30 April 2017



today I'm finishing this month with the second part of my empties.

I will start with the Avon Advance Techniques Instant repair shampoo with keratin power. It is supposed to be for damaged hair and while my hair aren't in that state I used it because I thought that some extra moisture and care in general will do them good but when I used the shampoo on its own my hair looked a bit dry and straw-like. I also have and use the conditioner from the same line and in combination with the shampoo it made my hair better so, if I used the shampoo alone the results were not so good but if I topped it off with a generous layer of conditioner my hair looked normal. I think that the conditioner is really good but the shampoo is a fail for me. I still have some more of the conditioner left which I will probably repurchase but the shampoo is a no no for me.

I have been using this Avon Senses Sensual Mystique body wash with exotic Rose and Jasmine which I found at the back of my cosmetic drawl. I have been enjoying this wash and it makes me a bit sad that it is gone because I love everything Rose. I replace it with the fruitier scent but I will repurchase it soon.

Second body moisturizer for the month is Avon Skin so Soft endless touch soothing gelled body oil (the version in a spray bottle is still available). The texture was quite liquid-y and I had to be really careful while opening the tube because I could spill the entire product, not the best packaging but the scent made it worth it. It had the most gorgeous lavender and chamomile scent ever, very comforting and soothing. I'm not sure if I want to get the liquid version but I might because the tube is nowhere to be found in the brochure.

Second to last is Afrodita's Hydra thermal 24h moisturizing face cream. It had a fast absorbing formula which moisturized pretty well and I used it at night. It was a nice cream but it didn't knock my socks off so I won't be repurchasing it. There is nothing wrong with it I'm just looking for something spectacular and sadly this one isn't.

The last item is make-up and it is old Avon glimmerstick in already discontinued shade Textured Teal. It is essentially black with green reflex to it. On the eye where I make thin line you can't really see it but on a thicker swatch you can. For me the color was okay but the staying power and its resilience to smudge impressed me, so after I'm done with a couple of pencils I'm buying some more shades.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

29 April 2017



this is my empties post no. 1 because I skipped the one in the middle of the month, ups ;) tomorrow the post no. 2 will follow...

I used up my favorite antiperspirant. It is Avon on Duty women Light Blue deo which is no longer sold (I bought a couple of backups when they discontinued it and this was my last bottle). They released them again under the same name and even some of the scents have the same name (I haven't tried them out so I can say if they are exactly the same) but this version did not come back. Maybe it is under a different name but I'm not sure. I think I will buy one of the new version to see how the formula is because Light Blue really worked for me. The scent was fresh and clean, kind of like I just got out of the shower (even after a long sweaty day), because it is an antiperspirant I noticed I wasn't sweating as much and when I did the scent was fresh as a daisy. I haven't experience any bad reaction and my sensitive armpits appreciated it.

Mini pot is Avon Anew nutri-advance eye cream about which I talked here. I still agree that this thicker cream is more suitable for night as it takes a little to fully absorb but the moisture that it provides is totally worth it. I will most probably repurchase it next winter.

The bigger pot is Afrodita's face and body yogurt. I tried it on my face but it irritated my skin so I was using it from my chin down. The scent was divine, soft caramel mixed with warm vanilla, the thicker cream spread nicely and it did moisturize but you have to leave it on the body for at least 5 minutes and for me that is a bit much. I get bored while in the shower so at the end I was happy that I'm done with it and I won't be repurchasing it. I prefer moisturizers that absorb and work faster.

Next to it is the Holika Holika Clearing BB cream. One year after purchasing it I emptied this tube, in my initial review I said it has medium coverage and at the time it wasn't enough but now my skin got better and this level of coverage is now enough but I had to start mixing it with something lighter because I had a feeling that it got a bit too dark for me. I use it almost every day and it is insane for how long it lasted me and take in consideration that the price is always around 5 €, usually a little under. No need to say that I'm already using my second tube, right?

In front there is Isadora Treat & Cover concealer in a pencil form. I'm not quite sure why I felt the need to buy this expensive concealer but I expected to be spectacular but I just ended being disappointed. The shade Ivory was okay but the slightly dry formula and mediocre coverage didn't do much for me. I tried to use it on bare skin or over make-up and nothing worked, the product just sat flat and very obvious on the skin while it didn't cover much. At the end I tried layering it under much cheaper and better ones (Catrice camouflage cream) and this is how I managed to finally use it up.

