30 April 2022



this month was quite successful when it comes to finishing up products and if the month would have a few extra days I could squeeze even more empties in...

Balea comes out with limited editions pretty regularly and this one I just couldn't resist. It is Follow your heart body wash with a Floral and Tropical Fruits infused scent. I mostly just smell a mixed fruit scent but it is lovely. In the past I had some and most of them had a bit of plastic scent to them but fortunately not this one. If I will find another bottle I will get it again.

Next is the lotion from Avon Today, Tomorrow, Always collection. Mine is in the Today scent which is so far my favorite. A beautiful creamy white flower scent (I also had a bottle of perfume), it was a nice addition (not particularly moisturizing but I bought it for the scent alone) and it was so nice to go to bed smelling like this white floral lady :) I think I will eventually get it again just because I like the scent.

Catrice Bronze away to Fiji (LE from 2021)and Sungasm (LE from 2020) make-up fixing sprays. I used them together because I wanted to see if they performed different on my skin but I haven't noticed any difference. I feel like they make them very similar each year and release them under new packaging. I still have one bottle left from last year which will last me long enough to get new one this year if they will release one this Summer...

Biore seems like such a popular brand oversees and when it arrived in our stores I was over the moon but it still took me months to buy something. At the end I picked up a mechanical face scrub (I purchased it a long time ago) it is their Rose quartz collection with active charcoal infused formula. I no longer enjoy scrubs on my face but this one felt very gentle so it was easier to use up but I also used it on my body just to finish it up faster. Needles to say that I won't buy it again but maybe I will get something else since I'm still interested in what this brand has to offer.

I also finished up two Catrice all matt plus face powders in Transparent shades (they are skin colored not white). I had one at home and another one at work for touch-ups and finished them at the same time. These are some of my favorites and very inexpensive but I think they quietly replaced them with different ones since I can't find these anymore...

The Body Shop shine lip liquid in the shade Strawberry BonBon which is a lovely soft pink with an actual candy scent but it has no taste. The formula is infused with oils but my lips still got dry at the end of the day if I was only using this product. The biggest setback is the longevity, this lasts half an hour on me, it is not sticky and the shade is great but reapplying it constantly is not my jam so I won't repurchase it.

The very last item has most of its writing rubbed off but it is discontinued Essence plumping nudes lip gloss in the shade Big Softie. Neutral toned nude with a hint of cooling and since I don't like tingling lip glosses anymore this slight effect was bearable. This lasted up to one hour (much better than the previous gloss) but I still wouldn't repurchase it since this brown/nude shade wasn't my favorite. 

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

15 April 2022



for today I only have four items but by the end of this month I will have plenty more to show in my pile of empties.

This first item has become my holy grail of face washes for me. This CeraVe foaming cleanser for normal to oily skin in a massive 473 ml bottle is absolutely amazing. I love the pump which keeps it sanitary and I get even application per each use (one pump is enough for my face), the texture is liquid enough to easily spread all over my face (I use it with damp hands and it 'foams' up nicely) and it really removes most of my make-up and my natural oils. My skin afterwards feels refreshed, matte but never dry or dehydrated. This huge size also lasted me up to 8 months and I used it in the morning and at night. My skin has become really nice, I still get an occasional breakout but this face wash never irritated my skin or gave me any kind of discomfort. I already bought myself a new bottle but first I have to use up some other face washes and then I get back to this one.

I think this is my oldest body moisturizer and that is the sole reason why I started using it still in the cold weather even though the scent is pretty summery. It is The Body Shop Virgin Mojito body butter. It did smell like it sounds and it was a nice scent, the formula was a bit on the thicker side which I don't like that much especially not in the warmer weather, so at the end I think it was better for me that I used it up in colder weather. I think this scent is already discontinued but if it would still be available I wouldn't get it again. Now I prefer lighter formulas (lotions and milks) and the citrusy scents no longer float my boat.

I'm pretty sure I purchased this in some sort of set because I also have the face wash from the same line, which is next in line to be used up. It is Avon planet spa Korean Charcoal cleanse and refine peel-off face mask. Honestly I don't see much benefits after using it. Yes, it is fun to peel it off and my skin does look matte but in the unhealthy kind of way. To me it looks like it just takes away the oil sitting on top of my skin, it does nothing about cleansing my pores and by now I'm just happy to throw this empty packaging away.

The very last is jet another empty tube of my beloved Neutrogena oil free face moisturizer. I don't know how many I have already used up (they are all well documented on this blog, I should just count them) but it is still my favorite to use in the morning under my make-up. It moisturizes and keeps my face matte for longer than any other face cream, plus it is quite inexpensive. All in all, an amazing moisturizer for my skin.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day