15 November 2023



this time around there are just body products and all of them were nice items, some better than others but in general I enjoyed using all of them.

First is a big bottle of traclemoon body wash in the Honeycomb scent. To me it smelled more like caramel, it did smell nice but Honey is what I was looking for. I love Honey, Caramel slightly less so I won't repurchase it but it was a nice product. I might try some other scents that they have but not this one again.

Next to it is The Body Shop Satsuma body oil, I used it for massaging and nourishing my skin, it smelled very nice and I loved that the product wasn't too greasy. I would get it again but I think this scent isn't available again... I have to check.

Smaller bottle is old Evelin 8 in 1 multiregenerating post-depilation oil (there are 7 different oils included and vitamin E, majority of them have calming and soothing properties). I actually liked the concept, it didn't burn me but I also used it slightly different way than expected. I liked to apply it on still wet skin and it worked really well for me but I also think that this particular mix is nothing too special and any other oil would work as well so probably I won't get it again except I find it on sale.

Next are two Avon care coconut hand creams. These are some of my favourites, formula and scent wise. They are fast absorbing and nourishing even in cold weather so I will definitely be buying them again, mine are just in a limited summer packaging.

The very last item is Afrodita's Blueberry hand cream which I purchased while at work. I noticed that I forgot my hand cream and my skin got parched, I just couldn't wait to get home so I purchased something. It was a nice nourishing cream with no particular scent. Nice but not exceptional, I prefer the creams mentioned previously.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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