31 October 2016



and welcome to the second part of my empties. On most of these items I have been working on for a longer period of time and it just happened that I used them up all at once.

I don't think I used up any hand creams recently so it was nice to see this one go. My hands are getting more dry so I will maybe use one or two more till the end of the year. This baby sized one is from LCN and it is named Nederland. It was also scented, they described it as a fresh ocean scent but it wasn't so obvious. The texture was light enough and fast absorbing if I applied a little at the time. It will be missed but I'm not sure where I can get it (I still haven't checked if LCN hand creams are available in my country). If I can find it I would repurchase it.

Next, there is a see through bottle from Krasna and this is their face cream. It had lovely lavender scent and great packaging, that is bottle with a pump. One pump was enough to cover my face and neck with it. In warmer months it was a little heavy so I used it only at night but now I can use it also in the morning but slightly less than a whole pump. At first it feels a bit oily but it sinks in, I don't know what kind of magic did they use but I haven't seen formula like that before. Beside moisturizing it also manged to calm down my skin and I really appreciate that but I don't know if I would repurchase it. I found great night and day cream for much less. Maybe I would get it next year in Autumn if I will get my hands on some discount coupons.

In the background there is Etude House Royal honey sheet mask. This time I only used one and I liked it. I don't know if I can properly judge it after one use only but my experience was nice. First, it smells like acacia blooming tree (in the back of our family house there is a big acacia tree so this remind me of my youth) which is divine on its own but there is enough liquid left in the packaging, after I took the mask out, that I used it on my face as a serum for the next week. I think you get much more than just one sheet mask in one pack so I'm excited to use the other two that I have left.

On this Avon Skin so soft enhance & glow body lotion I won't loose too many words since I already talked about here. It was tinted and shimmery lotion (not a self tanner) which was supposed to give your skin a nice glow but I am slightly too fair so I had to use it very sparingly. I was using it in the Summer but since I used so little I managed to completely use it up only now in October. I think this is still available but I won't buy it again.

Second to last is little round pot with red cap and it is Avon extra lasting cream eye shadow in Totally Taupe. I posted swatches and everything here. I loved the rather unusual color but mostly I liked that it stayed put without a primer and I have extremely oily lids. For me this is a little hero in a pot but before I used it up it dried and it was beyond repairable. I don't know if Avon still makes these, I know they released five new shades in Summer but they come with a black cap (not under extra lasting line) and they just came out with six metal inspired colors which didn't really caught my eye.

The last item is from Essence and it is their Stay with me line of glosses. They are already discontinued but the formula was superb, great scent and taste, super glossy and they manged to stay on my lip for longer than any other gloss. I have yet to find some similar glosses in their current range. My used up shade was called Pretty Witty and it was very pigmented raspberry shade, it wasn't my favorite because such bold colors are hard to maintain but I used it around the house or if I had some short errands to do. I would definitely buy some everyday shades if this line would still be available.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

30 October 2016



it is almost the end of the month and I'm back with my empties post. It will be divided in two parts, simply because I used too many things and this post will already be long.

First one standing is Mixa cleansing micellar water for sensitive and reactive skin & eyes. It was a clear and scentless watery liquid which I tried to use as a make-up remover and it didn't do to well, it only manged to push make-up around but it didn't remove much. They also have the regular one which I haven't tried yet but this one didn't give me much hope. I eventually used it up after make up wipes and face wash, just to make sure there is absolutely no make up left and also to slightly moisturize my face after extensive cleanse. It did calm down and moisturized my skin but not enough, so next time when I will shop for cleansing water I will skip this one.

Natura Siberica makes this tonic lotion which still leaves me a bit puzzling at how to use it properly. You see, the texture is creamy like cleansing milk but the instructions at the back tells you that you put it on a cotton pad and apply all over clean face. It is not meant to clean but to moisturize and I'm just not used to using such creamy products as moisturizing toners. The texture of the product don't match what it is supposed to do, at least not for me but after two or three weeks I got used to it until I figured it out that it was causing my skin to break out, heavily. I finished this product in the shower where I mixed it with my body wash. I definitely won't repurchase it again.

Next we have Avon Anew genics dark circle corrector eye cream. I feel like it wasn't so long time ago since I started using it. It had an interesting safety opening which is convenient for traveling but I still manged to squeeze some product into the cap. It had a little pigment pearls in it which camouflaged some under eye darkness, I'm pretty fair and the shade wasn't to dark. I appreciated the formula as it was moisturizing but at the same time it sink in really fast. I would repurchase it again but considering not so low price tag and how fast I used it up, I will try something else next time.

