31 August 2016



as promised today I'm showing you the second part of my empties. Most of these products took me a lot of time to go through and it is just a coincidence that I used them all up in this month.

First we have black twins, Avon AT supreme oils with nutri 5 complex shampoo and conditioner (I rarely use them up at the same time, usually shampoo is first but I wanted to treat my hair and used a little more conditioner and I manged to empty both bottles at the same time). The scent is slightly different from their usual AT, which I love, but this was even better. So warm, spicy and oriental. My hair smelled like this for the whole next day and I just couldn't stop sniffing them  ;) They were moisturizing but not making my hair overly greasy and cleansing at the same time. I really don't know what else to say, they aren't the best I have tried but they get close so I would repurchase them in the future.

Three empty green packages are from Etude House and each contained one sheet mask with mugwort extract. It is supposed to be soothing and have brightening effect. I woke up a little earlier in the morning and washed my face, put one of the sheet masks on and went to bed. They can slide off so laying down is the best way to prevent that. I just left it on until everything fully absorbed and sheets were really soaking wet so it took around 30 minutes, my skin felt moisturized and soft but after three masks I can't report anything about the brightening effect. I noticed that there was still some of the liquid left in each packaging after I already took the mask out so I used it instead of moisturizer and it worked, out of each bag I got three to four individual uses. I thought that they were nice but a little overpriced, I payed a little over 1 € for each and to me that is too much. I won't repurchase them again but I have some others already at hand.

Up front there is Avon tinted lip balm in the shade Soothing Strawberry. I dedicated the whole post to it here. I loved it to its very end. The color is a nice red one, it is very pigmented, slightly wet looking, after a couple of layers it does leave a stain and it is moisturizing. It has it all but sometimes I want a clear lip balm. I would say that this was my favorite tinted lip balm and I would repurchase it again.

Big pot in the middle is Afrodita's face and body yoghurt with honey and shea butter. I talked about it in a separate post here. I still love the luxurious scent but to really get all of the moisturizing benefits you have to stand in the shower for at least five minutes and honestly I don't have time to do so. I already purchased the second one but after that I don't think I will buy another one. It is a nice product but it takes too much time to use it properly.

The last items is also from Afrodita and it is their Hydra Thermal eye cream. I posted a little more about it here and my first thoughts after using it a little less than a month were so so. Now when it is gone I realized just how good it was. I feel that my under eye wrinkles are more obvious and the skin is more dry. I am using different eye cream but apparently it doesn't do enough for me. I will for sure repurchase it again since I haven't found better one than this Afrodita one.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

30 August 2016



I already posted my empties in the middle of the month, like usual and for the empties at the end of the moth I decided to split them into two posts since I accumulated way too much stuff. Today I'm showing you the first half.

First we have Lee Stafford dry shampoo in the mid brown shade. This is my favorite dry shampoo out of the ones I tried and are still available (I like the Batiste brunette and Avon AT but each has one thing about them that bothers me slightly, this pink bottle has it all). This shade blends in perfectly, it smells like hair saloon product and after the scent settles it really smells like clean hair, what I love the most and I haven't found in any other dry shampoo is when I go through my hair with my fingers I don't get that powdery residue on them. That really is important to me, with this one in my hair not only that they look clean, when I tease them, it also feels like that. So, now you would expect that I will say that I will repurchase it forever but sadly I won't unless if money starts growing on trees. This small bottle is expensive, the last time I checked it was 8-9€, to me that is too much.

Next, in the black tube is Avon Anew total body age repair moisturizer. I think this is supposed to work against cellulite, tighten the skin... I honestly haven't noticed any difference but that could also be because this is old, I can't even remember when this was available. The scent was very faint to the point that after putting on my pj I can't smell it anymore. It was nice, moisturizing but that is it. I'm happy that it is gone so now I can enjoy something else.

