15 October 2016



we are already hitting the middle of the month  and boy, oh boy, how time flies. I used up five full sized items and they are looking very colorful in the photo.

First is my beloved Avon SuperShock Max waterproof mascara in black. I had this one before but not in the waterproof version. I liked it a lot in the hot Summer but I feel like it dried too fast. Next year I will try some other.

Pink bottle contained my favorite dry shampoo which is Lee Stafford the Original (it comes out white). I like the scent and result but the price tag is a little too high for me at the moment but when money will start growing on trees I will repurchase it in a heart beat.

I talked about Avon Beautiful Butterfly lotion not long ago and I had nothing but good things to say about, well nothing has changed except the tube is empty. I already miss the fresh scent and I would repurchase it if it would still be available.

This is my second bottle of Le Petite Marseillais in the scent Lavender Honey. I have a pot of lavender honey in my kitchen and the scent is not that similar but it is equally enjoyable. This body wash definitely made me excited about taking shower and if I will see it on sale I might pick it up again.

The last tube is also Avon item and it is their Ultra Shiny Tubes gloss in the shade Peach Perfection. When they came out with them I purchased 6 shades and this is my third tube of it and it was one of my favorite. It had sweet scent and also taste, the color was barely there and because of that it was easy to reapply while on the go. It will be missed.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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