30 November 2015

Lovely rose petals


I just recently tried this illuminating base nail polish by Avon. In the bottle it appears slightly blue tinted so it counteracts with yellow stained nails. I have to admit that it works, when worn on it's own my nails look better, glossy and non stained. But when I put colored nail polish on top then things become tricky. If you think I decorated this photo with lovely rose petals...

Avon nail illuminating base coat

... well I would say look again. This is Avon nail illuminating base coat and I usually wear it on its own but when I decided to top it of with some nice reddish color it just came off.
I did my dishes and noticed that one nail was bare, I checked the rest and on some I noticed that polish started to lift and I pulled it and it came right off the entire layer came off. I have a feeling that they should add in the description that this is also peel off  base coat. Lesson learned. Next time I will try it with some hardcore sand finish or glitter polish. Do you have some similar experience?

Thank you for reading and have nice day

29 November 2015

Gift from my sister


I have the best sister in the whole world. She just came back from vacation and brought little something for me. I was expecting post card or some keychain but instead she gave me full bag of goodies that I like or I wanted for some time.

Zara Home fragrance Dark Amber

First is Zara Home fragrance, she has one and it is very subtle jet noticeable when you enter the room. What I'm trying to say is that it is not invasive but lingers in the air very naturally. She got me Dark Amber scent and it is lovely, I will probably put it in my living room but since my apartment is small it will fragrance the whole place.

Tabaiba aloe cream

Next is Tabaiba Aloe face and body cream. I use a lot of aloe on my face, body, I spray it on my hair, massage it on sun burns or mosquito bites. For me it is irreplaceable, usually I buy aloe gel but this one is more like a cream and has added different ingredients plus it is scented. I can't figure it out but it smells sweet like some candies, I like it a lot. I just put it on on my hands and it it nourishes the skin and the scent is to die for.

H&M beauty Pure Velvet Cream Blusher in Peach Rose

Lastly is the product I'm probably the most excited about. We have been talking to hunt down where in Slovenia they sell H&M beauty products but till now we still haven't. So she found one store abroad and got lost in aisles full of beauty products apparently it is overwhelming. So she brought me one Pure Velvet Cream Blusher in Peach Rose. So far I only wore it once but I think it will get a thumb up from me.  

Thank you for reading and have a nice day 

28 November 2015



yesterday I was talking about two Essence polishes that went bad. I only showed you the bottles but today I have photos of them on my nails. Feel free to Google away to check how they should look.

Essence I'm the boss

This is Essence I'm the boss and I remember this one to be a bit lighter and full of flakes. Now it is more foggy because you can barely spot them. It is still nice since I like grey on my nails but now it is just not special anymore.

Essence I'm bluetiful

This is Essence I'm bluetiful and it still appears vivid and full of flakes. I was excited to see that this one is not as affected as the grey one but I was up for a surprise the next day. Now they look almost the same on my nails. This one become more dull and darker. I'm sorry that I don't have any photos to prove you but I got some serious tip wear just after one day. It looks like that the staying power is also not as good as it used to be.
My plan for now is to wear them a little bit more often and used them up as fast as possible. Next time I will try to add something on top, something shimmery or glittery, after all December is almost here.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

27 November 2015

Can a nail polish go bad?


I have been asking myself that question for a long time and my answer was always no. Yes, they sometimes do get a bit thick but nail polish thinner can fix all that. I have always been storing my polishes in drawls in my room and they have always been fine until I saw those two bad boys.

Essence I'm the boss & I'm bluetiful

They are already discontinued shades by Essence. The first, grey one is called I'm the boss and the other one is I'm bluetiful. I have them for around three years now and a lot of others are even olden but they seem fine to me. 
The polishes still have nice consistency, they don't need thinner. The problem is seen on the outside. 
Can you see that both of them look a bit muddy on the bottom?

They both contains small white flakes (you can see it on the caps). I don't know what happened with the grey one but when I'm applying it the flakes are barely visible. It seem like they dissolved or something and the blue one lost its brightness. It almost looks grey once it is applied (the cap is supposed to match the color inside of the bottle and you can see how much different it is on the blue one).

Is it just me or have you experienced  something similar?