Cute purple tube with a kitty belongs to the Holika Holika Petit Moisture BB cream. This was one of my first Asian BB creams, it was so cheap but almost to good to be true. I reviewed it back when I just started the blog and photos aren't super helpful but everything I wrote about it is still true. A little longer review is here. So really quick, this is still sold but with a different packaging and the tube is now blue (I haven't tried the new version so I don't know if it is still exactly the same but I will order it soon). The shade is not super pale so I had to mix something lighter in it to get my shade, the coverage is buildable and you can reach really high opacity to the point where you don't need a concealer. It has a slight flowery scent but nothing too disturbing, this formula is great for dry skin type as it is dewy, I used powder and it worked fine. I have a backup tube of it and when I'm done I will order the new packaging to see if it is still the same.

Last tube is Aldo Vandini Volume lip balm. I talked about it here. I still love it how moisturizing it was and the lovely pink shine it had but mine tube exploded. Once it just cracked open at the other end where I put black metal string to keep it together. I used it for a couple more days but then I just couldn't prepare myself to use it even though there is still some left, probably enough to get me through one more month. The product was exposed to the air and started to come out and creating a mess so I'm tossing it but I will miss it. I still have a lot of balms to go through but I just might repurchase this little baby.

The last product in the middle is Skin Food charcoal jelly cleansing konjac sponge. I've heard so much good about konjac sponges, everybody raves how soft their skin feels after they use it since it slightly exfoliate your skin, everyone was claiming how clear their faces become... I was using it every single day, morning and night for two months and I haven't notice anything. I used less face wash since this foamed my gel wash better but that is it. I still have acne, nothing is cleared out because of this guy and I still need proper scrubs to get my face smooth. Would I repurchase it? No. I just don't see how could this help me.

This was part one, for tomorrow I have prepared second part with slightly more products.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

29 August 2016

Peach Punch


as promised I'm back with the other shade I got from the new Avon lipstick line. I love the pink one in the shade Rose so much that it was actually hard to put it down and replace it with the peachy shade.

Avon Shine Burst lipstick in the shade Peach Punch. They decided that this one fits in the nude category and put it into nude/gold metallic tube which is beautiful if I might add.

The shade looks pretty bright coral in the tube and I had high hopes since I'm looking for a vibrant shade like that for the past year and I really thought this is it.

Even the swatch shows some of the vibrancy of the shade and glossy finish.

On the lips it turns out to be lighter and slightly less vibrant, I layered several layers and it didn't look good, so with this shade less is more.
I already raved about this line in my previous post. I love how moisturized my lips felt after using it all day, glossy finish, lovely pigmented color but not too much so it would bleed over the lines. I thought I found the perfect line of lipsticks for me but this shade, Peach Punch performs different than the other, Rose shade.
My lips got patchy after a while so I assume it is not moisturizing enough also the shade looks different on my lips than it looks on swatch (I'm not too bummed about it because I still like it), if I layer it it gets a bit blotchy and uneven. To fix all that I had to incorporate lip balm to moisturize, clear lip liner to even out the texture and then apply lipstick but only one to two layers, anything more than that is already too much. It is a bit of a hassle to be honest but I won't return it since I purchased them in a set (I would have to return both of them and my sister also took one shade) but if I could I wold sent this shade back but Rose is still in my favorites, there is nothing that could change that.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

27 August 2016



recently Avon has come out with this new line of lip products. I purchased two lip glosses which I already showed you but today I have one of the lipsticks.

Avon Shine Burst lipstick in the shade Rose. They really pulled the big guns for the packaging. There are four different metallic cases and it depends from the color of the products which one you will get. Mine belongs to the pink family hence the hot pink packaging.

The shade doesn't look like anything special while in the tube. Just the typical dusty rose color and before swatching it, I thought that it looks a bit dry but they are marked as glossy lippies.

On the lips however, it looks amazing. Baby pink shade with the perfect glossy finish. I'm not a fan of matte trend on my lips so creamy, shiny products are my jam. I found that this one has a very nice coverage but due to its glossines it can creeps into fine lines (I used Essence transparent lip liner which doesn't change the color but just fills those lines and makes everything looks better).
The wear isn't super long but that is expected. I wore it all day long and my lips managed to stay hydrated and smooth without incorporating any other lip products (I used lip liner only after first use, after that I was only reapplying lipstick).
In the brochure they are stating that they are scented but my nose can't detect anything. To me they are perfume free, I kind of wanted them to be fruity scented but at the end I think it is better if lip products aren't scented opposed to smell bad.

