23 August 2016

Sheer Peach Splash


for the first lip product from the new Avon line I decided to expose the lip gloss, primarily because there aren't a lot of swatches available at the moment and if you are interested in these I thought it would be helpful.

Avon Shine Burst line of lip glosses comes in their regular packaging with the black cap. Nothing special or fancy here but I that is also how I like it.

This shade is named Sheer Peach Splash and it is a light peach with lots of pink/gold shimmer inside.

On my lips however it is mostly clear with the sparkles. I took this photo after a whole day of wearing it so it looks a little more shimmery than after just one layer.
The formula to me it is the same as it is with the ultra glazeweare line. I find them to be moisturizing (I can wear it all day long with nothing else and my lips still feel moisturized) and the scent is also the same, slight vanilla like.
The shimmer thankfully does not travel around, it stays on the lips but after reapplying all day it gets more and more shimmery.

I prefer my lip products to be shimmer free but this one isn't so bad because the sparkle effect is light and it helps the lips look fuller. I also think that it works because the gloss is mostly just sheer, if it would be strongly tinted and shimmery it would be too much for me. I like it but I don't love it. I expected that they would at least change the scent and make them fruitier or something but based on this one I really don't see why they released whole new line. They could just add more shades to the already existing ultra glazewear line, they honestly feel the same. They are amazing, one of my favorite lip glosses but this 'new' line doesn't put anything new to the table.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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