13 August 2016

LCN hand cream


first I would like to state that I'm not a football fan and I bought this product because I thought the price was nice for such a well established brand. They are famous for being one of the best in the business so when I came across with their products I had to get some.

LCN Nederland hand cream. They say it is nourishing and regenerating hand cream with a fresh nautical scent. The active ingredients complex of soy oil, bees wax, glycerin and panthenol it contains and improves the skins elasticity and provides moisture.

The texture is creamy slightly on the liquid side but not to ruiny that would leak if carried around. Packaging contains only 50 ml so it is nice to toss it in the bag and use on the go.
The scent is fresh but so faint that after 5 minutes I can't detect it at all.
Recently my hands were lacking some moisture and I put this hand cream to the test. It feels siliconey when applied and it needs about 10 minutes or so to completely absorb and after that the skin is left soft and not tacky at all. I even noticed some improvement on my skin. It manged to keep my hands moisturized even after washing them and forgetting to apply new coat (I wash my hands constantly, it is an obsession I can't quite control).

I really like this hand cream but I'm not so sure when in Slovenia I can get it. I will definitely have to check it next time when I will be in town.

P.S. I bought 4 of them in different scents (Green tea for mom, Coffee for dad and Pomegranate for my sweet sister) and they reported back to me that the creams work great even dad liked it and his hands are dry as the dessert but he complained about the scent. His Coffee infused version had some plasticky yucky scent mixed in but he used it up anyways.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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