31 October 2023



this time around I only finished up some smaller tubes of products. Some of them I really liked and some I just finished to be gone.

First green tube is Biotherm Aquasource gel intense regenerating moisturising gel and second is Aquasource night spa, triple spa effect night balm. They are both thicker gel formulas but the night spa is a little richer and I liked it a little more than the first one. So I went ahead and already bought the 50ml but I was a bit disappointed because I expected the same packaging just larger, it feels more hygienic to squeeze it out. I like the fast absorbing texture of both products and my skin seems to really enjoy it as well.

The next two tubes are the same product, one of them I purchased in a set, the other one came free but otherwise they are exactly the same. They are Bloom & Blossom wonder worker multi-tasking balm. To me they are a little too greasy but someone with super dry and cracked skin really enjoyed it. It feels like butter in a cream formula and on me it just doesn't get absorbed and my skin stayed greasy. I will not be buying it again because my skin just isn't dehydrated enough. The scent is creamy with some lemon thrown in the mix.

The very last tube is Bloom & Blossom hands up age-defying hand cream. At first it also feels a bit greasy (not as much as the multi-tasking balm) but it sinks in and I don't feel slippery or greasy. I had it at work and my coworkers also used it and they all liked it, even my sister mentioned lovely formula and the scent. This one also gets raving reviews from me and I'm already eying the big tube. 

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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