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

26 November 2015

Krasna bottles


today I have a little sneak peak of what's going to be on my blog in the near future. I'm testing and loving products you can see on the photo below.
I love the scent of lavender, actually it is on of  my favorite. If I see a product that has lavender in it there is 90% chance that I will buy it even if I don't need it. I also love the color, if you could saw my nail polish collection you would feel like you are standing on lavender field.

Krasna products

I think it was last year when I spotted this Slovenian brand called Krasna (click on the name and it will take you straight on fields of lavender). I bought a lip balm and I don't need to explain that I used it up pretty fast and loved it.
That was my first product and since it convinced me I had to buy a lot of other products as well (I have a couple more that are not on the photo above ;).
The packaging as you can see is very simple and plain, in my books that is a plus. It doesn't look cheap but well thought. Design is not distracting and lets the natural products that are inside shine. So far their product are only available in Slovenia, you can buy them in selected stores or online.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

25 November 2015

Cult product


I don't quite know why exactly it took me so long to finally try this product. Maybe because it is a cult product and everybody loves it and my previous experiences have thought me that that doesn't mean that it will work for me. It took me approximately half a year to buy it and then it was sitting in my drawl for a couple of weeks and now I finally used it. I only used it once but I already build strong opinion about it.

Batiste dry shampoo for brunettes 

This is Batiste dry shampoo for brunettes. In our drugstores there are available only the three colored versions. I choose the medium brown one and it blends in perfectly. I have blond strands mixed in so I think the blond version would also be ok for me. 
I would like to touch the scent first. I know everyone loves the scented ones but I have never heard anyone talk about these and their scent. To me this one smells like old socks. Not really nice, right? Thankfully this smell disappear and at least I can't detect it after a while. Other than that this product really is great. The best dry shampoo I ever tried. I love that it sinks in and it is not detectable. It doesn't make my hair overly matte like some others do.
They also kept the nice price tag, in Slo. drugstores it retails for 4,99€ which I think for a 200 ml is ok.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day 

24 November 2015

Tony Moly primer


today I will introduce to you my very first primer. I always thought that this is unnecessary step and I never gave any attention to them. Recently I decided to be more open about make-up and try new things (hello lip liner and blush). I choose this green  tinted primer to help reduce my redness.

Tony Moly Baby Doll Delight make-up base in Clear Mint

This is Tony Moly Baby Doll Delight make-up base in Clear Mint (there is also Clear Lavender version).  I noticed that my bb-creams apply better and I don't get as shiny/greasy as usually. It allows bb-creams to stay dewy but not overly greasy. 

The color is almost white with a hint of mint. It is more liquid as I expected but nothing I can't handle it. The tube holds 30 ml product and this will last me for a really long time since you need the tiniest amount. I don't think the green tint in it makes my skin less pink but because it is so pale it lighten up my entire face. The other shade, lavender, also looks so light that there is probably no reason to own both because they do the same thing, makes you paler. I don't mind the tint since I apply bb- cream on top and I look human again  ;) 
I like this primer but I feel I can't really judge it properly because it is the first I ever tried. Don't worry I already ordered another different one  ;)
I have one complaint about it. I know that it is not meant to be worn on its  own and there is a good reason behind it. I suggest to apply little by little because thicker coat is harder to move around and it doesn't blend in your skin properly. You end up looking all pale uneven and patchy, it really doesn't look good but when I start layering bb-cream they somehow melt together and the result is much better almost airbrushed.
I will continue using it because I like the finished result and so far it doesn't break me out.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

23 November 2015

Always on Point


today I'm coming back to you with an eyeliner that put a spell on me. It is a brand new product from Avon and I got a chance to try it out. Actually the packaging draw my intention because it is supposed to be self sharpening and second thing is that they came out with three new shades (I have checked the brochure and apparently only these three shades are available).

Avon Always on Point Molten Pewter

This is Avon Always on Point Molten Pewter eyeliner. I choose this shade because it looked special and unique plus I couldn't find any swatches online, probably because it is a new product so I just wanted to try it out. Before I start talking about the color I would like to say a word or two about the packaging. In order to open the pencil you have to twist the cap and there is a small tip (you can see it on the photo) you can not adjust it (you can't twist the pencil to get more product out). So you are operating with a tiny tip and when it wears off you twist the cap back on, twist it off and there is again the perfect tip. Because of that I have no idea how much product I have left. If my explanation isn't clear you can check this video in which you can see it better:

That on the photo is the sharpened tip, you can't make it pointier or longer and just for the reference I added a closer photo of the end of the pencil. This is colored plastic that matches the pencil. It does nothing else than display the color.