Under the line, I'm in love with this formula and color. It is so easy to wear, the shade goes with everything and I can put it on without the mirror. On me it didn't bleed over the edge of my lips but I prevented that with the lip liner so that could help. I absolutely adore this baby and I know what I will be wearing on my lips next week.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

26 August 2016

Natural Beauty


I finally made up my mind about this blush. Not that the decision was hard I just needed more time to really test it and see if I will still think the same after using it every day.

Today I am showing you this little discontinued blush from Essence. It is part of their silky touch blush range and mine is in the shade Natural Beauty.

They decided to retire the entire line and came up with the replacement (I'm already eyeing all three shades).
This shade is somewhat hard to describe (at least to me) it looks light brown but has warmth to it, on the skin you can definitely see it leans on the peachy territory but not quite. On me it looks very natural and I think it is a good shade for pale skin tone beginners.

The first swatch is heavier to show the color but it is just one swipe, I don't know why but I always thought that their blushes have weaker pigmentation but this is crazy pigmented. The second line is more how it looks on my cheeks. I feel like the lighter swatch shows some shimmer but the overall finish is satin and not sparkly.
When I use it I have to be careful not to pick too much with the brush because I don't want to end up with clown cheeks but that is also the only negative thing I can think of. I love the color, I think it compliments my skin and yellow undertone, it lasts all day, I appreciate that the finish is not flat matte and even the name seems suiting, Natural Beauty. Most of the time I strive to use the blushes that somehow looks natural and looks like I haven't tried to much. This baby became one of my favorites after my first use and I don't think I will ever get tired of it.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

25 August 2016

39. NOTD


it was time for a fresh manicure and I didn't want to use any of the polishes that are in my project polish, one of the main reasons was that I wanted to create simple nail art and I needed a specific color, so I found this old dusty shade. I will show you my attempt to do some decent art on my nails some other time when I will collect a couple of photos and I will show you everything at once.

This is Catrice Purplelized. A beautiful plum with silver shimmer and with some unusual warmth to it, I feel like the color is perfect for Autumn but I don't restrict myself and I wear beautiful colors all year round.

My bottle has a wonky brush so it was hard to apply and also the formula has got a bit thick (I have it for a couple of years, at least four so I can forgive the not so great formula) but I still love the color and I wish Cartice would kept it so I could repurchase it forever.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

24 August 2016

Rose Splash


I decided for today to just continue with the lip glosses. I already reviewed one shade yesterday if you missed it.

So, this is Avon Shine Burst lip gloss in the shade Rose Splash.

To me this is true rose pink color, they however decided to put some silver shimmer in it, which you can see on the close up photo.

Worn on the lips it doesn't really show up as a straight up shimmer or glitter but as a sheen and I would call this finish a frosty one. I personally don't mind it if I like the shade and this is a nice one. This particular one isn't very juicy/glossy looking but I think that happens with the frosty finish (I have another frosty lip gloss from a different range and it also doesn't look very glossy on its own, to me it looks almost like I'm wearing a lipstick).
The formula is again to me the same as it is with the ultra glazewear line which I like a lot but it makes me wonder why they felt the need to create 'new' line with different name if the formula is the same?

If you see some interesting shades within the Shine Burst range I suggest you to get them, they are lovely lip glosses with moisturizing properties and the price tag right now is great.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

23 August 2016

Sheer Peach Splash


for the first lip product from the new Avon line I decided to expose the lip gloss, primarily because there aren't a lot of swatches available at the moment and if you are interested in these I thought it would be helpful.

Avon Shine Burst line of lip glosses comes in their regular packaging with the black cap. Nothing special or fancy here but I that is also how I like it.

This shade is named Sheer Peach Splash and it is a light peach with lots of pink/gold shimmer inside.