Second to last is Avon Perfect Kiss lipstick in the shade Pink Wink. This is the second one from this line that I'm tossing because it went bad. The same goes with this one, the scent and color seems fine but as soon I apply it to my lips I get the feeling like I have sand in my mouth and this is a clear sign for me.

The color is super pretty, bright coral, just the way I like it but it is not worth it anymore so I'm getting rid off. I hope I will find a similar shade because right now I really want to wear colors like that.

The last item is also not completely done and it is Figs & Rouge natural lip balm in the Lemon Berry scent. The brand is natural and organic so no wonder it went bad before I used it up but this time I'm not upset at all because I didn't like it. The scent was a bit weird and plastic-y, it had some pink color but since I used it when I went to bed it didn't really matter (I usually woke up looking like a clown, thank God I live alone) and the formula was so thin that after 30-40 minutes my lips were dry and I sleep for longer than that. It didn't provide enough moisture so my lips were dry and patchy for a while. I prefer the Labello ones in the pot, they are not natural or organic but they do their job which is to moisturize and after I'm done with all of my balms in pots (I have two others form Figs & Rouge and one from The Body Shop) I'm for sure buying more from the Labello and never again from Figs & Rouge.

Tomorrow I will follow with the second part of my empties.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

27 April 2017

Project polish


it is time to update you with my project polish progress. This time around I am ditching five bottles and not all of them are completely empty...

First is a bright shimmery Miss Sporty in the 404 shade. Not my favorite shade but the shimmer made it look better, I loved it with neutral clothing because this color on my nails provided a lot of cick and flare.

Next is a beautiful lavender color from Essence Blossoms etc. line in the shade Bloom a Loom. For a close up of this beauty click here. It is not original by any means but if you like colors like that...

Third was a part of Essence magnetics line. The instructions at the back reads that after applying it on the nail you use the magnet which creates patterns while the polish is drying. I tried this once or twice but I didn't like the result too much so I used it like a regular polish (my nails are too curvy for this kind of art). This bottle of  Hex, Hex! isn't completely empty but I'm tossing it because I had major tip wear the next day and I just don't have the time to redo my nails every day so I'm ditching it.

Second to last is Catrice Forget me not shade. It is a bright purple with tons of sparkle which doesn't need the sun to shine. My bottle isn't completely empty , there is still enough polish left for two or three manicures but I figure out that he formula is too old. After I used it the polish didn't dry, it stayed damp and it smudged all over. I'm retiring it but I will try to find something similar because this shade had the ability to lighten up any bad days I might had.

And the last one for this month is a Bichun 673. It goes on clear but it has rather big holographic glitter particles with some half moons tossed in the mix, the moons however started to lift after a day or two and got caught into fabrics and torn some of my tights or they simply fell off. I wasn't a big fan of the chunky glitter but it did made some of my 'boring' polishes a bit more interesting.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

25 April 2017

Essence and Catrice


on my day off I decided to treat myself with a walk through the drugstore and pick some items up that were on my wishlist for a long time. It was just a coincidence that Catrice is having a sale on their ultimate nail lacquer line (the regular line which is getting replaced with the new ICONails gel lacquers, so far they have them as a LE but soon more shades will join the range and completely replace the round bottles as we know). There is one grey shade that caught my eye but I decided to wait for some swatches first, instead I picked up two 'old' shades and for now I have enough.

The biggest and probably the most coveted item is the Catrice prime and fine professional contouring palette in the lighter shade Ashy Radiance. I have heard only good things about it and now I finally got it for myself. I don't have any contouring powders and it looks like this would be a good one to start with.

Second is another cheek product but this one is from Essence and it is their blush ball in the most neutral almost bronze shade Cinnamon Candy. I have locked my eyes on this blush since it came out, the other two shades are also pretty but this particular color really stood out and I had to pick it up.

As mentioned, these polishes are getting discontinued and were on sale so I went through every shade and only the two blue interested me. They are very similar but since the prices were reduced and I haven't bought any nail polish bottles this year I could justify purchasing both.
The top, slightly darker and with some tiny shimmer is called Summer Nights Sky and the bottom one is named The Sky so Fly.

Two more products that look almost the same in terms of tones but I'm looking for a dupes of a discontinued pencil from Avon and these two shades looks very similar.
They are both from Essence the top one is from their kajal pencil line and the shade is N'iced Coffee and second one is Extreme Lasting easy glide and waterproof pencil in the Rockin' Taupe.

