15 January 2024



new year and a fresh start. Apparently I'm starting January with some new lip balms :) These below are really lovely and so far what I'm using doesn't get close to these three. 

I finished up another bottle of Catrice ultra last fixing spray. I love this one the most out of all of fixing sprays that I have tried. I love the long-lasting matte effect that it has on my face but it doesn't look flat matte. It almost looks like shiny skin but matte... it is really impossible to describe. If you are on a hunt for a new fixing spray and have oily skin I would suggest you to try it out.

On the bottom is Ahava time to hydrate essential day moisturiser. It had a lightweight feel and it absorbed completely into my skin in about 15-20 minutes. If my skin was oily it was hydrating enough but on days when my skin needed a bit more it just didn't cut it. Later I started layering it with more hydrating serums and then it was better for days when my skin needed some extra care. I don't think I will get it again even though it wasn't the creams fault but I should use it on warmer days. 

Lastly there are three lip balms which are completely used up. Yellow one is Crazy Rumor's Honey Comb. I am obsessed with anything honey related and I like the scent on this one, even though it is honey and floral scent. I had one from them before, it was the Grape Jelly flavour which was a bit softer in texture and because of that I prefer that one. This isn't bad at all but comparing the two I liked the softer, more buttery formula. I will definitely try more versions as soon as I use up some more balms.

The last two are reformulated Terra Nature lip balms (before they also had two and I loved one, the other one was just okay) and I was nervous to try the new versions. I hoped for the best and I can say that I love both of them :)  Nude one is Shea butter & Argan oil and the pink one is Shea butter & Almond oil. They are both super soft (they might melt in hot Summer weather but that is the kind of formula that I personally like). They both just melt into my lips and keep them nourished all day long, I like the glossy finish and the pink one has tiny, barely visible shimmer particles which only add to the glow. I honestly love them the most in my collection and when I saw double pack of the nude one I immediately purchased it, shame that I couldn't find the pink duo as well since I would get it as well. These two are my favourite formulas at the moment and I only wish for them to bring more flavours or if I stay more humble I hope they will not discontinue them.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day