07 November 2015

Nivea in shower body milk


today I will talk about a product I keep in my shower. I won this product and I am happy that I did because I am not sure if I would pick it up myself. I am not a big fan of Nivea products but this one surprised me.

Nivea in shower body milk

It is Nivea in shower body milk. You keep it in the shower and after you wash yourself you apply it on your wet skin, rinse it of and tap dry with a towel. Afterwards you don't need to apply additional moisturizer. Well sometimes I still do because my skin is getting more and more dry and this one doesn't do enough. I feel that this product would be more suitable for hot summer days when you still need to moisturize but you don't want that greasy feeling. 
I love the scent of it. it is nothing specific but you smell like a clean person that just got out of the shower (I think they have regular body milk with this scent and probably I will pick it out to see if that one is better for more dry skin).
The texture is less liquid than a milk but still nice to disperse all over. I have to admit it is weird to apply moisturizer over wet skin and then rinse it off. I feel there is some residue left on it but it is far from being sticky or greasy.

I think it is a nice product, I'm especially in love with the scent but  my dry skin would appreciate this more in the warmer months.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day 

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