On my lips however it is mostly clear with the sparkles. I took this photo after a whole day of wearing it so it looks a little more shimmery than after just one layer.
The formula to me it is the same as it is with the ultra glazeweare line. I find them to be moisturizing (I can wear it all day long with nothing else and my lips still feel moisturized) and the scent is also the same, slight vanilla like.
The shimmer thankfully does not travel around, it stays on the lips but after reapplying all day it gets more and more shimmery.

I prefer my lip products to be shimmer free but this one isn't so bad because the sparkle effect is light and it helps the lips look fuller. I also think that it works because the gloss is mostly just sheer, if it would be strongly tinted and shimmery it would be too much for me. I like it but I don't love it. I expected that they would at least change the scent and make them fruitier or something but based on this one I really don't see why they released whole new line. They could just add more shades to the already existing ultra glazewear line, they honestly feel the same. They are amazing, one of my favorite lip glosses but this 'new' line doesn't put anything new to the table.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

22 August 2016

Avon package


yesterday I picked up my Avon order and I have to say it is jam packed with make-up, mostly new releases which I'm already testing and I can't wait to show you everything in detail.

First we have Advance Technique sun-light spray, summer hair saver complex which contains UV filters to protect your hair from sun damage. I'm a little late since summer is coming to an end but better late than never and I can still use it next year.

Next to it is the Luck for her fragrance. I already have the male version which I love so I added this flowery number into my collection. I will love it in the autumn.

Super extend extreme mascara is a repurchase (this is my third tube) and you know that means it is one of my favorites. This time it is in the black because it was part of the set and I couldn't choose the color myself (I usually go for black/brown version, it is still dark but not as intense).

New scent joined the Senses shower gel range, Calming Tuscany with Neroli and Olive scent, I love that they decided to make creamy formula, they are simply the best.

Two shiny, metallic tubes are the lipsticks from the new Shine burst line. I decided to go with only two lighter shades. They are Peach Punch and Rose.

The last two items are glosses also part of the Shine burst line. There are 10 shades available but most of them look rather dark or bold so I picked the more 'natural' looking ones. Pink one is named Rose Splash and lighter one is Sheer Peach Splash (I just noticed that I ordered two Rose and two Peach inspired lip products, that was completely unintentional). In the brochure it is not obvious but both of the lip glosses have some shimmer. I will try to test them as soon as possible and show them to you since there aren't many swatches available for the lip glosses.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

20 August 2016

Project polish


almost a month after posting my last project polish post I'm back with another one and again 2 varnishes are out the door.

Catrice Miss Piggy Reloaded bottle has come to an end. I really liked this bubblegum pink with small pink/gold shimmer and I posted my manicure here if you are interested to see how it looked. I would repurchase this shade but it is discontinued.

Second is Artdeco Blazing Sunburst. I don't have any photos of it because I didn't really liked it that much. I remember I got it from a nice girl, she said that she doesn't like it and send it to me. It was yellow polish with lots of golden shimmer and I hoped that the base color won't show up so I could use it as a pretty top coat but it was too pigmented for that. The only way to wear it was over cream yellow polish but I just don't like yellow nails so I ended up using it as a base coat underneath, so it wasn't even visible. I know, not ideal but I don't know anyone else who would enjoy yellow nails. The bottle is small, 4 ml but it still took me several months to go through it.

I'm so happy to finish two more bottles and now I used up or tossed 15 bottles all together this year. I am planing to use up 5 more this year and I think next year I will continue since I'm having so much fun.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

18 August 2016

Chocolate Nudes


I'm back with another oldie. This palette has been discontinued last month and probably it is sold out (Catrice palettes usually do) but maybe you can still find it somewhere or you already own it but forgot about it.

Catrice Chocolate Nudes eye shadow palette contains three matte and three shimmery shades for a lovely neutral make-up.

I think the shades are beautiful and look very much like chocolate also if you are a fan of matte you can create lovely looks using only the three truly matte shades. I however am not a fan of flat matte look but I tried them and actually ended up liking it. I think I am converted, my favorite finish is still sateen or shimmer but matte is not that bad.
I always use eye shadow primer first and I top it of with a barely there cream powder shadow to take away the stickiness but with this palette that is the mistake. These shadows needs somewhat sticky base to even show up, especially matte third shade has very low pigmentation but if I use it on top of a primer I can get decent color payoff.

