13 November 2015

e-bay order


I have been waiting for this package for a long time but now it is finally here. Be careful if you will ever order stuff from Korea that you don't exceed the highest allowed value of the package,  I did and I had to pay tax :(  so now all the things I ordered aren't as cheap as I expected. Next time I will rather buy less or at least wait that seller will ship my package and than ordered another bunch. Lesion learned.

I literally got these items today so I didn't even have the time to play with them but they will get my full attention. There are two brow pencils which are for my sister but she doesn't know that yet, it will be a surprise for her.
The other two products are for me and they are both from Tony Moly, one is a beautiful blush and the other one is a make-up base.
After I will try them I will post a short review if I like them or not.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day 

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