22 April 2017

45. NOTD


I'm constantly painting my nails but rarely take a picture of it, it is ether because I'm in a hurry or the light isn't the best, this time I made sure I painted them in the morning on my day off and took the photo of my nails right after (before smudging and tip wear could appear ;).

As a base polish I used Essence LE polish in the shade Bloom a Loom. It is a very pretty lavender shade, just the kind of color I'm drawn to it and I already have plenty of similar shades in my stash.
I top it off with another discontinued Essence polish, this one is named Crack me Silver. I bought it when cracking top coats were a thing but now they are nowhere to be found. Is there a brand that still makes them? Let me know because I like to spice my 'boring' polishes with this unique effect.

I like to apply very thin coat of silver cracker so the cracks are small and the two colors almost merge into each other.

I have tried with the thicker coat and the big chunks just don't appeal to me but I know some people prefer that way, which one do you like? Do you still wear shater top coats or they are already history for you?

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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