First shade is lovely light shimmery one which I love putting in my inner corners to brighten them up. For my pale complexion and love for a very obvious highlighter it is perfect.

Second shade is matte cream color, on the swatch on my hand you can't even see it but I swear it is there. It looks like nothing but I like to use it as a base (not with these colors) or just as a simple all over the lid shade but then I make sure I use something in the crease to slightly define the eye.

Third shade is taupe and it stands out a little among the warmer tones but it is great. I mentioned that this one has the weakest pigmentation and I have to really pack it on in order to show up but I don't resent it too much because for me it is great for the crease and I prefer to build color there slowly to avoid exaggeration.

Forth shade is darker shimmery one but on the skin it looses some shimmer and is not as metallic as it looks in the pan. I like it but next shade won my heart.

Fifth, second to last shade is the star in this palette in my opinion. It is warm gold with brown undertone and it looks very chocolate-y and shimmery. I can already see myself using this shade first among the  others and I'm already on a lookout to find something similar to replace this one when I will use it up.

Last we have darker warmer brown which is also matte. I only use it to smudge my lash line because it is too dark for anything else. I became really obsessed with it and it already (temporary) replaced my usual dark grey pencil as I find myself reaching for this rich hue more often to define my eyes than anything.

Under the line I can see why this palette is getting such a negative reputation. Lack of pigmentation is the main reason but if you are fair and more comfortable wearing lighter tones as I am then you will find this one to be great for you. I even love mattes that are in there and I use them quite often and for a person who didn't liked dull finish that says a lot.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

17 August 2016

38. NOTD


this post is long overdue but still, better late than never. This nail polish shade is sadly leving us but they made room for lots of beautiful new shades.

Essence I feel good

Essence I feel good is the name of this forest green nail polish with the cream finish.

Essence I feel good

This is me wearing it for the second time and it applies a little goopey. First I thought it was because of the high temperatures (when it is hot your nail polish just doesn't apply nicely, does this happen to anyone else or is it just me?) but when I applied it today it was the same. Maybe my bottle is old but I added some thinner and it was better. The wear time is normal, a couple of days and then the tip wear starts to show. I was a little scared to remove it because darker green shades are notorious for staining nails and skin around the nails but thankfully this one doesn't fall into that category. It was pretty easy to remove.

I like the shade, it is unique in my collection and so beautiful. I love the cream finish but after a couple of days when I get tired of it I add a layer of silver glitters and 'I feel good' again.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

15 August 2016



half of the month is gone and I'm back with another empties post. I manged to use up six items but one of them went bad before I could do so.

First in line is also the one I used up first. It is Avon Advance Techniques dry shampoo. I won't blab to much about it but you can find my review here. I still love it and I already repurchase it.

Next is another Avon item, this time from naturals range. It is Green tea & Verbena shower gel. I bought the whole set and body lotion is already used up. The scent is lovely, my cup of tea but I honestly don't care that much about shower gels. I like cheap ones and this one is a smidge too expensive so I won't repurchase it and that goes for other scents within the same range (I prefer Senses from Avon, lots of lovely scents to pick from and they are cheaper).

Melvita fresh micellar water with Rose was great. My skin responds very well to it and the Rose scent was beyond gorgeous. I had the previous version of it and it impressed me, so that was the reason why I bought this one. I just checked their official web page and it is on sale, does that mean that they are discontinuing it again?

Orange pot is Rituals Good Luck Scrub with Sweet Orange and Cedar Wood scent. I talked about it here. The scent still gets me, in my dreams that is the scent of luxurious spas on East. I think I will keep the packaging for a while just to sniff it some more and if I will ever find the store abroad I will pick it up again and some more from the same line.

On top of it is Body & Soul wellness hand cream in a limited edition scent of Passion fruit and Marula oil. I definitely recognize slightly fruity scent of Passion fruit, which has to be one of my favorites but the cream itself was rather average. Nothing to special and I don't think I will buy more from this brand unless they will get me with some more awesome scents.