Avon Always on Point Molten Pewter swatch

The pencil itself is very soft and creamy, no eye pulling there (that is the reason that I would like to get the other two shades as well, Molten Rose and Molten Sky). It is very metallic and shimmery. The color is a mix between silver and khaki green. It has a dimension and creates effect that you are wearing at least two different shades on the eye. It looks great on the bottom lash line because it is light enough to open up the eye and metallic finish on the outer corner naturally creates a shadow.
The color also last. As I mentioned the pencil is super soft but it dries after a couple of minutes, shimmer does transfer a bit but the color stays put.

The self sharpening packaging works really well, I love the color and I am intrigue to try more shades form this line.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

22 November 2015

New glazewear lip glosses


I couldn't resist and recently I bought two more lip glosses from Avon core line. They came out with five shades and since I couldn't find decent swatches I took a plunge and ordered the shades that convinced me the most.

Avon ultra glazwear lip glosses in Mulberry (top) and Naturally Bare (bottom)

They are Avon ultra glazewear shades in Mulberry and Naturally Bare. I decided to go with pink shades since this color family is the least presented in my lip gloss collection. They both have typical texture which is not sticky at all but because of that they are also not as long lasting as I would like, but at the end I appreciate the feel on the lips and these glosses feel very pleasant and moisturizing. I knew that I will like them but wasn't sure about the shades and since Avon has great return policy I wasn't worried.

Avon ultra glazwear lip glosses in  Naturally Bare and Mulberry

The first shade is Naturally Bare and it is milky pink shade. This kind of shade that likes to settle into lip lines and if your lips are a bit pigmented it doesn't look good. My lips are unfortunately just like that, so I will return this unappealing shade.

The second one Mulberry is on the other hand gorgeous. It looks very natural and I would say it is the perfect mix of pink and naturally nude shade. I will wear it a lot especially with more bold eye looks or on days when I would like to wear something very natural. 

Thank you for reading and have a nice day 

21 November 2015

Dealing with hair loss? No more


today I have a magical product for you. If you are dealing with hair loss or just want thicker hair, brows or lashes then read on.

Afrodita cosmetics Great Burdock oil

This is Great Burdock oil. Mine is from Afrodita cosmetics and it holds 50 ml. I am using this oil for about three weeks now and I am sharing the news about this little miracle. This bottle is actually for my mom. I mentioned her this oil and now she wants to try it.

I actually haven't used that much of it and the results are fantastic. I use it on my hair before I wash them because after all this is oil and it will greased them out. 
I always part my hair on my right side and I started noticing that there are less hair and I can see more of my scalp, compared with the other side there was the difference and honestly I got scared that I'm getting bald (I'm only 25 years old). I started massaging oil on my scalp before washing it and after three to four uses I started to see baby hair. The results are almost instant and I didn't expect to see them so fast. 
I was shocked so I started to use it on my brows. One week later my brows are obviously bushier (I regret not taking the photo before and after the use) so now you will just have to take my word for it.
I also wanted to see what it does to my lashes but didn't quite know hot to get the oil so close to the eye but not get it in. My smart mother suggested to use q-tip. I'm not so sure about results because I haven't use it on my lashes for long enough to see any changes but even if my lashes are getting thicker I'm not sure I will notice it. We will see.

So for I am impressed with this oil and I can call it a miracle in the bottle. I suggest you to try it, you won't be disappointed.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day 

20 November 2015



I got bored of the matte surface on my nails so I decided that it is time to upgrade it with some sparkles.

Picture Polish Berry Nice & Essence Mauvellous Fairy

The base is still Picture Polish Berry Nice and on top I added a layer of Essence Mauvellous Fairy. It was part of a limited edition this year called Hidden Stories. First I used it on it's own but it was to sheer and I didn't liked it. Now, ten months later I decided to give him another chance, this time I layered it and the result took my breath away.