Rockin' Taupe and N'iced Coffee might look similar but the formulas are different and one is even supposed to be waterproof. I hope the shades will turn out the way I want them to and that they won't smudge all over my lids.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

22 April 2017

45. NOTD


I'm constantly painting my nails but rarely take a picture of it, it is ether because I'm in a hurry or the light isn't the best, this time I made sure I painted them in the morning on my day off and took the photo of my nails right after (before smudging and tip wear could appear ;).

As a base polish I used Essence LE polish in the shade Bloom a Loom. It is a very pretty lavender shade, just the kind of color I'm drawn to it and I already have plenty of similar shades in my stash.
I top it off with another discontinued Essence polish, this one is named Crack me Silver. I bought it when cracking top coats were a thing but now they are nowhere to be found. Is there a brand that still makes them? Let me know because I like to spice my 'boring' polishes with this unique effect.

I like to apply very thin coat of silver cracker so the cracks are small and the two colors almost merge into each other.

I have tried with the thicker coat and the big chunks just don't appeal to me but I know some people prefer that way, which one do you like? Do you still wear shater top coats or they are already history for you?

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

04 April 2017



I did some shopping because I really needed some of the items but others jumped in my basket without me realizing ;)

First tube belong to the Essence LE Little Beauty Angels and it is the wake-up effect face primer (they also have the green and the purple one). I haven't find any reviews online but I still wanted to try it because I'm on a hunt for a pore filling, mattifying primer and this one claims to do just that but also brighten the skin at the same step.

Second is Deborah face perfect primer for mattifying t-zone, has anti-shine formula and it is supposed to smooth and even the complexion. From the tube I can see the slightly thicker, silicone based formula and it immediately draw my attention.

Third bottle is Ebelin nail polish remover and since I am already halfway done with the one I'm using right now so I picked anther one just so I won't be left without.

I don't need any new lipsticks but I really like the Essence Sheer & Shine line, I already have two shades and I talked about them here. This time I decided to get more of a rosy color and it is called BFF. I will take some photos and show it on the blog sometimes next week.

First pot is my favorite setting powder and it is Essence all about matt translucent powder. I'm almost done with my old one and before I use it up completely I bought myself a backup. They came out with the waterproof version of it and I wanted to pick it up but it was sold out in my drugstore but I will keep my eyes open because I want to try it before the Summer heat hit us.

The last item is Catrice Sun Glow mineral bronzing powder which always looks so good on photos and a lot of people raves about it, so naturally it was on my wishlist. I had some coupons for it and finally I pick it up. I have to say that in person it looks a bit orange-y and I hope it will look more neutral on my skin but I will have to wear it a couple of times to see the true color.

That is it for now. I haven't been shopping in a long time, yes I bought some Avon but other than that I really haven't. To test all that and 'new' Avon products under Mark name will take me some time and till then I will try not to bring anything new in.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

02 April 2017

Avon/Mark products


Avon just came out with the new line of make-up and it is called Mark. I know that somewhere this line already existed so I was scared that they will discontinue the Color Trend range but thankfully they decided to keep it. The more I looked into the Mark range the more everything looked the same, they basically just repackaged old products and put on some new names. I still fell for it and bought three items.

First is their magix face primer which I was using back when it came out and I was in high school. I wasn't using any foundations or concealers on top of it but my only issue was oily skin and this primer worked great. I will see how it will work with my BB creams and I will report back.

This little pot is another familiar product. I had it when they were selling it under Extralasting line with the red cap. However, I really liked the lasting formula and the unusual color but it dried so when I saw that they came out with the same shade I snatch it again. Now it is called 18h cream eye shadow and my shade is Totally Taupe. The color looks exactly the same but I will test it if they kept the formula the same.

The last item is the lipstick and they were marked as the 3D lipsticks, now they call them the plumping ones. This item was the only one I have never tried before and it seems like they changed some of the names, I found a blogger who had the entire collection of the old ones (in the frosted silver packaging) and now she has the whole new line and she confirmed that the shades are the same, they just swapped some of the names. I got for myself the light pink shade which is called Rose Kisses, before it was sold under Stolen Kisses name. So far I like the shade but I will have to use it more often to see how well this formula will work for me, I heard that this line is one of the best ones.

Give me a week or two to properly test everything and then I will report back.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day