The last item is Catrice Made to stay smoothing lip polish in the shade Jen & Berry's. I remember I bough it when they came out back in 2014. The shade is a nice Raspberry with some brow to it to darken it up. Rather unusual color for me but I enjoyed wearing it. The pigmentation was nice, the gloss lasted but when it was gone the lips were still tinted. I find the concept nice and it made me sad to find out the were discontinued because I would get more shades. mine in particular went bad, it always had that sweet and plasticky repulsive scent but now it is unbearable and I'm just tossing it.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

13 August 2016

LCN hand cream


first I would like to state that I'm not a football fan and I bought this product because I thought the price was nice for such a well established brand. They are famous for being one of the best in the business so when I came across with their products I had to get some.

LCN Nederland hand cream. They say it is nourishing and regenerating hand cream with a fresh nautical scent. The active ingredients complex of soy oil, bees wax, glycerin and panthenol it contains and improves the skins elasticity and provides moisture.

The texture is creamy slightly on the liquid side but not to ruiny that would leak if carried around. Packaging contains only 50 ml so it is nice to toss it in the bag and use on the go.
The scent is fresh but so faint that after 5 minutes I can't detect it at all.
Recently my hands were lacking some moisture and I put this hand cream to the test. It feels siliconey when applied and it needs about 10 minutes or so to completely absorb and after that the skin is left soft and not tacky at all. I even noticed some improvement on my skin. It manged to keep my hands moisturized even after washing them and forgetting to apply new coat (I wash my hands constantly, it is an obsession I can't quite control).

I really like this hand cream but I'm not so sure when in Slovenia I can get it. I will definitely have to check it next time when I will be in town.

P.S. I bought 4 of them in different scents (Green tea for mom, Coffee for dad and Pomegranate for my sweet sister) and they reported back to me that the creams work great even dad liked it and his hands are dry as the dessert but he complained about the scent. His Coffee infused version had some plasticky yucky scent mixed in but he used it up anyways.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

12 August 2016

Wild Orchid


I have been sitting on this lip crayon for a while. I knew I wanted a plum toned lipstick for the cooler months but I just couldn't prepare myself to wear it now in the hot Summer but somehow I managed (soft neutral eye, bronzed cheeks and statement lip can work in warmer months perfectly). I wanted to post it as soon as possible since it is discontinued but you might still find it among the sale pages.

Avon ultra color lip crayon in Wild Orchid was part of the limited edition in the Winter, hence the stars on the packaging.

I'm glad it is a twist up pencil where sharpener is not required, otherwise it is soft and easy to navigate but after the tip wears down it is a little bit challenging to apply nicely. The tip gets chubby and when you have thin lips it can be hard but I solve the problem with applying lip liner first and then filling it with the lipstick and it works.

 Avon ultra color lip crayon Wild Orchid 

This is the lip swatch made on its own without the lip liner. The product is creamy not completely matte but after an hour or so it looses the shine and it appears almost matte. If worn alone it transfers onto the glass but I solved it with some translucent powder on top and then I added another layer, it still leaves the mark on the cup but the color on the lips looks almost perfect. After a couple of hours of wearing it I was left it even stain which lost some of the intensity but was still visible and presentable. The only thing that bothers me is the color. In the packaging it looks more plumy and purple but on my lips it is more of a pink color.

Avon ultra glimmerstick Simply Spice and Avon ultra color lip crayon Wild Orchid 

I solved the problem with brown toned nude lip liner worn underneath (Avon ultra glimmerstick in Simply Spice). Mixed together I got darker more plum inspired shade. Here you can see that it losses some of the gloss but I can always add clear lip balm or gloss on top to fix it.

Overall I think it is a nice lip product, staying power with lip liner is great, the transfer isn't too bad, it is comfortable to wear and the color is beautiful. I am impressed and I might pick some more shades.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

10 August 2016



I was so happy to pick this bronzer up. It is officially my first one and I had high hopes for it. At the same time I got another one but about that one some other time.

