15 March 2022



mid month is a cleaning day for me, when I gather all the empty items and pour my thoughts about them here, on my blog.

Batiste makes excellent dry shampoos and this Rose Gold version is very nice. It is not my favorite, scent vise but I liked it. It has typical formula but the scent is what sets it apart. It was very powdery and floral a little too much for me but still nice, none the less. My favorite is still the Blush one (Peony scent). 

Body wash is from Avon senses range and it is their White Peach and Vanilla Orchid scent. Lovely,  warm and cozy Peach scent was great and I would get it again but the packaging was nerve wrecking. The lid was super hard to open and therefore I just let it open, probably some of the product evaporated but better than losing a nail. The formula on this one was very pudding like, fun to use as well so I'm excited to see the change in the packaging, I hope it will be for the better.

Next is my favorite shampoo and it is from Iliria and it is their Linden option. It is very inexpensive, smells a bit like the real Linden and cleanses my hair really well without stripping them completely. My hair are always silky soft and full of movement, it doesn't give any volume but I prefer the feeling of no product in my hair anyway. I'm already using new and larger bottle.

Second to last is The Body Shop Winter limited edition Love & Plums body butter. I remember having Plum body butter from them years ago and when I saw this 'new' one I just had to have it. I think it was very similar and I enjoy it very much but my love for thick body butters is slowly dying down, now I prefer lighter textures, more lotion like but this juicy jet comforting scent was very nice.

The very last item is Eveline expert C vitamin serum - injections. The pipette helps you with precision and the dark bottle help to protect the precious product. The scent is very citrusy and the texture is slightly sticky but it does absorb fast. My skin really benefits from it since my acne spots (red dots) heal and disappear faster while using this serum consistently. I already have a new bottle, it is from a different brand but I will definitely be buying more. 

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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