I finally finish this sun cream which is from Lavazon sonnen fluid SPF30. I talked about it in May and since I figured it out that it breaks me out I was using it on my hands whenever I went out. Someone might thought that I haven't used much protection since this bottle is small, 50 ml, but I was using some other creams in conjunction. It was alright for my body but definitely not okay for my face.

The last item is old Avon Super Shock lip gloss in the shade Melon Madness. These bottles are huge, they hold 12 ml of product and I manged to use maybe a quarter. The scent remind me of melon so first I thought there is connection with the name (I bought two other shades and they all smell the same) but it isn't. The scent is still nice though. The main issue is the color. Don't get me wrong, I like coral glosses and even the little golden shimmer doesn't bother me but this is so pigmented, basically the color you see on the photo is what you get on your lips and you can't sheer it out much. I figured that I haven't use it in over a year so I think I won't miss it. I like this line of glosses and if they would still be available I might pick some shades but only if they are light, sheer.

Stay tuned for second part of my empties.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

28 October 2016

Glow, just glow


I recently got and bought a lot of new things and it is hard to start testing everything out, talk about first world problems ;)

From Avon I purchased Glow bronzing pearls in the shade Glow. It comes in the same type packaging as the limited edition shade Warm Coral.

This one also contains three different colored pearls. I suppose you can use them separately but it is easier and more enjoyable to swirl my brush in there and apply the mix of colors directly on my face.

First is a highlighting shade and it is pretty yellow and shimmery, not as much as it is in the Warm Coral box but still.
Next shade is very coral toned and I think it would make a lovely blush color, it is also a little shimmery and not a flat matte shade.
The last swatch was made with the darkest pearl and it is very warm, terracotta brown which is matte.

The last stripe is made with all three colors mixed together. I did swatch it a bit bolder so you can see better but on the cheeks I tried to blend it out. I think the color is nice if your skin is medium with a warm undertone but I'm a fair lady and it does not suit me. I tried to use only a tad on my cheeks and blend it out but it didn't work, I looked like I got sunburned and it remembered me how I got a massive sun burn on my face a couple of years ago and the memory is't pleasant. 

My affection over pearl cheek products is definitely growing but unfortunately I can't cope with this particular product because of the color mismatch but if your skin tone is darker and you enjoy trying new products I would really recommend trying this one.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

25 October 2016

Avon package


since I haven't buy anything from the previous campaign I decided to splurge a little more on this one. Some of the items are a necessities some are make-up and I haven't decided if I should keep everything but I will know more after properly trying everything.

First I have two 'new' products, I think they are actually old just in a different packaging. Me and my sister bought the whole set but split it. I got naturals milk and honey scented body spray and handy hand cream (sister took the lotion and body wash). After a first sniff the scent is the same as it was in the old line and if you are a fan of honey this would be for you.

Next I have two humongous senses bottles, each hold 720 ml and they should last me for a while but I will use at least one of them as a hand soap. I went with one of my favorites Garden of Eden and the other one, Heaven Harmony, which smells just like lily of the valley. I haven't have this one before but I can already tell that I will love it.

The last two boxes are my treat items, that is how I see make-up, as treats. I already have bronzing pearls but in a limited edition shade Coral Glow, this time I picked up the standard color and it is simply named Glow. It is supposed to be a summery bronzer and I wonder if I will be able to pull off this color (most of Avon lightest shades or one shade fits all don't match me because my skin tone is too light), if it will turn out weird I will return it but I will make sure I will show it on the blog first.

The last box contains color correcting pearls and the concept seemed interesting enough to give it a go. The box contains five different types of colored pearls, the idea is to mix them together and apply all over. I think they are a little too shimmery for that but maybe they will work as a highlighter, we will see.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

24 October 2016

Rosa Pesca


I decided to break down my series of Cosnova previews and new products in my stash by showing you one of my blushes up close but my next post will most probably be another haul.

On of my most recent blushes is Deborah hi-tech blush in the shade Rosa Pesca. I purchased another shade and if you missed that post you can find it here.

This shade is very pigmented (swatch above was made with only one swipe without any primer) and as a very pale person I can say it is a bit hard to use. I have to be super careful and make sure that the brush touches the product ever so slightly, it is better to build up the color because you can't really take it off. On busy mornings I definitely don't have that extra minute to blend this blush out, so I use something else but if I have the time this color looks very nice and I would say even flattering on my complexion, so it is worth keeping it around.