Essence sun club 2 in 1 bronzing powder in the shade Sunshine. I like the sleek square see-through packaging with an unique pattern.

The bronze part looks a little orange-y but mostly just in the pan, the shimmering part is warm, off white color. I was scared to see so much product is just the highlighter, I wanted to get more bronzer but at the end it turned out to be fine.

First swatch is made with only highlighter and it is beautiful. The shade is not too gold and it is a nice match for my pale complexion. 

Second is just the matte bronze part and the shade again is not too warm or too cool, for me it is perfect.

The third swipe is made with both colors mixed together. it is slightly less intense color-wise but it has this beautiful sheen, almost sateen since the shimmer is not 'in your face'. 

I find it to be great for pale skin and also beginners. The shade is buildable and not to shimmery the only complaint I have is the pink sheen. When I used it for the first time I noticed gold and pink glow, I blamed not so clean brush. Next time I washed it so it was completely clean and I used it to apply only this bronzer and my cheeks again had some pink glow. This time I looked the bronzer up close and noticed a thin pink line, mostly were the two different colors meet. It is barely visible but enough to give me pink glow. It would be fine if I would be a fan of pink cheeks but I'm not really, yes I have some pink blushes but I'm testing them out and I figured it out that pink just isn't my color.
I will still use this beautiful bronzer, basically I have been wearing it ever since I got it and I just can't stop wearing it (I put some golden highlighter on top to make it less pink) but probably I wouldn't repurchase it even if it would be still available. I have bought two other bronzers and they are waiting to be tested and I can only hope one of them will be the perfect one.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

09 August 2016

Call me obsessed


somebody just shoot me, please. I said to myself that I have way too many cheek products and that I really shouldn't buy more till the end of this year but I casually went into Tuš drugstore, to see if there is anything new. Who knew that Deborah blushes were 50% off and that I will find a super popular limited edition bronzer from Essence?

I picked up two Deborah hi-tech blushes, first is one of their 'originals'  46 Rosa Pesca and the second one also belongs to the same line but is marbled (there were 4 shades in total, two peachy and two pinky shades), I got number 04 Victorian Rose.
A total surprise was this beauty from Essence lights of Orient bronzer, mine is darker 02 Oriental beauty, they also had the lighter one but it was damaged (maybe someone already swatched it or it fell on the ground). If it would be whole I would probably get both of them ;)

Now my plan is to wear something different on my cheeks everyday to finally try everything I bought in the past few months.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

08 August 2016

refreshing body spray


a couple of days ago I posted my favorite perfume at the moment which is Avon Passion fruit but the truth is that I started using body spray on the photo below first. I used up around a third of the bottle when the Passion fruit fragrance came into my life and swept me of my feet.

Avon naturals Green tea and Verbena scented spritz (it is a body spray). In my last empties I showed you the matching body lotion and I started to use them at about the same time but I go through lotions so much faster.
I have been spraying myself like crazy with it because it is just not that strong and I always spray it on my clothes and hair so the scent lasts a bit longer but even that doesn't help. The scent itself is nice, very refreshing like I just got out of a cold shower and I put on freshly washed clothes. It smells very clean, green and a little bit flowery. Now I mix it with the Passion fruit and the combination is still very fruity but also refreshing and I love the combo, especially in this hot weather.
I think the scent is nice and suitable for a lot of people but lack of longevity is a downfall for me and I don't think I will repurchase it.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

06 August 2016

37. NOTD


we will celebrate my mom's birthday tomorrow so I wanted to have fresh manicure. I dig out one of my favorites and I fell in love all over again.

Essence Forget me not was part of the limited edition a couple of years ago but it still applies like a brand new. I used two thin coats and the result is stunning.

In real life it is slightly less bright (my camera sometimes messes with me, I found lots of swatches online but almost all of them shows this buddy way too lilac. I guess I'm not the only one having hard time photographing it) but still popping. On the photo with the bottle some discrete shimmer is visible but it doesn't translate onto the nails, it has cream finish.
I love the color because it is so unusual, on the first glance it is just another periwinkle shade but it has something special in it. I tried to compare it with others but this one always stands out. It is ether because it is brighter or leans towards lilac. To me it is gorgeous and I couldn't be happier if they would sell it again.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

04 August 2016

Nude Muse


lip glosses are some of my favorite products in general, that is why I have so many. I don't care much about the matte trend, I remember having only one matte lipstick and just last year I tossed it because I rarely used it.

