17 August 2016

38. NOTD


this post is long overdue but still, better late than never. This nail polish shade is sadly leving us but they made room for lots of beautiful new shades.

Essence I feel good

Essence I feel good is the name of this forest green nail polish with the cream finish.

Essence I feel good

This is me wearing it for the second time and it applies a little goopey. First I thought it was because of the high temperatures (when it is hot your nail polish just doesn't apply nicely, does this happen to anyone else or is it just me?) but when I applied it today it was the same. Maybe my bottle is old but I added some thinner and it was better. The wear time is normal, a couple of days and then the tip wear starts to show. I was a little scared to remove it because darker green shades are notorious for staining nails and skin around the nails but thankfully this one doesn't fall into that category. It was pretty easy to remove.

I like the shade, it is unique in my collection and so beautiful. I love the cream finish but after a couple of days when I get tired of it I add a layer of silver glitters and 'I feel good' again.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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