21 November 2015

Dealing with hair loss? No more


today I have a magical product for you. If you are dealing with hair loss or just want thicker hair, brows or lashes then read on.

Afrodita cosmetics Great Burdock oil

This is Great Burdock oil. Mine is from Afrodita cosmetics and it holds 50 ml. I am using this oil for about three weeks now and I am sharing the news about this little miracle. This bottle is actually for my mom. I mentioned her this oil and now she wants to try it.

I actually haven't used that much of it and the results are fantastic. I use it on my hair before I wash them because after all this is oil and it will greased them out. 
I always part my hair on my right side and I started noticing that there are less hair and I can see more of my scalp, compared with the other side there was the difference and honestly I got scared that I'm getting bald (I'm only 25 years old). I started massaging oil on my scalp before washing it and after three to four uses I started to see baby hair. The results are almost instant and I didn't expect to see them so fast. 
I was shocked so I started to use it on my brows. One week later my brows are obviously bushier (I regret not taking the photo before and after the use) so now you will just have to take my word for it.
I also wanted to see what it does to my lashes but didn't quite know hot to get the oil so close to the eye but not get it in. My smart mother suggested to use q-tip. I'm not so sure about results because I haven't use it on my lashes for long enough to see any changes but even if my lashes are getting thicker I'm not sure I will notice it. We will see.

So for I am impressed with this oil and I can call it a miracle in the bottle. I suggest you to try it, you won't be disappointed.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day 

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