01 October 2023



this batch of empties is quite large, I managed to finish up to 8 items and there are a few more just waiting to be gone.

Here I have one of my favourite perfumes which is Lancôme Hypnose. Such a lovely powdery passion fruit scent, I seriously can't get enough of it. I already have a new bottle but before cracking new bottle I will wear some other fragrances just to prevent getting sick of this particular scent.

Batiste dry shampoo is a staple in my bathroom. It is so easy to fix the hair with it and make them look more presentable through the day. I went through a numerous bottles of Batiste dry shampoo and this particular Cheeky Cherry is my second favourite (my first is still Peony but there are a few different scents which share the no. second spot). I already have a few backups in various scents.

Avon Avocado replenishing body wash is a lovely creamy product. This is already my second bottle and I have two more backups. I love the slightly thicker texture (it is not runny like water, if you are clumsy like I am then spilling it into the drain it possible) which makes this product last so much longer than the rest of body washes plus the scent is a creamy heaven to me but nothing too overpowering. Great for calming me down after a long day at work.

Next is Holika Holika Green Tea face wash. It looks like a cream which foams a little when mixed with water. It is gentle jet effective. This is my second tube and I wanted to get a new one but the price went up so instead I purchased a different one to try out but I will be on a lookout to get it again once the price drops.

Ebelin nail polish remover, I think this one is pretty basic but it works for me. It is very inexpensive and easy to get, I already bought myself a new bottle of it.

There is Aloe Vera Fruit of the Earth gel, I have tried some other brands but I have not had such success as with this one. This one doesn't irritate my skin if applied on sun exposed skin, I also use it on dry and dehydrated areas or use it as a hair gel. This tube lasted me few years but now I got myself a bottle twice the size ;) I think it will last me a lifetime :)

Catrice HD Liquid Coverage foundation in Light Beige is my favourite, formula and shade wise. With this foundation I can choose lighter or higher coverage, depending on the day and I think it looks pretty natural  and not caked through the day. I personally have to set it with powder and reapply another layer of powder through my work day since my skin is oily but I think it still looks nice and the price is super low on it. This one is a massive love and I already have a few backups.

In front there is Avon Always on Point eye pencil in Molten Pewter shade. I love this self sharpening mechanism. It allows me to always have a sharp end, every time you twist the lid back it sharpens and I think it is genius. So, I love the packaging, the formula is creamy and it sets after a few seconds and the color doesn't shift all over. The color was one of my favourites, it was a cool toned green with shimmer and great on its own or over darker colours to add some shimmer, I would repurchase it again if possible.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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