20 November 2015



I got bored of the matte surface on my nails so I decided that it is time to upgrade it with some sparkles.

Picture Polish Berry Nice & Essence Mauvellous Fairy

The base is still Picture Polish Berry Nice and on top I added a layer of Essence Mauvellous Fairy. It was part of a limited edition this year called Hidden Stories. First I used it on it's own but it was to sheer and I didn't liked it. Now, ten months later I decided to give him another chance, this time I layered it and the result took my breath away.

Actually it looks even better in person (if you like sparkling nails). The sparkles shifts from gold to pink and all the way to the purple. This top coat adds extra touch and every time I catch a shimmer of my nails it makes me smile. 

Thank you for reading and have a nice day 

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