Again, this shade also isn't matte. It has some tiny silver shimmer but on the cheeks it comes of more as a glow than shimmering madness (Victorian Rose is a lot crazier in terms of reflecting specks). I like that because matte can sometimes be so dull, right?

This is not my personal favorite but I like it enough to keep it in my stash because I know I will get some use out of it.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

22 October 2016

Big surprise


I think I mentioned before that my sister is the best and she once again proved just how well she knows me with this huge gift from abroad. All of the items are from the brands which aren't available in my country so that makes it even better.

She took a trip to the The Body Shop and picked up this Wild Argan oil, the radiant oil for body and hair. I love oils and the scent on this one is amazing and I can't wait to start using it on my hair because the scent tends to stay longer if I spray my hair.

In the back is a lovely decorative box from Rituals with two mini perfumes. Voyage en Inde in a black bottle and Fleurs de L'Himalaya in a powdery pink. I will see how they perform on my skin and I will for sure take some more photos to show you how beautiful and simple the bottles are. BTW, this was gift with purchase so if you want to get it all you have to do is to shop at the Rituals...

Next is another Rituals item but this one is from Hammam Olive Secret line with refreshing eucalyptus and organic olive scent and it is a body wash but the lady in the store told my sister that because it contains clay a lot of people are using it as a face wash which is what I will try since I'm always trying to deep cleanse my face and what better way to do it than with clay, right?

I have never been in Kiko store and I almost said that I have nothing from them but now I remembered that my sister once gifted me a nail polish, so this item is not my first but it is my first skin care item from them. It is supposed to be micellar water for normal to dry skin and I will give it a go. There is never too much moisture, especially in Winter time.

In a round pot is a lovely light brown, Kiko eye shadow with some sparse shimmer in it. The shade is 122 Matte Beaver Brown and it looks like something I could wear without worrying about beeing too dark.

In a square pot is another Kiko single eye shadow but this one belongs to the wet and dry range, I got it in the shade 33 Pearly Golden Beige which is a beautiful yellow toned highlighter shade with tons of little shimmer. I love this type of colors for my inner corners and I can't leave it out but this shade has magnetic closure (I know this isn't anything new but this is my first and it feels more luxurious than it probably is).

The last item is from M.A.C. and it is their technakohl eye liner in the shade Raisinette which is a very dark brown and I think it will be a nice replacement for my black and grey pencils and it will look phenomenal with warmer toned shadows.

Whuh, that was a lot, right? It will take me a long time to properly test everything but it will be fun.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

20 October 2016

Catrice: Victorian Poetry, preview


today I'm showing you another preview but this time from Catrice. Enjoy.

Simple Opulence. Magnificent decorations and detailed stucco ornaments are typical of the ornate, Victorian era. The Limited Edition "Victorian Poetry" by CATRICE awakens from November 2016 to January 2017 the desire for the splendor of the bygone era. Many fashion designers stage the luxurious elegance with slim-fitting, high collar frilly dresses new and combined to modern, slightly transparent fabrics. These collections were the inspiration for the Limited Edition, which is dominated by soft apricot, warm nude and grays, lilacs and berry tones. Plain Magnificence - by CATRICE.

Victorian Poetry by CATRICE - Eye Shadow Palette

Victorious Beauty. Six highly pigmented powder eye shadow with silky texture. Various Shades ensure that the range can be used for versatile eye make-ups. Available in C01 NostalCHIC.

Victorian Poetry by CATRICE - Satin Matte Lip Colour
Lip Lyric. Lasting Lipsticks with high opacity in dark berry and pink. The lips do not dry out, while the silky matte finish perfects any look. Available in C01 Berry British and C02  Poetic Pink.

Victorian Poetry by CATRICE - Satin Matte Nail Lacquer
Pretty Ornaments. Five nail polishes in trendy colors that inspire a silky matt effect. The special decoration of the bottle and the Christmas gift tags provide festive flair. Available in C01 Berry British, C02 Poetic Pink, C03 Apricot Epoch, C04 and C05 Noble Nude Royal LavendERA.

Victorian Poetry by CATRICE - Matt Powder Liner
Grey smokiness. The matte gray Powder Eye trumps with loose pigments. For a simple job of fine sponge applicator ensures. Smokey Cat Eyes are guaranteed. Available in C01 AristoMATTic.

