15 August 2016



half of the month is gone and I'm back with another empties post. I manged to use up six items but one of them went bad before I could do so.

First in line is also the one I used up first. It is Avon Advance Techniques dry shampoo. I won't blab to much about it but you can find my review here. I still love it and I already repurchase it.

Next is another Avon item, this time from naturals range. It is Green tea & Verbena shower gel. I bought the whole set and body lotion is already used up. The scent is lovely, my cup of tea but I honestly don't care that much about shower gels. I like cheap ones and this one is a smidge too expensive so I won't repurchase it and that goes for other scents within the same range (I prefer Senses from Avon, lots of lovely scents to pick from and they are cheaper).

Melvita fresh micellar water with Rose was great. My skin responds very well to it and the Rose scent was beyond gorgeous. I had the previous version of it and it impressed me, so that was the reason why I bought this one. I just checked their official web page and it is on sale, does that mean that they are discontinuing it again?

Orange pot is Rituals Good Luck Scrub with Sweet Orange and Cedar Wood scent. I talked about it here. The scent still gets me, in my dreams that is the scent of luxurious spas on East. I think I will keep the packaging for a while just to sniff it some more and if I will ever find the store abroad I will pick it up again and some more from the same line.

On top of it is Body & Soul wellness hand cream in a limited edition scent of Passion fruit and Marula oil. I definitely recognize slightly fruity scent of Passion fruit, which has to be one of my favorites but the cream itself was rather average. Nothing to special and I don't think I will buy more from this brand unless they will get me with some more awesome scents.

The last item is Catrice Made to stay smoothing lip polish in the shade Jen & Berry's. I remember I bough it when they came out back in 2014. The shade is a nice Raspberry with some brow to it to darken it up. Rather unusual color for me but I enjoyed wearing it. The pigmentation was nice, the gloss lasted but when it was gone the lips were still tinted. I find the concept nice and it made me sad to find out the were discontinued because I would get more shades. mine in particular went bad, it always had that sweet and plasticky repulsive scent but now it is unbearable and I'm just tossing it.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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