocado replenishing body wash is a lovely creamy product. This is already my second bottle and I have two more backups. I love the slightly thicker texture (it is not runny like water, if you are clumsy like I am then spilling it into the drain it possible) which makes this product last so much longer than the rest of body washes plus the scent is a creamy heaven to me but nothing too overpowering. Great for calming me down after a long day at work.

Next is Holika Holika Green Tea face wash. It looks like a cream which foams a little when mixed with water. It is gentle jet effective. This is my second tube and I wanted to get a new one but the price went up so instead I purchased a different one to try out but I will be on a lookout to get it again once the price drops.

Ebelin nail polish remover, I think this one is pretty basic but it works for me. It is very inexpensive and easy to get, I already bought myself a new bottle of it.

There is Aloe Vera Fruit of the Earth gel, I have tried some other brands but I have not had such success as with this one. This one doesn't irritate my skin if applied on sun exposed skin, I also use it on dry and dehydrated areas or use it as a hair gel. This tube lasted me few years but now I got myself a bottle twice the size ;) I think it will last me a lifetime :)

Catrice HD Liquid Coverage foundation in Light Beige is my favourite, formula and shade wise. With this foundation I can choose lighter or higher coverage, depending on the day and I think it looks pretty natural  and not caked through the day. I personally have to set it with powder and reapply another layer of powder through my work day since my skin is oily but I think it still looks nice and the price is super low on it. This one is a massive love and I already have a few backups.

In front there is Avon Always on Point eye pencil in Molten Pewter shade. I love this self sharpening mechanism. It allows me to always have a sharp end, every time you twist the lid back it sharpens and I think it is genius. So, I love the packaging, the formula is creamy and it sets after a few seconds and the color doesn't shift all over. The color was one of my favourites, it was a cool toned green with shimmer and great on its own or over darker colours to add some shimmer, I would repurchase it again if possible.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day