Victorian Poetry by CATRICE - highlighting Pebbles
Ray of Light. Fine Shimmer Pebbles of different sizes and different shades give a blurred complexion. For the radiant Glow provide light reflecting pigments. Available in C01 Queen Victoria Is Amused.

Victorian Poetry by CATRICE - Beauty Purse

Royal Highness. Ideal for, on the go 'is the small purse - so are the main Beauty & Lifestyle Accessories always there. With high quality metal closure and a unique look absolutely indispensable.

Catrice spoils us jet again. The palette design looks lovely but I'm not totally sold on the shades, lipsticks looks very festive but I doubt I would wear them enough so probably I will pass them but with nail polishes the story is totally different. They did something special with the bottles but how practical will they be to store? No matter, the colors appeal to me and I just might pick all five shades. Powder liner is not something I'm interested or the bag (I have enough make-up bags) but the highlighting pebbles caught my eye. On some photos it looks quite peachy and I wonder if us fair girls could use it as a light blush, that is something I would be interested in.
So, I can't wait to see this LE in stores, what about you?

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

19 October 2016

Essence: The little x-mas factory, preview


Dear Santa! essence has received all Christmas wish lists and Santa’s hardworking elves are doing everything in their power to prepare the perfect surprise. The result: the new trend edition “the little x-mas factory”, which will be available in stores from November to December 2016 to make all your beauty dreams come true. Classical colors like gold or pine green are combined with cool pink. The absolute X-MUSTS are the eye shadow palette, two mini hand creams with Christmassy fragrances and the “shimmering stars”. Season’s greetings from essence!

essence the little x-mas factory – eyeshadow palette

Melting away! The eyeshadow palette with five shimmering colors creates stunning eye make-up styles – and the pressing pattern on the texture is sure to make your heart melt, too. Available in 01 north pole express delivery.

essence the little x-mas factory – liquid gold eyeliner

Golden times. The liquid eyeliner with a long applicator creates golden eyeliner styles for a glamorous look. Available in 01 ho-ho-ho.

I wonder what kind of tip it has and how yellow it will be, I guess we will have to wait a little.

essence the little x-mas factory – liptint

Under the mistletoe! The liptint stains the lips in a gorgeous bright pink that is sure to last. Available in 01 all i want for x-mas is you.

essence the little x-mas factory – lipbalm

Happy holiday! The lipbalm in a small tub provides the lips with moisture and a hint of color in subtle rosé. Available in 01 merry kissmas.

essence the little x-mas factory – 2 in 1 core concealer

Elfin beauty! An elf-like complexion is not a problem thanks to the concealer - the transparent core evens out irregularities while the nude texture covers up impurities of the skin. Available in 01 elf-approved!.

essence the little x-mas factory – contouring palette

Fabulous face. The palette contains a dark color for shading and a highlighter shade to accentuate the features. With a cute gift-bow pattern on the surface of the texture. Available in 01 elf yourself!.

essence the little x-mas factory – shimmering stars

Little stars! The small, shimmering stars in highlighter and bronzer shades give the face a gorgeous glow. Available in 01 please, hurry down the chimney!.

essence the little x-mas factory – nail polish

Christmas colors. Gold with a foil finish, white with a light shimmer as well as pink and pine green without an effect are Santa’s favorites. Available in 01 i still believe in santa claus, 02 let´s take an elfie, 03 santa baby and 04 meet me under the mistletoe.

essence the little x-mas factory – nail jewelry sticker

Bling-bling! The stickers create a golden net on the surface of the nails to turn them into true gems! Available in 01 santa´s back in town.

essence the little x-mas factory – super rich mini hand cream
Delicious care. The two hand creams with a vanilla and cookie fragrance come in a practical mini-size to pamper the hands of all hardworking Christmas helpers. Available in 01 holiday hugs… and 02 …and mistletoe kisses.

essence the little x-mas factory – scented hair brush

Holiday hair! This small hairbrush with a subtle Christmas scent gives the hair a gorgeous shine. Available in 01 dear santa, it wasn´t me!. 

essence the little x-mas factory – eau de toilette

Smells like x-mas. The warm, sweet fragrance is reminiscent of the wintery atmosphere of cozy, beautifully decorated Christmas markets. Chocolate-Cranberry and nectarine in the top note, freesia and peonies in the middle note and caramel, vanilla and tonka bean in the base note are the characteristic ingredients of this eau de toilette. Available in 30ml, 01 it´s magic.

