31 March 2022



it is the end of the month and this time I collected a lot of empty or almost empty items to 'display' them on my shelf.

A long time ago I purchased this Himalaya refreshing & clarifying toner (alcohol free formula). Back in the days I was swearing on tones and they were a big part of my routine but as I got older I pushed them aside and rarely use them. This one took me months and now I'm super happy for it to be gone. I even pour it into a spray bottle to refresh my face during the day but I quickly noticed that it wasn't meant for it because some of it obviously landed on my lips and it tasted bitter. I'm slowly working through my toner collection, I still have a few but this one won't be repurchased (not just the bitter taste but I also didn't notice any change in my skin).

Second item is much closer to my heart and it is The Body Shop Tea Tree night lotion. It had a typical tea tree scent and a light texture which absorbed quickly into my skin. It wasn't super moisturizing but it also doesn't claim that (I used some oils on top to help with moisturizing my thirsty skin or I just skip this lotion and used something more nourishing). My skin in general does respond well to this ingredient and this lotion wasn't an exception. I have another face mask and a serum with tea tree but once they are gone I will probably repurchase this lotion unless they discontinue it (like they did with the face primer from this line).

Next is my second tube of 183 days foundation in the shade Matt-eska. It actually was quite pale but also very sheer in coverage. I used it on my neck and chest so I don't 'waste' my favorite and slightly more expensive foundation. Also on my neck I don't need coverage just a little evening out and connecting my  face full of make-up to the rest of my body. This item is already discontinued since the brand doesn't exist but it did what I wanted and it was very inexpensive product.

Next is lovely blue tube with cute Elephants and the brand is called Spa Ceylon (you have to check their online page, they have the most amazing packaging and products in general). My sister gave me this as a gift from her Honeymoon and I loved it. Mine hand cream is in the Frankincense and Kafir Lime scent. To me it smelled masculine with a hint of fresh Lime. The formula was a bit thick, if I applied a bit too much it was hard to absorb but if I used just the right amount it sinked right in, moisturized my dry hands and didn't leave sticky residue all over. If this brand would be available here I would repurchase it and also get some other itmes from their vast range.

This lip balm from Blistex Happy Lips Mango which I had before (I bought two at the same time) and I have to say that this is not my favorite lip balm. There was also the Strawberry version and I liked that one better. This one smells divine there is no doubt in that but the formula is a bit hard and stiff. I prefer softer balms which just melt into my lips but this one I have to rub extra hard to get some on my lips and it also disappears fast and my lips are quickly dry again. Not the best formula for my dry lips but at least the scent was nice.

 I managed to finish another lip product and it is Catrice limited edition lipstick in the shade Be tender. Very glossy and jet still pigmented bright pink, thankfully with a thin layer I only got a wash of color and it looked very nice on me if I brag a bit. I also found this one to be more moisturizing than the Mango lip balm. I have two more shades from this collection left and shade vise I like them even better than this one, so I'm going to have a lot of fun.

The very last item is this super old Essence Extreme Lasting Waterproof eye pencil in the shade Rockin' Taupe. I fell in love with this shimmery/metallic taupe shade which looks quite natural on the eyes jet offers some definition. Formula is very creamy, easy to work with but then it sets and doesn't move. My pencil is years old and got a bit dry, also the last bit of the pencil broke and fell of and before throwing away the broken tip I made a thick swatch. This pencil isn't available but I managed to get 3 backups before they were gone for good ;)

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

26 March 2022

Cream-y Gold


I thought I will have a little sparkle today since it is such a lovely sunny day outside.

On the picture is Pixi by Petra highlighter in the shade Cream-y Gold. It is very golden indeed.

The lid twists away and reveals super shimmery golden highlighter which does look a bit creamy but it is not, it is powder.

Here it is a heavy swatch made just with finger with no base underneath. If I would want to wear it as an eye shadow it cold look like this, to me it resembles a molten gold. So shiny and almost metallic looking but if I use it with a brush on my cheekbones it looks more 'subtle' as seen below.

Here I managed to snap a photo of it on the sun (I applied it with my highlighter brush on bare skin) and it shows just how sparkling it is. If that is your thing then I can't recommend it enough but for me unfortunately isn't. I don't mind a little sparkle but this is too much. For a while I was playing with this idea to use it all over my body in the Summertime... but the thing is, I avoid any sparkly lotions because I don't like glitter all over my clothes... I couldn't find a good way to repurpose this highlighter so I will pass it to my sister and she can play with it.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

15 March 2022



mid month is a cleaning day for me, when I gather all the empty items and pour my thoughts about them here, on my blog.

Batiste makes excellent dry shampoos and this Rose Gold version is very nice. It is not my favorite, scent vise but I liked it. It has typical formula but the scent is what sets it apart. It was very powdery and floral a little too much for me but still nice, none the less. My favorite is still the Blush one (Peony scent). 

Body wash is from Avon senses range and it is their White Peach and Vanilla Orchid scent. Lovely,  warm and cozy Peach scent was great and I would get it again but the packaging was nerve wrecking. The lid was super hard to open and therefore I just let it open, probably some of the product evaporated but better than losing a nail. The formula on this one was very pudding like, fun to use as well so I'm excited to see the change in the packaging, I hope it will be for the better.

Next is my favorite shampoo and it is from Iliria and it is their Linden option. It is very inexpensive, smells a bit like the real Linden and cleanses my hair really well without stripping them completely. My hair are always silky soft and full of movement, it doesn't give any volume but I prefer the feeling of no product in my hair anyway. I'm already using new and larger bottle.

Second to last is The Body Shop Winter limited edition Love & Plums body butter. I remember having Plum body butter from them years ago and when I saw this 'new' one I just had to have it. I think it was very similar and I enjoy it very much but my love for thick body butters is slowly dying down, now I prefer lighter textures, more lotion like but this juicy jet comforting scent was very nice.

The very last item is Eveline expert C vitamin serum - injections. The pipette helps you with precision and the dark bottle help to protect the precious product. The scent is very citrusy and the texture is slightly sticky but it does absorb fast. My skin really benefits from it since my acne spots (red dots) heal and disappear faster while using this serum consistently. I already have a new bottle, it is from a different brand but I will definitely be buying more. 

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

12 March 2022

Glittery lip gloss


I purchased this lip gloss online and it looked like a beautiful light pink gloss with a little sparkle but when it arrived it looked way more glittery than I thought.

It is Trend it Up High Shine lip gloss in the shade 153.

Soft pink with tons of gold glitter. It comes in a 5 ml tube but it looks larger, I guess the packaging has thick walls.

The applicator is angled and carries a lot of product. The scent is also very strong and it resembles toffee, sweets I'm not too keen on.

It is a very sparkling gloss and the particles are large enough to be felt on the lips. I personally prefer less sparkle on the lips and more on the lids but some people like to have some extra shine on the lips.

The formula isn't very glossy, rather the glitter particles do the shine. There is barely any color to it and the scent is very strong. This gloss isn't one of my favorites, in fact I'm also thinking of passing it to my sister. I have a lot of glosses and there are others that I enjoy way more.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day