Actually it looks even better in person (if you like sparkling nails). The sparkles shifts from gold to pink and all the way to the purple. This top coat adds extra touch and every time I catch a shimmer of my nails it makes me smile. 

Thank you for reading and have a nice day 

19 November 2015

Shopping day


how are you? Today I had some errands to do and while I was in the city I jumped to the drugstore (actually I went into two different ones) to check whats new or if they have some nice sales going on.

As you can see I was successful  ;)
I wanted to try these little pots from Balea for a long time now and finally I picked up two scents.
Mixa cream is a repurchase, mine tube is still pretty full but apparently they are discontinuing it in one of the stores and it was pretty cheap so I just had to get it.
Afrodita's great burdock oil is for my mom since I told her that it is a magical product for me. She wanted to try it so I got it for her.
The rest of the products are new to me and when I saw the in the store I felt the urge to picked them up  and I will be testing them for the next few weeks. 

Thank you for reading and have a nice day 

18 November 2015



my nails looked a bit dated with the previous polish so yesterday I decided to switch them up. I choose the color I haven't worn for months (it happens when you have way too many bottles). It is special to me because I was lucky enough to win it in a giveaway a couple of years ago.

Picture Polish Berry Nice

This is Picture Polish Berry Nice. I won that giveaway and for the prize I could choose any three shades from their website. I picked this one up because I had nothing similar in my stash and I'm really glad that I did.

This is how it looks on the nails, it dries matte which I figure it out while I was painting it on. I believe this was the first one in my collection with this particular finish and I got to experiment with it. It is very pigmented and one layer could be enough but the second one makes it look better. 

Thank you for reading and have a nice day 

17 November 2015

Essence Sheer & Shine


I took a lot of time to properly try these lipsticks. I just couldn't set my mind about them. I like them but there is one little thing that bothers me but apparently others didn't noticed it so I feel like I can overcome this little issue I have about them.

Essence Sheer & Shine lipsticks in Candy love and I feel pretty

Essence Sheer & Shine lipsticks in Candy love and I feel pretty. I find packaging to be  nice. I love colored lids to recognize the shade that is hiding inside but it is also a bit minimalistic and more modern that previous packaging.

Essence Sheer & Shine lipstick I feel pretty

This is the shade I feel pretty and I do feel prettier when wearing it. On the lips it is not as berry as it appears in the tube but it is more red. It makes my lips look more plumped and if I don't exaggerate with layers it can look very natural (my lips are already reddish so this color just evens them out, moisturize and adds some shine to them).

Essence Sheer & Shine lipstick Candy love 

This is the more subtle one and it is called Candy love. I initially wanted the super popular All about cupcake but it was sold out so I got this one because it looked close. At the end I'm happy to get this one because I don't have light pink shades and I have been wearing mostly this one for the past two weeks. 

Essence Sheer & Shine lipstick swatches

This is how they look at the back of my hand. I swear that the pink one looks better on my lips, the color shows more. 

Everyone notice the light vanilla scent when they open them and I do to but I also notice a slight crayon scent and that is weird. When I apply them on my lips I can still smell it for a couple of minutes and I don't like that. If I take this weird scent out of the equation I would say that Sheer & Shine lipsticks are the most perfect lipsticks for my lips and taste.

I have been wearing them non stop, I put lip balm aside and haven't been using it and my lips didn't dry out so the lipsticks on their own are moisturizing enough. I love the colors I choose, red one creates a nice contrast against my pale skin and the pink one surprised me completely (I normally don't wear light pink on my lips but this one changed my mind about wearing such a delicate color on my lips).

I love that they stay glossy (I don't like matte finish on my lips). Due to the finish they translate a little onto the glass if you are drinking but don't worry. No matter how much you drink the color won't completely transfer to the glass to the point that your lips would be left bare (usually that happens with glossier products but not this one, that's why I love it so much). After two or three hours when you feel like you could reapply it the color is still on your lips, maybe it is not as bright as it was when you apply it but the layer is still even, pigment havent moved or created bare patches. 

All that makes me think that Essence really nailed it with them. If I couldn't detect that crayon scent (apparently I am the only one) I think I would toss pretty much all of my lipsticks out the window and replaced them with the ones from the Sheer & Shine line. You could say I am a little obsessed with them plus  they only cost 1,99€.

