29 April 2017



this is my empties post no. 1 because I skipped the one in the middle of the month, ups ;) tomorrow the post no. 2 will follow...

I used up my favorite antiperspirant. It is Avon on Duty women Light Blue deo which is no longer sold (I bought a couple of backups when they discontinued it and this was my last bottle). They released them again under the same name and even some of the scents have the same name (I haven't tried them out so I can say if they are exactly the same) but this version did not come back. Maybe it is under a different name but I'm not sure. I think I will buy one of the new version to see how the formula is because Light Blue really worked for me. The scent was fresh and clean, kind of like I just got out of the shower (even after a long sweaty day), because it is an antiperspirant I noticed I wasn't sweating as much and when I did the scent was fresh as a daisy. I haven't experience any bad reaction and my sensitive armpits appreciated it.

Mini pot is Avon Anew nutri-advance eye cream about which I talked here. I still agree that this thicker cream is more suitable for night as it takes a little to fully absorb but the moisture that it provides is totally worth it. I will most probably repurchase it next winter.

The bigger pot is Afrodita's face and body yogurt. I tried it on my face but it irritated my skin so I was using it from my chin down. The scent was divine, soft caramel mixed with warm vanilla, the thicker cream spread nicely and it did moisturize but you have to leave it on the body for at least 5 minutes and for me that is a bit much. I get bored while in the shower so at the end I was happy that I'm done with it and I won't be repurchasing it. I prefer moisturizers that absorb and work faster.

Next to it is the Holika Holika Clearing BB cream. One year after purchasing it I emptied this tube, in my initial review I said it has medium coverage and at the time it wasn't enough but now my skin got better and this level of coverage is now enough but I had to start mixing it with something lighter because I had a feeling that it got a bit too dark for me. I use it almost every day and it is insane for how long it lasted me and take in consideration that the price is always around 5 €, usually a little under. No need to say that I'm already using my second tube, right?

In front there is Isadora Treat & Cover concealer in a pencil form. I'm not quite sure why I felt the need to buy this expensive concealer but I expected to be spectacular but I just ended being disappointed. The shade Ivory was okay but the slightly dry formula and mediocre coverage didn't do much for me. I tried to use it on bare skin or over make-up and nothing worked, the product just sat flat and very obvious on the skin while it didn't cover much. At the end I tried layering it under much cheaper and better ones (Catrice camouflage cream) and this is how I managed to finally use it up.

Second to last is Avon Perfect Kiss lipstick in the shade Pink Wink. This is the second one from this line that I'm tossing because it went bad. The same goes with this one, the scent and color seems fine but as soon I apply it to my lips I get the feeling like I have sand in my mouth and this is a clear sign for me.

The color is super pretty, bright coral, just the way I like it but it is not worth it anymore so I'm getting rid off. I hope I will find a similar shade because right now I really want to wear colors like that.

The last item is also not completely done and it is Figs & Rouge natural lip balm in the Lemon Berry scent. The brand is natural and organic so no wonder it went bad before I used it up but this time I'm not upset at all because I didn't like it. The scent was a bit weird and plastic-y, it had some pink color but since I used it when I went to bed it didn't really matter (I usually woke up looking like a clown, thank God I live alone) and the formula was so thin that after 30-40 minutes my lips were dry and I sleep for longer than that. It didn't provide enough moisture so my lips were dry and patchy for a while. I prefer the Labello ones in the pot, they are not natural or organic but they do their job which is to moisturize and after I'm done with all of my balms in pots (I have two others form Figs & Rouge and one from The Body Shop) I'm for sure buying more from the Labello and never again from Figs & Rouge.

Tomorrow I will follow with the second part of my empties.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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