17 November 2015

Essence Sheer & Shine


I took a lot of time to properly try these lipsticks. I just couldn't set my mind about them. I like them but there is one little thing that bothers me but apparently others didn't noticed it so I feel like I can overcome this little issue I have about them.

Essence Sheer & Shine lipsticks in Candy love and I feel pretty

Essence Sheer & Shine lipsticks in Candy love and I feel pretty. I find packaging to be  nice. I love colored lids to recognize the shade that is hiding inside but it is also a bit minimalistic and more modern that previous packaging.

Essence Sheer & Shine lipstick I feel pretty

This is the shade I feel pretty and I do feel prettier when wearing it. On the lips it is not as berry as it appears in the tube but it is more red. It makes my lips look more plumped and if I don't exaggerate with layers it can look very natural (my lips are already reddish so this color just evens them out, moisturize and adds some shine to them).

Essence Sheer & Shine lipstick Candy love 

This is the more subtle one and it is called Candy love. I initially wanted the super popular All about cupcake but it was sold out so I got this one because it looked close. At the end I'm happy to get this one because I don't have light pink shades and I have been wearing mostly this one for the past two weeks. 

Essence Sheer & Shine lipstick swatches

This is how they look at the back of my hand. I swear that the pink one looks better on my lips, the color shows more. 

Everyone notice the light vanilla scent when they open them and I do to but I also notice a slight crayon scent and that is weird. When I apply them on my lips I can still smell it for a couple of minutes and I don't like that. If I take this weird scent out of the equation I would say that Sheer & Shine lipsticks are the most perfect lipsticks for my lips and taste.

I have been wearing them non stop, I put lip balm aside and haven't been using it and my lips didn't dry out so the lipsticks on their own are moisturizing enough. I love the colors I choose, red one creates a nice contrast against my pale skin and the pink one surprised me completely (I normally don't wear light pink on my lips but this one changed my mind about wearing such a delicate color on my lips).

I love that they stay glossy (I don't like matte finish on my lips). Due to the finish they translate a little onto the glass if you are drinking but don't worry. No matter how much you drink the color won't completely transfer to the glass to the point that your lips would be left bare (usually that happens with glossier products but not this one, that's why I love it so much). After two or three hours when you feel like you could reapply it the color is still on your lips, maybe it is not as bright as it was when you apply it but the layer is still even, pigment havent moved or created bare patches. 

All that makes me think that Essence really nailed it with them. If I couldn't detect that crayon scent (apparently I am the only one) I think I would toss pretty much all of my lipsticks out the window and replaced them with the ones from the Sheer & Shine line. You could say I am a little obsessed with them plus  they only cost 1,99€.

Thank you for reading and have nice day 

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