Thank you for reading and have nice day 

16 November 2015

Avon purchase


my much anticipated Avon package arrived. More lip products, who would of thought. I also snatched Avon's version of the in shower lotion which I will start using today. There is also Always on Point eye liner and it is part of their new release. It the collection there are three new shades and I choose only one. The shade looks unusual and I'm curious how this self sharpening packaging works. I will report about them soon.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

15 November 2015



for today I choose to show you a product I have a love/hate relationship. Yes it is only a sample but for what it is I think you get a lot of product in it and unfortunately for me some bad reactions as well.

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse is the product on the picture above. I got the little sample to test out and if you use it only on your face (you only need a drop or two) it will last you two-three months. I tried it on my face and I got pretty bad reaction to it. Skin around my mouth got really dry even flaky and weird bumps appeared. I didn't changed anything else in my routine than that but I still wasn't sure because everyone raves about this amazing oil. So I let it heal, it took three long weeks to finally clear out my skin and I used it again. The next morning I took a look in the mirror and bumps with super dry skin were back. Oh crap. 
Now I use it on my hair and on my upper body. No reactions (apparently only the skin on my mug is sensitive) and I am really enjoying it. The scent is surreal. A lot of people tried to describe it but I think you just have to sniff it yourself to see it. I can hardly imagine a person who wouldn't like this amazing smell. 
I will maybe buy a full size bottle to use it on my hair (it really is dry oil and it sinks in without adding greasy residue but you have to add just a little) to replace other hair oils I am using but mostly I would just skip the perfume and let this oil do the talking because the scent is out of this world.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day 

14 November 2015

Avon super extend winged out mascara


today I have two confessions about mascaras to make. I only use Avon mascaras because they have never failed on me. I can get them quite cheap (I honestly don't even know how much mascara costs in the store) and they really delivers what they promise. The other confession is that I don't throw mascara out after three months of use. I don't like my mascaras to be super wet and the texture gets just right after a month or two and since I don't use it every single day I don't feel the need to throw away a product that is still full and stinks just like the brand new one. Anyone else feels me on this?

Avon super extend winged out mascara

I have been using this one for a while now. It is Avon super extend winged out mascara (super long name that's what it is) in brown/black. I don't pick it up in standard black color because I feel that it would be to harsh on me even though this color is very dark almost black. 

It has rubber wand which is my favorite. I feel that this type nicely combs through lashes and really separate them. I don't like glued together lashes but I prefer something that individualize them and makes them longer. This baby delivers just that, it has fibers in so it really makes your lashes look longer. So far I love it and I will love it even more when the formula will dry a notch.
I am giving five thumbs up for this one.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day 

13 November 2015

e-bay order


I have been waiting for this package for a long time but now it is finally here. Be careful if you will ever order stuff from Korea that you don't exceed the highest allowed value of the package,  I did and I had to pay tax :(  so now all the things I ordered aren't as cheap as I expected. Next time I will rather buy less or at least wait that seller will ship my package and than ordered another bunch. Lesion learned.

I literally got these items today so I didn't even have the time to play with them but they will get my full attention. There are two brow pencils which are for my sister but she doesn't know that yet, it will be a surprise for her.
The other two products are for me and they are both from Tony Moly, one is a beautiful blush and the other one is a make-up base.
After I will try them I will post a short review if I like them or not.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day 

12 November 2015

daily moisturizer


today I have a simple one but very beneficial in my everyday routine. I will talk about my daily moisturizer which gives me enough moisture but it doesn't act greasy.

This is Neutrogena visibly clear oil-free moisturizer. The texture is just right not too liquid-y that you would have to store it upside. I don't need much product to cover my entire face and it nicely moisturizes and it sinks in after a couple of seconds. It leaves my skin matte but hydrated. I can proceed to apply my make-up right away. So far I haven't have any reactions and this is rare. 
I really don't have anything bad to say about it. If you have sensitive and oily skin I would recommend you trying it. 

Thank you for reading and have a nice day 

11 November 2015



today I had enough time to repaint my nails. I decided to go with a bit lighter color just to change things up. This is O.P.I. Moon over Mumbai. As you can see it is on the sheer side of life ;)
but I don't mind if it is a bit more sheer I think that it looks delicate and airy. I used three layers and they dried up really fast so I had zero problems with it.

