26 August 2016

Natural Beauty


I finally made up my mind about this blush. Not that the decision was hard I just needed more time to really test it and see if I will still think the same after using it every day.

Today I am showing you this little discontinued blush from Essence. It is part of their silky touch blush range and mine is in the shade Natural Beauty.

They decided to retire the entire line and came up with the replacement (I'm already eyeing all three shades).
This shade is somewhat hard to describe (at least to me) it looks light brown but has warmth to it, on the skin you can definitely see it leans on the peachy territory but not quite. On me it looks very natural and I think it is a good shade for pale skin tone beginners.

The first swatch is heavier to show the color but it is just one swipe, I don't know why but I always thought that their blushes have weaker pigmentation but this is crazy pigmented. The second line is more how it looks on my cheeks. I feel like the lighter swatch shows some shimmer but the overall finish is satin and not sparkly.
When I use it I have to be careful not to pick too much with the brush because I don't want to end up with clown cheeks but that is also the only negative thing I can think of. I love the color, I think it compliments my skin and yellow undertone, it lasts all day, I appreciate that the finish is not flat matte and even the name seems suiting, Natural Beauty. Most of the time I strive to use the blushes that somehow looks natural and looks like I haven't tried to much. This baby became one of my favorites after my first use and I don't think I will ever get tired of it.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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