04 April 2017



I did some shopping because I really needed some of the items but others jumped in my basket without me realizing ;)

First tube belong to the Essence LE Little Beauty Angels and it is the wake-up effect face primer (they also have the green and the purple one). I haven't find any reviews online but I still wanted to try it because I'm on a hunt for a pore filling, mattifying primer and this one claims to do just that but also brighten the skin at the same step.

Second is Deborah face perfect primer for mattifying t-zone, has anti-shine formula and it is supposed to smooth and even the complexion. From the tube I can see the slightly thicker, silicone based formula and it immediately draw my attention.

Third bottle is Ebelin nail polish remover and since I am already halfway done with the one I'm using right now so I picked anther one just so I won't be left without.

I don't need any new lipsticks but I really like the Essence Sheer & Shine line, I already have two shades and I talked about them here. This time I decided to get more of a rosy color and it is called BFF. I will take some photos and show it on the blog sometimes next week.

First pot is my favorite setting powder and it is Essence all about matt translucent powder. I'm almost done with my old one and before I use it up completely I bought myself a backup. They came out with the waterproof version of it and I wanted to pick it up but it was sold out in my drugstore but I will keep my eyes open because I want to try it before the Summer heat hit us.

The last item is Catrice Sun Glow mineral bronzing powder which always looks so good on photos and a lot of people raves about it, so naturally it was on my wishlist. I had some coupons for it and finally I pick it up. I have to say that in person it looks a bit orange-y and I hope it will look more neutral on my skin but I will have to wear it a couple of times to see the true color.

That is it for now. I haven't been shopping in a long time, yes I bought some Avon but other than that I really haven't. To test all that and 'new' Avon products under Mark name will take me some time and till then I will try not to bring anything new in.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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