O.P.I. Moon over Mumbai

Grey and lavender hues on my nails are my favorite, I'm not really picky with tones when we talk about these two colors. When (cheaper) brands release some I just have to get them. My eye is already focused on new Essence TE called All That Greys.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

10 November 2015

Salmon Nude


not that long time ago (maybe two weeks ago) I got into blushes. Before that I have never worn one but now I own three and today I will show you one that I think is my favorite.

Tony Moly Cheektone blush Salmon Nude

This is Tony Moly Cheektone blush in the shade Salmon Nude. I have to admit that I purchased this one without seeing any proper swatches online. I just liked the name and based on that I placed my order. On the picture the color is pretty darn close. I thought that it will be a bit more pinky-peachy shade since they named it Salmon but it looks quite orange-y but it blends in nicely. 

On my super pale skin this one looks amazing if I may say. It has no shimmer but still it makes my skin glow a bit and I blame this particular color for that. I think peachy blushes makes you look healthier and this one does just that. It revitalizes my complexion without looking unnatural. I would show you how it looks on me but my camera hates me.

Tony Moly Cheektone blush Salmon Nude swatch

Here it is on my hand and you can barely notice it. My face is a bit lighter than my hand and it shows a bit better but it is not super pigmented. I don't mind if the blush is not over pigmented I actually think this is even better because no one wants clown checks. It is easier to layer more sheer stuff than deal with crazy pigment at least in my opinion.
There are six more shades with lovely names such as Marmalade or Deep Kiss Lover or Wink Coral... for now I have enough blushes but when I will feel like I need one more blush  I will definitely cheek this line and pick some more Cheektone blushes from Tony Moly.

Thank you foe reading and have a nice day 

09 November 2015

Essence palette


today I will venture into eye shadows a bit. I recently got a discount for already affordable Essence palette. Of course I used it up but I wanted to get the nude one but it was sold out so I settled for the bronze one.

Essence All about Bronze palette

This is the new Essence palette All about Bronze. It contains 8 shimmery warm shades. The clear packaging makes it easier to find it in my drawer but I am missing a mirror.

I own one palette from the old line. They were also called All about... but they had only 6 shades. If I compare the two I would say that this one is way more pigmented than the old one.

Essence All about Bronze palette swatches

Like I already said they are all shimmery some more than others. I personally like the first and last one in both lines because they aren't as warm as the middle shades.  The four middle shades are all very warm and a bit orange-y. I would say that is just because I'm more used to wear cooler tones or at least not so warm ones.

At the end I would say that I'm happy with the palette. I think I can create a lot of looks with it and specially if I incorporate some other shades and mix them with the ones presented here. You just can't beat the price, the full price for it is 4,39€. I think I will pick up the All about Nudes soon.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day 

08 November 2015

tinted lip balm


today I decided to write about another lip product. More specifically it is a red tinted lip balm.

Avon tinted lip balm Soothing Strawberry 

This is Avon tinted lip balm in the shade Soothing Strawberry. Can we talk about the packaging first? It is the same as it is for the lipsticks but in the white version so you can distinguish them among your lipsticks. I love it and secretly I wish they would change all the packaging into white. 

Avon tinted lip balm Soothing Strawberry 

It doesn't have any scent but it does have a little bit of a taste. I can't put my finger at what it is because it is very faint but I would say it is a bit orange-y. I rubbed my lips before I apply it to make sure there is nothing on them and I swear it has a bit of a taste. It doesn't bother me but I do lick my lips more often than normally. 

The shade I choose was basic red, they also have hot pink and peach version (I might pick this one as well). The product is soft and very pigmented. You don't need to rub much, sometimes one layer is enough but if you want a bit better more even look two or three layers should do it. This is the most pigmented tinted balm I have tried. I have been using it all day long and it did created a bit of a stain, so now I use it a couple of times and then I layer it with a clear balm or gloss.
It is wet looking on the lips and it transfers onto the glasses but if you are careful it wears off nicely. 