Avon ultra glazewear Nude Muse

For today I dig out one of my older but still available glosses. It is Avon ultra glazewear Nude Muse. The scent is very faint, mix of vanilla and caramel but nothing too much.

I find it to be nicely pigmented, fleshy/light brown toned nude. I love the fact that it doesn't have any shimmer in it but there is another shade within the same line which is called simply Nude and it has some sparkle.

Anyway, this is how it looks on my lips. As I mentioned I have naturally quite red lips so finding a nude lip gloss is hard. They are often to light and go into the lines and look ridiculous or my pigment shows through. This one has just enough pigment to camouflage and hide my red lips but not to much to look overly fake. I would like to fool everyone into thinking that on photo above I'm only wearing clear or very transparent gloss but that is not the case.

I have two or three more nude glosses but this one is my favorite.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

03 August 2016

Passion Fruit


I recently picked up new perfume from Avon and I have been obsessed with it ever since.

It is Avon Passion Fruit from their Scent Essence line where they have 'pure' scents and you can easily mix them together and create your own personalized scent. I already have three and this is my fourth one. I honestly rarely mix them just because I like the individual scents so much that I want to enjoy in each and every one of them. The same goes for this summery scent.
I love that they decided to use yellow because it reflects the notes perfectly. It definitely is a fruity scent with Passion fruit in there (I'm not overly familiar with how this fruit smells like but I think I can detect it). You can see that I have been using it and I'm still not tired of it.
I don't like that the bottle doesn't have a cap or a twist on top so you can't really carry it in your purse but it is okay since the scent lasts for quite a while especially if I spray my clothes with it as well.

I am happy that I picked it out and I don't see myself getting tired of this fruity scent any time soon. Maybe I will even be able to finish it this year, that would be an accomplishment.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

01 August 2016

Essence is on sale


today was a very successful day, well at least in terms of shopping. I found Essence products on sale (finally) and I took the advantage to throw in the basket as much as possible well, I made myself a list and I dedicated whole post to it here.

I initially only wanted one bronzer and one blush but we all know things never go as planed in real life ;)

This is my first silky blush and it is in the shade Natural Beauty. I also really wanted to get Indian Summer (any Stereophonic fans out  there? I'm especially in love with their song Indian Summer which is constantly on repeat) but these two are very similar IS is a bit warmer, more red so I decided to only get the NB which is more neutral and I think I will use it way more.

Continue with bronzer no. 1, it is sun club shimmer bronzing powder for light skin in the shade Sunloved. It is very warm, golden and shimmery. I am a bit scared but on swatches it looked really nice with more of a sateen finish. I will see it myself after I try it out.

Next we have a product which wasn't even on my wishlist (those are the perks of coming into the store among the first and everything was pretty much still there). It is pure nude powder in Nude Beige, there is also a lighter shade but it was already sold out so I grabbed second lighter shade after swatching it on the back of my hand and realizing it has a beautiful sateen finish.

Second bronzer is again from the sun club range and it is 2 in 1 bronzing powder in Sunshine. I spread all of them and tried to get the one with more bronzer opposed to highlighter but I still think the highlighter area is quite big. I will have to try it to see if it will even work as a bronzer considering how little of that color you get.

Next we have nail related products and I think I did good, only two.

I decided to play a little with my manicures in the future so I grabbed nail art stickers, holo stripes. When I will use them I will for sure take a photo and show it here as well.

The last item is nail polish in a beautiful forest green shade with a great name I feel good (very James Brown). I only picked this shade because it is unique in my collection against Serendipity (I have a ton of lavender nail polishes, it is probably my favorite color on my nails but enough is enough).

I will have lots of fun trying them out and every product will also be featured on my blog so come back to see more.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day