All in all, I think this is a lovely all round collection with a lot of special products. I will keep my eyes open for the eye shadow palette (not that I need more), lip tint, contouring palette, even though it is probably more of a bronzer. Shimmering stars are such an eye catchers and I wonder what a chocolate - cranberry and nectarine, mixed together would smell like. 

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

18 October 2016

Project polish


I'm really on a roll when it comes to nail polishes. This month I emptied two more bottles and that means 19 bottles less in my collection (I did purchase some but not that many this year).

First is H&M Dark Purple in a tiny bottle. I absolutely love this medium, cream color. It was dark and vibrant at the same time and if I could repurchase it I definitely would. Now I'm on a hunt to find similar shade.

Next to it is Essence Very Cherry from the Fruity limited edition. I still don't know why I picked up this shade because peach is not my favorite color to wear on my nails but I did liked the little pink dots which added some dimension and honestly, they were the reason why I didn't pass it on to someone else.

I now have three more bottles to finish till the end of the year and I have a felling it won't be too hard.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

15 October 2016



we are already hitting the middle of the month  and boy, oh boy, how time flies. I used up five full sized items and they are looking very colorful in the photo.

First is my beloved Avon SuperShock Max waterproof mascara in black. I had this one before but not in the waterproof version. I liked it a lot in the hot Summer but I feel like it dried too fast. Next year I will try some other.

Pink bottle contained my favorite dry shampoo which is Lee Stafford the Original (it comes out white). I like the scent and result but the price tag is a little too high for me at the moment but when money will start growing on trees I will repurchase it in a heart beat.

I talked about Avon Beautiful Butterfly lotion not long ago and I had nothing but good things to say about, well nothing has changed except the tube is empty. I already miss the fresh scent and I would repurchase it if it would still be available.

This is my second bottle of Le Petite Marseillais in the scent Lavender Honey. I have a pot of lavender honey in my kitchen and the scent is not that similar but it is equally enjoyable. This body wash definitely made me excited about taking shower and if I will see it on sale I might pick it up again.

The last tube is also Avon item and it is their Ultra Shiny Tubes gloss in the shade Peach Perfection. When they came out with them I purchased 6 shades and this is my third tube of it and it was one of my favorite. It had sweet scent and also taste, the color was barely there and because of that it was easy to reapply while on the go. It will be missed.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

13 October 2016

Oriental Beauty


days are getting cooler and I feel like wearing bronzer. Is bronzer exclusive to Summer? Or we can play with it when the Sun isn't warming us? I think we can wear it no matter the season, it depends what kind of make-up we are wearing and how we feel like, right? I don't always feel like a blushing doll but would rather relax somewhere by the pool with a fresh lemonade. Make-up makes me feel like myself even if I don't look like me.

A while ago Essence came out with this lovely LE Lights of Orient, which completely went by me. I only saw two bronzers on a dusty shelf. The lighter version seen better days since it was smashed into loose powder so I decided to adopt the darker color named Oriental Beauty.

Brown bronzer shade is matte and in the middle is a beautiful golden highlighter which you can mix together or use separately. I like the given option even though I always mix them together just because I'm not into matte textures.

First stripe is matte bronzer alone and you can see how dark it is against my pale hand. Middle streak is a beautiful but not overly shimmery highlighter and the last swatch is a mix and I personally think it is a very beautiful shade with just enough glow, however it is still a bit dark and I have to be super careful and my blending game has to be strong in order to disguise all the possible lines also not to forget about the perfect light. I don't want to get out on a broad daylight to see my cheeks reminiscent toasted brown shade.
Packaging is simple and effective (just how I like it) and it is great that they had some other skin tones in mind, I can only blame myself for purchasing the wrong shade for my complexion but my middle name is Superwoman and somehow I managed to make it work. Like I mentioned I am super careful and rather use a tiny amount and blend it out nicely. It also makes a great crease shade for my eyes or if I feel like I can use it all over my lid, that is multitasking at its best.

So, underline this is a wonderful product I just got the wrong shade but Essence makes great products and bronzers are among them. My favorite is still my first one which sadly got discontinued but I'm sure they will soon come out with something similar and just as awesome.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

11 October 2016

e-bay purchase


today I  could say another day another package. I placed my last two orders at the same time but this package arrived a little later but everything was okay, nothing was damaged.

Both of them are repurchases, the bright pink tube is Skin 79 Hot Pink BB cream which I already had before and I picked it up again because I was missing it. I noticed that they changed the packaging but I hope the product stayed the same.