I really like it, it is moisturizing and properly tinted. I love red lips so this is great for me. As I mentioned I might pick the peach-y shade as well because at the moment I love peach color on my lips.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day 

07 November 2015

Nivea in shower body milk


today I will talk about a product I keep in my shower. I won this product and I am happy that I did because I am not sure if I would pick it up myself. I am not a big fan of Nivea products but this one surprised me.

Nivea in shower body milk

It is Nivea in shower body milk. You keep it in the shower and after you wash yourself you apply it on your wet skin, rinse it of and tap dry with a towel. Afterwards you don't need to apply additional moisturizer. Well sometimes I still do because my skin is getting more and more dry and this one doesn't do enough. I feel that this product would be more suitable for hot summer days when you still need to moisturize but you don't want that greasy feeling. 
I love the scent of it. it is nothing specific but you smell like a clean person that just got out of the shower (I think they have regular body milk with this scent and probably I will pick it out to see if that one is better for more dry skin).
The texture is less liquid than a milk but still nice to disperse all over. I have to admit it is weird to apply moisturizer over wet skin and then rinse it off. I feel there is some residue left on it but it is far from being sticky or greasy.

I think it is a nice product, I'm especially in love with the scent but  my dry skin would appreciate this more in the warmer months.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day 

06 November 2015

ARTDECO eye shadow base


this time I will talk about my Holy Grail product. I have very oily lids and I tried a couple of other bases and nothing worked until this one came into my life. I heard good things about it and I decided to buy it and I don't regret it. I purchased it at the end of March this year and I still have tons of product left.

ARTDECO eye shadow base

It is ARTDECO eye shadow base. It come in this little pot which contains 5 g and costs around 6 or 7€. Quite cheap if you ask me. I would prefer different packaging because the more I use it the harder I get the product out. I am sure every lady with longer nails understand my issue. But none the less I figure it out and I manage to get the product out without getting it under my nails.

The product itself looks beige, skin colored but when I apply it on it doesn't really cover anything so it is more or less colorless but it does have some shimmer. Sometimes I use it on its own because I don't mind shimmer but if you prefer matte eye shadows the shimmer doesn't show through. 

Since I started using it I wear eye shadows on a daily base because now I know they will last all day long. It doesn't matter if I use cheap or more expensive eye shadows, matte or shimmery, loose pigment or cream product this little boy handles all of them. 
This has become my staple in my make-up routine and I will keep buying it. I recommend you to try it if you have oily lids and if you can find it in the store you won't regret it.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day 

05 November 2015

Avon Glossy Pencils


I finally properly tested these two boys and I have some mixed feelings about them. I will wear and used them up but they aren't so great as I expected to be at least one of them isn't.

Avon Glossy Pencils Glossy Ruby and Glossy Rose 

They are by Avon Color Trend and they are called Glossy Pencils. They aren't super big but because they are chubbier you still probably get a lot of product. The packaging is white plastic and at the bottom there is colorful ring that is supposed to match the product you get. At first I thought you can twist them up but it turned out that I have to sharpen them (what a bummer, sometimes I get lazy wit the sharpener).

The first one is called Glossy Ruby and the other one is Glossy Rose. They are really soft not so soft that they would break but when you put them on they glide and moisturize my lips while I'm wearing them. The formula is really nice. They aren't sticky or tacky they feel like a proper lightweight lip balm.

Avon Glossy Pencils Glossy Ruby 

Ruby shade looks a bit deeper but when I apply it on my lips it is not as dark as it looks in the packaging. It covers my lips evenly and fades away nicely. I feel it is a nice lip balm with red tint that is not as serious as lipstick might be but still not as overwhelming as sometimes lip glosses are. I know I will wear this beauty tons through cold autumn weather.

Avon Glossy Pencils Glossy Rose 

This next shade is called Glossy Rose. I don't know about you but when I see a lip product with a rose mentioned in the name I imagine something more pink but this one is warm beige with tons of shimmer. It even looks a bit frosty but is not as pigmented as the first one so I think it is not horrible. I didn't wore it on it's own but I ether top it of with a gloss or I added just one layer over some peach lipsticks to add a bit gloss and shine. This is not my preferred color or finish but I will make it work.

For the end I saved swatches. I took gazillion photos but none of them shows the colors nicely. Ruby shade is actually a bit more vivid but with the Rose one is what you see, barely any color just some shimmer.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day