The other thing is my third bottle of A'pieu NonCo Tea Tree Oil. I haven't used up my second one but I like to be prepared since the last time when I ran out of it my skin freak out and I just don't want that to happen again.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

08 October 2016

42. NOTD


one of my favorite nail colors to wear on my nails has to be light lilac color and this year I haven't wore it at all (in the project polish I had darker, more muted lavender shade), so I decided it is time to pull one of my favorite babies out and play.

This is Essence Blossoms etc. LE nail polish in the shade Bloom a Loom. In the bottle it looks like it has small lilac/pink shimmer but it does not transfer onto the nails so it has a proper cream finish.

On the nails it looks a tad brighter than in the bottle and it doesn't bother me. This type of lavender is my favorite and I actually have another bottle of a very similar color so I won't be too sad when it will be gone.
I had some issues while applying it, it is probably just because it is old and pastel shades aren't exactly know to apply buttery hence slightly poorly executed result.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

07 October 2016

Tony Molly egg pore silky smooth balm


did you ever wanted to have a Hen which lays golden eggs? Well, I don't know where you can get chicken like that but you can buy golden eggs.

This is Tony Molly egg pore silky smooth balm (face primer) in beautiful and also big golden egg.

When you open it up the design doesn't fall flat but it continues. Yellow plastic/yolk part is removable and inside is the actual product.

The texture is really balm like and has no scent. At first it looks white but when it melts into your skin it goes translucent.

If you see how much of the primer I took out compared to my hand, that is the amount for the whole face. A little of it goes a long way. First time when I used it I put too much and it balled up and looked yucky, so apply very little at time, you can still go back and use more.

Here I took some of it and bled it into my skin (right side of my hand) where my skin looks more blurred.
I should buy it sooner and test it in hot weather because now my skin is dry and this primer doesn't perform the best. I have to avoid dry patches on my face because it will accentuate them but on the other hand it makes my skin feel super soft. Primer has this silicone-y feeling but it doesn't smooth my pores, I think it does nothing about them.

In my opinion this primer is better when my skin will be oily which will happen in the Summer but for now it makes my face look even more dry and patchy. If your skin is oily all year round this could be for you but I will have to wait another six moths to start using it again.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

05 October 2016

e-bay package


a little surprise waited for me at the post office today. I ordered two BB creams one month ago and they finally arrived. One is a true favorite of mine, the other one I haven't tried yet but I had to order it since they traveled from so far and they would get bored if they would be trapped in a box alone, right?

They are both Holika Holika Petit BB creams. First is Aqua with SPF 25 and is new to me, I hope it will suit my skin. The other one, in a blue packaging is Clearing with higher sun protection, SPF 30, and I have been using it non stop since I purchased the first tube and I knew I needed a backup before it runs out.

In the next days I will try to replace Clearing with the Aqua to see if it is also that good or maybe even better.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

03 October 2016

Beautiful Butterfly


this year I'm flying through my body lotions. Almost every month I clear two bottles out of my large collection. I don't even know how I manged to collect so many. Around two weeks ago I started to use something new and it makes me sad that the tube is getting lighter and lighter.

Avon Beautiful Butterfly is the name of my current lotion. I know it is already a discontinued product (there is also perfume and deodorant available in the same scent) but sometimes I can still find it on sale pages. The texture of this moisturizer absorbs fast and it is so pleasantly scented that I want the perfume in the same scent. The scent alone is very fresh and I can detect some fruity notes without being too heavy. On my skin it kind of smells like I just got out of the shower and put some just washed clothes on. It reminds me of Spring when everything is in bloom and the air carries warmth and blossoms of thousands of cherry trees. The best thing about it is when I wake up in the morning and my skin still smells like it.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

01 October 2016

41. NOTD


today was such a lovely day and my manicure didn't match it. You know those days when you get a significant tip wear or maybe a chip here or there but you are not going anywhere so no one will see it? Well, that happened to me and since I'm a lazy person I almost didn't do anything but I feel strongly motivated by my project polish plan so I changed my nail varnish and now my tips look much better.

Essence nail polish from the Fruity LE, named Very Cherry. I still don't know why I didn't pick the pink version because I don't care for peach on my nails.

It is a light peach color with tons of pink 'dots' in it. I wouldn't call them shimmer because they don't shine, they are not sparkly. To me they look like a seed from an actual fruit, maybe not exactly cherry but something peachy with small seeds.

I used three coats because with two some bald patches are seen and I don't like that but three coats are a good thing with this type of polish because 'dots' looks layered and more dimensional with more coats.

I like the idea just the base color isn't my favorite.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day